Stay In Shape At Work With The Treadmill Desk

Author: Dave Fuller

We all worry about putting on a few pounds this time of year. Well, gobble gobble all you want Thursday, then hit the TrekDesk when you head back to work Monday! It’s a desk that literally fits over a treadmill, so you can walk off those holiday pounds you pick up, plus it’s a great way to reduce stress and improve your mood at work!

This story says the desk runs about $300, and features a manuscript holder for your reading materials, and plenty of room for phones, laptops and everything else you need to multitask while you get your cardio in!

I know as much as I like to walk for exercise, and try to do 2-3 miles a day, it’s the first thing I’ll blow off when I’m running behind. I might have to talk to the powers that be here at WOMC about fitting my studio control panel over a TrekDesk. So what if I sound a little out of breath once in a while! Got to get that cardio in somehow, right?

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