House From ‘The Amityville Horror’ For Sale

Author: Dave Fuller

I love a good scary movie, especially this time of the year! One of my favorites has to be ‘The Amityville Horror’. If you’ve never seen it: Great 70’s movie supposedly based on a true story. A nice family moves into house on Long Island where some gross murders took place. Bad things happen. The walls bleed. Ugly red eyes look into the bedroom windows. Daddy goes nuts with an ax. Creepy ghost voices yell at them to “GEEEETTT OOOUTTTT!” Eventually, they do.

Now, for only $955,000, you can have ghosts run you out the very same house that was used in the movie! What a steal! Now, this story has a little fine print: This isn’t the real maybe haunted house at 112 Ocean ave. in Amityville, New York. This place is the house that was used as a stand in when they shot the movie. Different location, but it looks the same. It’s also in Jersey. Which is almost as scary as monsters coming after you in the dark!

The current owners insist they’re not selling because of things that go bump in the night, they’re getting a divorce. Still, I remember how scary that movie was. Stand in-house for the real thing or not, I think I’d be sleeping with on eye open…and maybe some Holy water.

Would you ever move into a ‘haunted house’?

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