By Steve Wiseman

Anyone at least slightly familiar with Alice Cooper  recognizes the look instantly: messy black hair, Frankenstein-esque makeup, and lots of leather. If you’re in need of a last-minute Halloween costume, look no further. Consider this your official guide to an easy Alice Cooper costume.

1. The Hair

cooper How To Dress Like Alice Cooper For Halloween

If you already have long black hair, you’re in luck. Just make your hair as dry, stringy and messy as possible to look like Alice. A hair wax or pomade will help it stay in place, or simply a hefty bit of hairspray. But if you need a wig, anything long, black and messy should do the trick. Something like this in all black could work.

2. The Makeup

82056250 How To Dress Like Alice Cooper For Halloween

This one is simple: just get any kind of black makeup and paint two lines from the edges of your mouth to the bottom of your chin, then surround your eyes with black eyeliner almost to the point of looking like a raccoon. But, like, the most bad-ass raccoon imaginable. You could buy a fancy makeup kit, or you could just use a black eyeliner pencil  softened with the tip of your finger, then smudged.

3. The Props

112761869 How To Dress Like Alice Cooper For Halloween

Alice is famous for simulating his own death on-stage, so if you’re really going for the real thing you can bring a noose or guillotine. But for safety’s sake, just go with a rubber snake.

4. Black t-shirt

142736357 How To Dress Like Alice Cooper For Halloween

He’s more known for the leather, but the under-shirt is also key. Something with skulls or blood or something evil on it should do the trick, like the one he’s wearing in this picture.

5. Leather

835d6bf1 c590 41d8 816f 11063f032a27 big How To Dress Like Alice Cooper For Halloween

Bonus points if you get something studded. But the pants, jacket, gloves…All need to be leather and at least slightly fitted. No exceptions!

6. Microphone

126602358 How To Dress Like Alice Cooper For Halloween

You don’t want people asking you all day, “If you’re a singer, then where’s your microphone?” Whether it’s a real or fake mic, just make sure you’re prepared. If you’re going the real route (which you should at least consider), try this one or this one.

— Matt Dolloff, 100.7 WZLX; photos by Getty Images


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