Madonna Flashes Crowd In Istanbul

Author: Steve Wiseman

Madonna is continuing on her MDNA world tour and she took a page out of Janet Jackson’s book. She flashed the crowd in Istanbul, Turkey, on Thursday night. This was no wardrobe malfunction either. Madonna was perfectly clear and deliberate when she pulled her bra down in front of 55,000 people.

Madonna was performing a rendition of her 1995 hit, “Human Nature,” when the dance routine turned into a strip tease. Fans cheered louder as she edged closer to the end of the stage, while removing her shirt and unzipping her pants. It culminated with her quickly, but slowly enough for video and photos, flipping her bra down and exposing herself to the crowd.

This isn’t the first time on her MDNA tour that she has crossed the controversy line.  During her show in Tel Aviv, where she entered the stage by busting through glass with the butt of a rifle and pointed the firearm at the crowd. During that same show, an image of a swastika on a picture of French National Front leaderMarine Le Pen.

Madonna Kicks Off MDNA Tour
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