Burton Cummings Tried To Pick Up My Girlfriend

I was extremely lucky to start out my radio career at the number one station in my hometown of Indianapolis. The call letters, don’t laugh, were WIFE!

When the Guess Who performed in concert, the entire WIFE staff was invited to sit in a VIP section of the arena. Midway through the show word circulated to us that the band had invited the WIFE staff to attend a private party at Stouffer’s Hotel. So after the concert we all headed to the hotel not knowing what to expect.

They treated us to a lavish spread of food and adult beverages. Maybe 45 minutes after we arrived the band entered the room. I’ll always remember their entrance. Burton Cummings, their lead singer, showed up in a hockey jersey (I think it was the Blackhawks) with a bottle of Chivas Regal scotch which he consumed pretty quickly drinking directly from the bottle.

It was apparent from the beginning that he took a liking to my girlfriend, Cindy. He was all over her like a cheap suit! I thought I might have to intervene but with good humor, she deflected his advances. We partied until the wee hours and the band put us up at the hotel so we wouldn’t even think about driving home while impaired. As for the band, they took off in a big, stretch limo. All in all, they were a nice bunch!

As for that girlfriend Cindy so long ago, she’s still with me as my lovely wife!

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