New Reality Show Wants To Send You To Mars

Author: Dave Fuller

Kind of makes ‘The Amazing Race’ sound pretty tame, eh? Think you have to right stuff to conquer the Red Planet?

An outfit in the Netherlands called Mars One is doing a global, televised search later this year for people to colonize Mars by 2023. You don’t have to be an ex space shuttle pilot or anything to try out. You just have to be at least 18 and in good mental and physical health.

Well, I’m out.

To bad, I was gonna call dibs on that Mars rover thingy if we found it. It’d be a great immunity idol, like they have on ‘Survivor’. I’d hate to get voted off Mars.

The show will follow potential colonists from training, to landing on and living on the Red Planet. Kind of sounds like ‘Big Brother’ in space, huh?

Check out the story and a video of the habitat where they’d shack up on Mars, and also info. on signing up, here.

Talk about one GIANT leap for reality TV!

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