Survivor: Philippines – Episode 11

Skupin, why did you sit down and ask Abi how she’s doing?  Is this part of your plan?  Are you keeping some secret?  Do you really care how Abi is doing?  Barely two minutes in and I’m hooked.  Let’s go, Survivor fans. But be warned; remember that feeling you had when you walked out of The Empire Strikes Back because you couldn’t believe the movie ended with the bad guys being ahead?  You’re about to experience some deja vu.

Malcolm and Abi go to the mailbox, hoping for good news, and find envelopes for everyone.  Malcolm feels bad for Abi, but says she is “un-self-aware” which may be the biggest understatement in Survivor history.  In the envelopes are $500 each for an auction.  Denise spends all her money on the first item, pancakes and bacon, which Skupin points out she can get for $1.99 at the local diner.  Then he immediately spends all his money on the wine and cheese plate, even though he’s not a drinker (though maybe hanging out with Abi is turning him into one).  Malcolm gets doughnuts and coffee.  Penner is low bid on a blind item – fried chicken and french fries. Suddenly this show is making me hungry.  Carter gets a baked potato with all the fixings – but he can trade it for rice and beans for the entire tribe.  Which he does. Aw, Carter, you little do-gooder. That will buy you jury points should you make it to the final three.  Lisa outbids Carter on the next blind item – a giant sandwich.   The last item is a tubey thing with a note that Jeff says is an advantage in the game and Abi immediately bids $500.  Carter ends up winning 60 seconds of veal shanks for the entire tribe.  Carter is very popular.

They get back to camp, happy and full, and Abi ruins all the fun by telling Penner he needs to apologize to her for “destroying her” at Tribal Council.  Lisa says it’s hard not to laugh at Abi then says “The Bible says ‘Don’t throw your pearls before swine.” I’m not saying that Abi’s a pig…” Oh, Lisa. You don’t need to say anything else.  Abi finally looks at the note she bought; she gets to go directly to the final round in the Immunity Challenge for a 1 in 3 shot of winning immunity.  She plans to use her note to break up the alliances.  She tells Malcolm she has “some tricks under my sleeve” and that she won’t be going home at the next Tribal Council.  Malcolm says Abi is like that girlfriend who won’t leave even after you’ve broken up with her, and while I don’t like what this tells me about Malcolm, I have to agree with him.  Then she tells him she has an Immunity Idol.

At the Immunity Challenge, there are ropes and obstacles to navigate.  Jeff tells Abi to read her note out loud and she says there were two parts to the message and that she is only reading the last part, then she rips it up.  Gotta give it to the girl, she is not going down without a fight.  The first round begins, and Lisa does not move on.  Penner, Carter, and Abi compete in the final round and Abi wins immunity.

The group seems to agree on sending Penner home, which is hard for Lisa as she has a “heart connection” with him.  Then Lisa lets Penner know he’s on the chopping block and tells him to “go do your magic that you do.”  Penner hits up Abi and Carter to vote for Denise and tells Skupin that he’s the swing vote.

At Tribal Council, Penner plays Lisa’s emotions.  Abi rolls her eyes at everyone, then it’s time to vote.  Penner is voted off.  Apparently his magic is gone.  He hugs Carter goodbye but denies Abi the hug she asks for.  Bah. I can’t believe Abi is around for another week.

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