Dukes Of September To Arrive In August

Author: Bobby Mitchell

Boz Scaggs, Michael McDonald and Donald Fagen again hit the road this summer as The Dukes of September Rhythm Revue, August 17th at DTE Energy Music Theatre. “We get to play the music we love and tributes to the artists we admire and it’s really gratifying,” Boz Scaggs told me. “I mean how would you like to hear Mike do a Ray Charles song? I’ve got the best seat in the house.” What’s the best part? “It’s all live every night, it’s for the moment… it’s for this crowd, it’s for the band, it’s for ourselves – and we thoroughly enjoy it.”

“It’s basically the Steely Dan band,” says Michael McDonald, “with Jon Herington on guitar, Freddie Washington on bass and Shannon Forest on drums.” With three hit-making artists on stage together you can expect an all star jam through their hits.  “From the minute I first heard the song, I always thought that Lowdown was one of the all time great R&B songs ever written,” gushed Michael. “That’s one of my favorites to play. It’s such a relentless groove with a great lyric. I always enjoy the audience reaction when that drum beat starts.” And Boz? “Oh, I love doing a verse from Takin It To The Streets – that’s a good ride!”

Boz and Michael were doing endless radio interviews supporting the tour, so I asked them the worst appearance they were ever involved in to promote an album or concert. Michael McDonald told me, “I remember doing an in-store that no one showed up to. It actually got to the point where the store owner got pissed off and wanted us to leave.” And Boz Scaggs: “I remember some event in San Francisco where it was all in fun, it was a charity benefit and they asked us to go in this cage and people throw baseballs at the thing – you drop in the water if somebody hit the bullseye…”

Here’s a guaranteed bullseye: come see the Dukes at DTE in August!

The Dukes of September

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