Beware Of The Lottery Curse

Author: Dave Fuller

The Powerball jackpot is worth $500,000,000 (that’s HALF A BILLION DOLLARS!) tomorrow night. I have 5 tickets myself. But, is winning that much money a dream come true, or your worse nightmare? Not to be a buzz kill, but haven’t we all heard stories about the guy who wins millions then gets hit by a bus or something?

I found a story like that today. A dude named Abraham Shakespeare (no really) won $30 million in the Florida lottery. He took a $17 million lump sum and lived happily and richly ever after! Right?

Wrong. DEAD wrong.

First, friends and random relatives came out of the woodwork claiming they bought the ticket for him, and wanted a cut. Then he meets a lady named Dee Dee Moore (What’s with the names in this story?) who duped him by saying she’d help him with financial planning. And she did. She planned on stealing his money, after she shot him. Twice.

I’m sure there are lots of people who win millions a blow it with no problem. But, do stories like what happened to poor (I mean rich) old Abe scare you from buying tickets? Do you say “Ahhh, that guy was an idiot, with a stupid name! I’ll be smarter when I win!”

Yeah, me too. But, I hit the jackpot, the first thing I splurge on: Bodyguards!

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