Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen Rips Bob Dylan

Author: Jim Johnson

Steely Dan comes to the Fox Theater in Detroit next Saturday July 27th.   The  tour begins tonight in Atlantic City, New Jersey with dates through October 8th in New York City.

In a “Rolling Stone” interview to plug their new tour, Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen went off on Bob Dylan when the conversation turned to playing new material in concert, something Fagen says their fans don’t respond well to.

Fagen said, “I’ve been to Bob Dylan shows where I essentially walked out in the middle. I just didn’t like it. Usually there’s a good reason why those songs shouldn’t be done.”

The conversation then switched to Dylan’s voice, to which Fagen said, “Dylan’s voice is shot. There are certainly times when that doesn’t bother me so much depending on the song, and he still comes up with ways of doing tunes that makes that OK, but with him it’s more that he does a lot of recent material. He has about a dozen minor-key drone tunes with three chords. I find that very tedious… He actually has some songs that are even more boring than some early Appalachian songs…”

And when asked if Dylan should see a throat specialist Fagen said, “I think a psychiatrist more than a throat doctor would probably be useful at this point.”

When Walter Becker joined the conversation he steered cleared of saying anything negative about Dylan, saying instead, “I’d like to quote Jack Nicholson in Rolling Stone. He said that as long as Bob Dylan is alive, he will be the greatest living songwriter.


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