Stacey’s Guacamole Recipe

Author: Stacey DuFord

I’ve spent a year trying to recreate the awesome guacamole that I had in a little Mexican restaurant when my daughter and I went to New York last spring.  I think I finally got it! It was tested and approved by all the guys on the morning show and my friend Sherry swears by it.

I’m not keeping this recipe to myself.  Store this away for Cinco de Mayo next year…or make it all year round like I do!




Fresh lime juice

Sea salt or Kosher salt

Jalapeño (optional)


Here’s What You Need To Know:

You can make it with bottled or concentrated lime juice, but fresh is infinitely better

It doesn’t matter how much you are making, the key is to have one more lime than you have avocados (ie 2 avocados = 3 limes)

Using a food processor makes it really smooth (that’s how it was served in NY) and makes the whole process much easier



Juice the limes

Peel avocados

Scrape seeds and guts out of jalapeño and chop (You don’t have to be too picky about this, it just helps it all process faster)

Add above ingredients and a pinch of salt to food processor, blend until smooth





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