How Julia Roberts Embarrasses Her Children

Author: Stacey DuFord

Hey, moms out there, does this sound like you?  I can’t tell you how many times I drove my kids to school in my pajamas (Hey, I’M not getting out of the car) and apparently Julia Roberts does the same thing – much to the dismay of her 7-year old twins.  Julia even makes the extra effort to apply a natural avocado or yogurt face mask before making the trek.  You go, Julia! She walks around the house in mis-matched pj’s and mud masks when her kids have play dates, and I must admit I’ve done the same thing.  In fact, because of my allergies, I have a blue ice eye mask that I break out occasionally.  When my son was smaller and obsessed with super heroes he came downstairs and found me wearing the blue eye mask and asked “Mom, are you a super hero?”

Of course I said “Yes, yes I am. And my super power is always knowing what you are thinking.”

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