Billy Idol Playing Birthday Parties

Author: Dave Fuller

Is this a case of  “How the mighty have fallen”? Or just a cool singer blowing the mind of one of his fans?

I’m gonna say a little of both!

Funny story from Seattle about a guy who loves ’80’s music, especially Billy Idol. He decided two years ago he wanted his idol, Idol, at his birthday party. His first question: How do I convince him to scream ‘Mony Mony’ at my B-day bash without freaking him into filing a restraining order?

First, he started a website called He also wants to be in the music business, and getting Billy Idol to do the Rebel Yell for his 26th birthday would look good on the old resume!

He got endorsements from other 80’s singers like Rick Springfield telling Billy to play the gig, and started a Billy Idol cover band that raised $10,000 for local charities. Word eventually got back to Billy, who thought it was a cool idea (and he has some free time these days!).

The rest is history.

Which famous singer would you like have rocking out at your birthday party?

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