Robert Downey Jr. Surprises Kids At Comic Con

Author: Stacey DuFord

There was an Iron Man costume competition for kids at Comic Con.  Afer the children all paraded to the stage and assumed the Iron Man pose (palm out) the host had them yell, “I love Iron Man.”  Then Robert Downey Jr. appeared on stage and said “Did I hear my name?”  The kids went wild! It was a surprise appearance, and Robert stuck around to answer some of the kid’s questions.  He even got an “Iron Man rocks” out of a kid who refused to reveal his identity.

My son went through a years-long Spiderman phase – whenever he was in the house he was wearing a Spiderman costume (I didn’t let him wear it outside).  When I took him to a sport class at the YMCA when he was three, the teacher asked all the kids their names.  My son said “Spiderman.”  The teacher said “What’s your real name?” and he said “Peter Parker.”

Here’s a link to the Comic Con video.

Comic Con Surprise


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