By Stacey DuFord

Much like Detroit’s own Mike Skupin I am injured this week.  Unlike Mike I was given some pretty decent pain killers, so if this post rambles off in the middle … my apologies.

Let’s Survive, shall we?

Angie gives us a recap of Tribal Council and how the Matsing tribe is down to four now and how she trusts them “and they know that Malcolm and I are just friends.” So, thanks for the foreshadowing Angie.  I now predict something is going to happen with Angie and Malcolm this week. I mean, Matsing can’t lose AGAIN, can they?

Over at Tandang, RC is doing her best to reassure Abi that Abi is not a liability, but Abi is kind of a witch.  A bossy, cranky witch.  RC, I wish you’d go talk to Lisa and find out how nice she is and that she used to be on a TV show that your mom probably loved. Then Abi tells Peter that RC found the clue to the Immunity Idol and suggests they get it before RC.  Peter says he is “on surveillance” then goes for a private walk with Lisa and tells her that tribe wants to get rid of her first but he “can make stuff happen where you don’t go home.” What?  I need a score card to keep track of this backstabbing team. Turns out Peter is scheming to get rid of Mike.

Over at Kalabaw, Dana realized that the “pattern thing” from the top of the rice box is missing.  Jeff and the team surmise (correctly) that it was the hidden Immunity Idol and now Jonathon has it.  They plan to vote him off before he can use it.

Matsing wakes up to realize that their raft is gone.  And we’re on to the Challenge: puzzle wheels under water which must be collected to solve a word.  First place is a fishing kit, complete with canoe!  Skupin is bleeding from the face, apparently the mask shattered while he was wearing it.

Kalabaw is the first to finish, Tandang takes second.  Matsing heads to Tribal Council for the third straight time.

Jonathon comes clean to Jeff that he has the Immunity Idol.  Jeff says he gave him a “four-fingered handshake” instead of a “manly” five-fingered handshake, so his deal with Jonathon really doesn’t count.  At Tandang, while everyone else goes digging for clams, Abi and Peter hunt for the Immunity Idol and Abi accidentally finds it. Then she tries to act like she knew it the whole time.

All of Matsing seems to be set on voting out Russell, who says that every one has a weakness and his showed up today.  He claims his weakness is diving in 10 feet of water, when his weakness was really climbing a three-rung ladder up onto the barge.  Angie goes on and on about she would have gone in again, and how she’s not weak, and Russell is older and tougher and should have done better, and she’s here to win.  At Tribal Council Russell and Angie throw each other under the bus and Malcolm and Denise let them know it’s between strength and loyalty. Russell deserves to go because he’s the only who’s found the Immunity Idol clue but not the actual Idol, but it’s Angie who is voted off.

Will there be merging next week? It doesn’t look like it from the previews.  See you next week.


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