G.I. Joe Top Toy of the Century

Author: Beau Daniels

According to a poll taken by Children’s Museum of Indianapolis’ website, G.I. Joe is the top toy of the past century followed by Transformers and Lego blocks. I vote for Rockem Sockem Robots!
The site put-up 100 toys of the past 100 years and more than 24,000 votes were cast, Barbie and the View-Master were also on top. Included in the top-20, bicycle, Cabbage Patch Kids, Crayons, Play-Doh, Monopoly, Raggedy Ann, Spirograph, Etch A Sketch, Little Golden Books, Hot Wheels, Lincoln Logs, Candyland, Roller Skates, Silly Putty and Mr. Potato Head.
UPI has the head of the museum saying, “The stories people have shared about intergenerational learning, family traditions and memories has been heartwarming and life-changing in some cases. Toys are a powerful tool for exploration and imagination as we learn and grow. They foster many shared memories across generations and, as was represented in the voting and story sharing for 100 Toys, across cultures as we read stories submitted from Germany, Canada, Australia and Israel.”
Still, where are Rockem Sockem Robots in the list, I protest.
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