Bon Jovi: This Year’s Top Touring Act

Author: Jim Johnson

Bon Jovi with special guest The J. Geils Band comes to Ford Field in Detroit this Thursday night.  They’ll arrive with the distinction of being this year’s highest grossing touring act.

Three veteran rock acts top Pollstar’s mid-year ranking of the top worldwide tours:

The Stones might be the most amazing story — grabbing that bronze with just 18 dates, but averaging a sky-high $346 per ticket. That compares to the Boss, whose tickets averaged $107 and over 31 shows, and Bon Jovi, who pulled an average $95 over 60 shows.

Other familiar names down the list:

9) Fleetwood Mac

16) Paul McCartney

21) Elton John

24) Eric Clapton

32) The Who

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