Is The “5 Second Rule” Safe?

Author: Dave Fuller

You know what The 5 second rule is, right? For those who don’t: If you drop a piece of food, it’s okay to pick it up and eat it, as long as you do it within 5 seconds.

I know, gross.

The theory is that yucky germs won’t hop on your piece of floor (or ground) pizza until the clock hits 6 seconds or more. Of course, Location! Location! Location! has a lot to do with the application of the 5 second rule. Drop the pork chop on a clean kitchen floor, you’re probably good to keep on munchin’. Field full of cows? Toss it. In general, though, if a little dirt or dust doesn’t gross you out, its most likley safe! Bon Appetit right?

Pretty much.

According to this story on Yahoo, a dropped piece of food will get infected with bacteria almost immediately, but usually not enough to make us sick. It actually may keep us from getting sick, because exposure to squiggly, wiggley germs helps build up our immune system.

What about you? Does the 5 second rule apply when you drop something? Give us a vote below.

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