Reverend Linda Newman studies the alignment of the stars each week to bring you in depth astrological predictions. She is a third generation astrologer, holistic wellness practitioner and mystic student. You can catch up with her on her weekly radio show Answers on

 Horoscopes For the Week Of December 18, 2011
aries Horoscopes For The Week Of June 3, 2012Aries: This week is going to be an everything or nothing cycle for you. With the power packed Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius trining your Sun, as well as Uranus in your Sun Sign, you will have more mood swings than Charlie Sheen on a bender. One moment you are appreciating the beauty of Nature and the blooming seasons and the next your car needs a muffler. Funny how nature doesn’t look that pretty when you are sitting by the side of the road waiting for a tow truck,
eh ? And yet it is the same beautiful world, full of colours and vibrance. Since you can’t walk away from these mood swings, and the tow truck is 45 minutes out, why not analyze where you were when the downward spiral kicked in ?  If it’s a perfect day until your In Laws call, maybe it’s time to examine that relationship. This Eclipse pattern is all about your belief systems and how they manifest in close personal relationships. Keep walking back in your mind until you can find that tipping point where your moods went wonky and you’ll find what triggered those icky feelings. You may still have the emotional wobbles, but you certainly won’t act upon your darker feelings. It’s probably not your In Laws who took you along the path of crash and burn but, rather deeply rooted memories of other semi authority figures in the past. It’s time to reflect, not react.

taurus Horoscopes For The Week Of June 3, 2012Taurus: Since this week will find you pulling weeds out of the flowerbeds and gently pruning the tomato plants, why not add in a little mental weed and feed to the process?  You have spent a lot of personal time juggling what you feel you owe your family, as opposed to what you feel you owe your career, your neighborhood and the eco system. In the process, it’s most likely your needs that have been ignored. The tricky thing about this is that you tend to think you have to Earn certain niceties.  Sure, you will own nice things, but only after you have scrimped and saved and purchased them on sale. I agree that living well on the cheap is greatly rewarding, but since you are sucha workaholic, consider small daily rewards to keep you going. If the people who people your life are blithely unaware of your wants and needs it’s no doubt due to the fact that you seldom make an issue of it, Then along comes a brilliant Eclipse and you Must admit that something is missing. So as your are plucking those offensive little weeds from amongst the alyssum, why not pull out those thoughts that you don’t quite deserve little things that can make your life more comfortable. Think Chiropractics and/or a nice body massage. Be good to yourself, eh ???

gemini Horoscopes For The Week Of June 3, 2012Gemini: People who watch you this week will be certain that you are having waaay too much fun to be getting anything  worthwhile accomplished. Truth be told, you are working you tail feathers off, but fun is an integral part of all of your systems. While it may look to outsiders that you are getting paid to play, folks who work along side of you will be amazed at the volumes of work that you can process, all the while smiling and styling. The smiling comes naturally due to a lovely 3 planet stellium in Gemini, with Venus moving in for the Summer, you have lots to smile about. The styling is a necessity, as you are just now strapping on your bouncy athletic shoes, in order to avoid shin splints during your 18 month triathlon with Jupiter. Since you never know when a Kodak moment may occur, you should always dress just a wee bit better than you normally would for every occasion.
Even at a backyard barbecue, while you are charming the crowd and passing the chip dip, you just might meet your happy future. Everyone you meet, even the guy who can’t find the catsup, has the potential to help you advance in your career. A friend of mine invited me to a fancy party at her home. Since I always end up in the kitchen, she had me build a tray of cold cuts. I was amazed that she would have lunchmeat at a fancy party. Then she introduced me to her friend, the millionaire, who owned the cold cut company. Ya never know when success will find you, eh?

cancer Horoscopes For The Week Of June 3, 2012Cancer: You have so many lists and so very little time. Granted, you are one of the world’s best caretakers. You inventory the cat food and peanut butter and never run out of fabric softener sheets. Your beloveds probably think that the faeries keep their favourite foods stocked in the pantry, since you make it look so effortless. And your neighbors know that you can always be counted on to feed the cat and water their plants when they go on vacation. You would prefer to have a root canal with a rusty coat hanger, than to ever let anyone else down and that’s why folks love you so much. Sooo you nest, you nosh, you nurture and fluff pillows to create comfort zones for others. However, the one thing that you do the bestest is worry. You can worry the wallpaper off of the walls, all the while feeding the family and writing thank you notes. It’s that inner worry beast that needs to be addressed. From small concerns to the big fat ones, it is possible to worry yourself sick, and who has the time to be sick, especially when the Girl Scouts are planning a sleepover in a few days? Now is the time to address your health regimens and your diet before it becomes an issue…just sayin’

leo Horoscopes For The Week Of June 3, 2012Leo: This is a cycle of great surprises, especially in the relationship area of your life. You have so many dreams that you truly can’t accomplish them all by yourself. Granted, some of them are mental methane, the kind that will happen when you hit the lotto. But there are some of them, the more creative ones that simply need a small assist to happen. This is the cycle where you will supposedly “bump” into the people who have the connections to make it all come to fruition. I realize that you are hesitant to share your best ideas, lest they end up becoming somebody else’s, but these are your friends, so your success is probably more important to them then it is to you. No, you don’t have to give away every detail, but, by sharing just a little, you will get one heck of a lot. No, I am not suggesting that you go into business with your best friends, just let them in enough to see your general direction and they will offer you a virtual MaqQuest for your success. Bear in mind that their version is betterer than MapQuest, since it even takes into consideration detours and construction zones. MapQuest lies, folks who love you never do. Oh yeah, amidst the sage advice that you get, there might be a few ideas that just not are viable, accept that, and move on to the ones that really have a chance of making their way into the real world. Think symbiotic relationships and be grateful for all of the folks who are truly there for you.

