Breaking News: ‘Jessie’s Girl’ Was Real

Author: Dave Fuller

“Where can I find a woman like that?”

Well, according to Rick Springfield, who has a new album called ‘Songs For The End Of The World’ out this week (How so 2012 of you, Rick!), he found the inspiration behind his biggest hit at a stained glass class in California.

A stained glass class? Really?

Rick tells Yahoo news that he meet a nice couple in class, and he was totally smitten with the girl. She had zero interest in Rick, so he went home and wrote the song out of frustration! Ouch, way to burn Dr. Noah Drake, lady!

He never saw them again, but has tried to look them up, he even asked Oprah for help in tracking them down. So if you were a knockout living in California about 32 years ago and into stained glass, you might be “Gary’s Girl”!

Gary’s Girl?

Yeah, almost forgot, Rick never caught the lady’s name, but Gary was her boyfriend. He changed the name to Jessie because he thought it flowed better!

“I wish that I had Garyyyysss Girrrrllll”

Jessie defiantly works better!

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