Paul McCartney: First Time Playing in Brooklyn

Author: Jim Johnson

After a little over a week off, Paul McCartney will resume his “Out There” tour tomorrow with what is believed to be his first concert in Brooklyn, New York. His shows Saturday and Monday will be at the Barclays Center, which opened last year and has seen such legends as The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and Bob Seger grace its stage.

Macca tells us he feels like a New Yorker, not only because he has a house there, but his first wife Linda was born and raised there, as was his current and third wife, Nancy Shevell.

Sir Paul on New York City:  “New York’s one of my towns. You know, there are some places where you go and you just get a good feeling. I mean I’ll go down the street there and there’ll be guys hanging out of trucks, ‘Yo Paul. Alright man. You’re okay,’ you know. So there’s a good feeling, you know. Plus I’ve also got half-a-million relatives there too, through Linda.”

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