Annie Lennox Latest Musician to Write About Thatcher’s Death

Amid a flurry of negative sentiments regarding the death of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher on Monday (April 8), Annie Lennox took to her Facebook page to chime in on the controversial historical figure.

In the post yesterday (April 10), Lennox, the longtime lead singer of The Eurythmics refers to her as the “headmistress,” and “we were the renegade schoolchildren.”

“Despite the evidence of her gender,” Lennox went on to write, “she could never be described as a Feminist. She was more of a singular woman in the old boys club than a defender of women’s rights.”

Lennox wrote that she admires “dedication, strength of purpose and vision,” but that Thatcher “failed to have any real understanding or connection with ordinary people, riding rough shod over their lives, leaving them to deal with the aftermath of a decimated industrial era.”

A second post, made today (April 11), followed up on her views, reiterating that Thatcher “provoked politically polarised responses,” a statement embodied by both her comments and the comments made on Facebook, which ranged from support to the shut-up-and-sing variety.


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