By Jim Johnson

Mick Jagger was born Michael Philip Jagger 70 years ago today, Friday, July 26th, 1943.

The Rolling Stones’ frontman is the father of seven children with four women — two of whom he was married to — and a grandfather to four.

He, along with the Stones, were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1989, and he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in 2003. No word on how Mick, the second member of the Stones’ current line-up to reach the milestone, plans to spend the big day. Drummer Charlie Watts is 72, Keith Richards will turn 70 in December, and Ronnie Wood will get there in 2017. Former bassist Bill Wyman is 76.

Jagger on keeping in shape:

“I’m not quite as fit when I’m off the road but you try and keep a fitness level that’s…You don’t want to go to fat and to seed and look terrible and eat badly and all that. I try and keep a good medium level and take it up a bit, you know when now I’ve got to really work on it to get up to the level of being able to just be healthy enough to do the tour anyway. It’s kind of very tiring. So you got to be in good shape just to do it.”

Mick Jagger on performing:

“The performing sort of urge is sort of in you. I think the best performers are people that just naturally take to it. You know I just was born with and so I don’t really know where the energy of it comes from, it’s just there.”

Mick Jagger on whether The Rolling Stones have moved closer to American mainstream culture or the culture has moved closer to the Stones:

“America’s obviously changed since we first came here. It’s almost unrecognizable, to be perfectly honest, and it’s very hard to imagine what the United States was like 40 years ago, but it was not like this.So you know I think we’ve grown with the American culture changes and America has changed a great deal. And hopefully, though, both of us still have our core values intact.”

Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones on dancing around on stage at 70:

“Well you know I don’t do the same shows I did when I was 25. I don’t do the same moves, but I do what I feel is appropriate, what I want to do. I just find it very difficult to stand still singing. But I don’t want to do anything that looks too ridiculous. I mean I look at the video and go, ‘Okay, you shouldn’t do that one’ or ‘Don’t try that one,’ or ‘Yeah do that one.’ You can do things…I don’t think there’s any reason that you can’t go on stage and sing and I don’t think there’s any reason that you can’t dance a bit.”


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