Lindsey Buckingham Would Love To Make A New Fleetwood Mac Album

Author: Steve Wiseman

The relationship between members of Fleetwood Mac over the years has been tumultuous, to say the least. And for some time the “band first” mentality wore on guitarist Lindsey Buckingham. But in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Buckingham’s mindset has shifted over the years, so much so that the idea of making a new record with Fleetwood Mac is very appealing to him.

“Absolutely, absolutely I would,” Buckingham says of working on a new Fleetwood Mac album. The change of heart came after years of freedom to work on his own music, including his solo album Seeds We Sow, which was released last year.

“[In] the last eight or nine years, I’ve had a lot of growth. I sort of caught up on the need to explore the more esoteric side of the palette,” says Buckingham.

That growth has led to a rebirth of excitement to tour with his Fleetwood Mac bandmates, who will begin a massive tour in 2013.

“Fleetwood Mac is gonna start rehearsing probably the beginning of February and I’m actually looking forward to it. I miss those guys.”

Back in July, Nicks first confirmed a Fleetwood Mac tour with “everybody on board” – something that’s been on hold for several years due to the solo careers of Nicks and Buckingham.

Fleetwood Mac’s last studio album was 2003’s Say You Will.

– E.J. Judge, WCBS-FM

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