‘Regifting’ No Big Deal Anymore

Author: Dave Fuller

I think we’ve all gotten a gift we looked at and thought: “I’ll never use it, but I know who will!” Yep, ‘regifting’ has saved us all some money! Saw this story about regifting today, and thought I’d pass on the good (well, kinda) news: the rough economy has made regifting more mainstream and less taboo than ever before.

I admit I’m regifting at least one thing this year, because, gross, I’d never drink that, but know somebody who loves this…stuff. So why waste it? I’ll give someone who’s usually almost impossible to buy for  something they will love, and I get a vile concoction out of my house without hurting the feelings of the person who gave it to me. Win-win!

How much regifting do you do?

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