Cant Lose That Gut? Hide It!

Author: Dave Fuller

The never-ending battle of the belly! It’s one I’ve fought for years. Well, even if we’re losing the battle, we can still win the war! We just need to get a little creative with what we wear.

That’s right. I might not be built like Mark Phelps, but I can still look almost as good by hiding the house that beer built!

This story I found on Yahoo gives us a few ways to trick you into thinking I’m 6 ft. of solid, sexy muscle. You can give the appearance of a flat belly by wearing dark-colored shirts or vertical stripes. Also, don’t wear tight shirts or layers, that’ll just draw attention to that goodyear around your waist.

Of course, there’s always the last resort: A full-blown man girdle! It’ll hide not only the tire, but your love handles and the dreaded “Moobs” (Man Boobs).

I’d have to clinch that baby so tight I’d probably pass out!

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