Hangover Clinic Will ‘Cure’ You In One Hour

Author: Dave Fuller

Rough weekend? Have a few to many brewski’s watching the games?

Been there, done that.

There are a lot of things we do to snap out of that post partyin’ hangover. Greasy food, water by the gallon, coffee, aspirin, a Bloody Mary and the good old ‘hair of the dog’  are a few that I’ve tried. Sometime it helps a little, sometimes I feel worse.

The I saw this story today. The Revive Hydration Clinic in Chicago claims it can alleviate your gross hangover symptoms in just one hour!  The theory is that being dehydrated is what makes us feel like we’re dying the night after we were feeling indestructible on the dance floor. So they perk you up with a combination of IV’s, vitamins, and medication…and Hallajulah! For only $99 your good as new!

Not as fun as bingeing on coneys to feel better, but I’d give it a shot after a bunch of shots!

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