What To Expect From Elton John’s New Album

Forget everything Elton John said about his long-delayed album the last time his team spoke up. Apparently he’ll change the album’s name from Voyeur back to its original title, The Diving Board, and it won’t be released likely until September, despite his songwriting partner Bernie Taupin recently suggesting a May release.

Fans may have to wait six+ months for the T Bone Burnett-produced album, which John previewed for journalists and friends last week, but he’s giving a little taste of what’s to come. “It’s got everything I love about American music – gospel, soul, country,” he reportedly said at the listening (via Rolling Stone).

The Diving Board is also apparently the “most piano-orientated record [he’s] ever made,” though it does feature a few famous guests on instrumental duties. Raphael Saadiq played bass, while Doyle Bramhall II and producer Burnett played guitar on various songs  and Motown legend Jack Ashford covered percussion.

“This is the album I should be making after The Union,” John also reportedly said at listening, referring to his 2010 collaborative album with Leon Russell. “It’s the most adult record I can make at my age. I’m just heading toward being 80 years old and playing at the Holiday Inn.”

We wonder how new track “Oscar Wilde Gets Out” – gets out of jail, that is – would go over at the Holiday Inn ballroom. (Other things to expect, by Rolling Stone‘s account, include ballads about dead soldiers and touches of boogie-woogie and cabaret. Sounds about right.)

John went back into the studio to write more songs and polish others as recently as last month. He’ll also appear on the upcoming Queens of the Stone Age album.

Elton John’s “The Diving Board” tracklist (via Billboard):

“Oceans Away”
“Oscar Wilde Gets Out”
“A Town Called Jubilee”
“The Ballad of Blind Tom”
“My Quicksand”
“Can’t Stay Alone Tonight”
“Home Again”
“Take This Dirty Water”
“The New Fever Waltz”
“Mexican Vacation (Kids in the Candlelight)”
“Candlelit Bedroom”
“The Diving Board”

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