Eddie Money: His Drummer Needs Your Help

Author: Jim Johnson

Eddie Money’s drummer, Glenn Symmonds, was diagnosed with bladder cancer in April and underwent surgery to remove a large tumor — and the bills are piling up.

Eddie says, “Unfortunately the cancer is in the bladder muscle itself. He was treated with a round of chemo during the surgery and starts a 12-week chemo treatment in June, followed by another surgery. We are hoping for minimal side effects during the chemotherapy, because Glenn plans to be on tour with the band throughout the entire ordeal… We are in the early stages of planning some benefits to help him with the crazy costs of his cancer treatments… I know we all have financial obligations and families of our own to support… So I’m asking if you can find it in your hearts to make a contribution, any contribution — big or small — it will be greatly appreciated.”

To pitch in, head to EddieMoney.com.

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