Mustache Implants On The Rise

Author: Dave Fuller

Well. There’s a headline I never thought I’d type. Great thing about this job: always finding out the latest trends! Can’t grow that manly mane of hair below your nose? Might want to consider a trip to Turkey, where men who can’t grow their own are forking over big bucks!

Who knew Turkey was a hotbed of hairless faces? The doc tells UPI his clients want to look older and wiser (or like Tom Selleck) . Most of his patients are between 30-50 and pay around $7,000 get what mother nature has been holding back on them.

I had a mustache for about 20 years. I got rid of it about 2 years ago. I’m lucky I guess. I can grow it back anytime for free. Would you pay $7,000 for a mustache implant? How about it ladies? Do you like us with or without the stache?

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