virgo Horoscopes For The Week Of June 3, 2012
Virgo: Congratulations, you are getting better at this “letting go” thing. While it surely isn’t an easy process for you, there is a comprehension that you can feel a heavy weight lift as you let go of unrealized expectations. Part of that lightness is due to you no longer carrying the weight of the world. It sure makes you feel taller, eh ? Granted, you will still be far more dedicated to detail than the average bear, and your work ethic is truly flawless. Folks who work in the same area as you will no doubt clean up their acts and their workspaces just because you set such a great example. That’s all you need to do you see, just by being your perfectionist self, you do increase the quality of the overall job. The better news is that you are no longer responsible for something once it leaves your desk. It’s not like you can follow your work across every other desk that it visits. Yes, you Must do your best, or there’s no living with yourself, that’s just normal for a Virgo. Buuut, the minute you bring expectations to another person, you have really set the bar too high. People can only be who and what they are, no more, no less. Indeed they can improve their attitudes and follow through at any time, but that’s up to them. This Eclipse gently reminds you that Now is the time to let go and let God. Life is self-correcting, once you get out of your own way. Enjoy !

libra Horoscopes For The Week Of June 3, 2012

Libra: It’s as if the lovely Gemini stellium trining you has added some extra wind to your sails. In truth, it’s a friendly headwind that will make it so much easier for you to get from Here to There. You can expect a week of fun little surprises, and unexpected gifties. Certainly, you have a great work ethic encoded in your DNA courtesy of Saturn pacing you for the last two years and change, so there’s no fear of you slacking. Your time and money management skills are improving as well. So that means that the only lack on your lists is that of a social life. Okay, I understand that for the last few years you have had neither the time, the energy nor the inclination to party, since you were firmly rooted in the business of business. However, now that you have proven yourself to everyone, Saturn included, it’s only right to kick up your heels just a wee bit. When your well intentioned friends call and invite you out, you will surprise them by accepting the invitation.  While you may have to feign excitement, by the time that you have tried on everything outfit in the closet, you will actually be looking forward to getting out and about. What’s even better is that you won’t go to all the old familiar places, since both you and your social circle are ready for new and different experiences. While you are in the midst of the fun, you should make plans for yet another evening. Yeah, you will still be working hard at building a bright future, but a little fun sure is healing, ya know ???

scorpio Horoscopes For The Week Of June 3, 2012Scorpio: This is one of those amazing cycles where you will pull crucial information out of heck knows where. The crises that visit you courtesy of the Eclipse pattern will have you in continuous “go mode.” There will be zero time to think about what an awful mess surrounds you, nor quite how to get your feet free, so you will do the only thing you can, you’ll respond. The real resolution will find you in a flash. It’s kinda like on The Closer when Chief Johnson is racking her brain to untwist a mystery, and someone says something totally off of the subject….and that nonsequitor helps her line things up from a different perspective, and Viola she has all the answers that she needs to find the bad guy. It’s good that you can multi task, since you can fall into brooding intensity and still half listen to the chatter all around you. It’s that supposedly idle chatter that will help you change the way that you are looking at the situation. Once you break free from tunnel vision, you will be able to turn the situation and see it from a myriad of angles….and then “Bob’s yer uncle” you will find a way to fix the fine mess. Happy Sleuthing !

sagittarius Horoscopes For The Week Of June 3, 2012Sagittarius: Yes, you are a cutie pie, and this Eclipse is dedicated to You first. Granted, everyone has a unique Natal Chart, a 360 degree wheel with 12 houses, 12 signs and a pattern of planets arranged in line with their life lessons and karmic debts, And everyone will experience this Eclipse as it arrives at 14 Sagittarius 14, on Monday June 4th. That means that each and every one of us will face issues of belief systems and choices. You however, will have this Eclipse hit right where you live, talk about a Lunar High ! When you get the acknowledgment and recognition that you have been working for, it will be nice, but I may not be the total Woohoo moment that you thought it would be. Sure, it’s great to be chosen Employee of the Month, and you will smile a beaming smile and accept the award, but your mind will be far far away. This Eclipse is a very emotional cycle for you, so much so, that even happy moments can escape you when the voices in your head are so loud. Yes, great things will happen for you, and with your magnetism at this kind of a high, you could feed microwaved pizza to Gordon Ramsey and he would thank you for it. Buuut, through it all, you are feeling kinda vulnerable and PMSy. Journaling is a good idea. Medicine walks could be even better. No matter how you look at it, now is the time to walk your thoughts. Bonne Voyage.

capricorn Horoscopes For The Week Of June 3, 2012Capricorn: While you are pretty much a natural born leader, and a genuinely great team player, this cycle finds you in more of a “going it alone” mindset.
In a busy time like this, it’s just easier to go from Point A to Point D, than to stop and explain every step along the way to others. Just consider it a “desperate times desperate measures” kinda thing and keep on working. When everything is fixed and life is humming along is perfect harmony, you can take the time to explain it all to others. However, when your project is going down in flames with no control tower in sight, you are the only one who can and will save the day. Ya know even though the whole team will take credit for it, that means nothing to you. It’s about getting the job done. Sometimes the best thing the team can do, is run out and buy your lunch and a few more Red Bulls. My beloved mechanic Eddie Swain used to have a sign over his workbench. He was such a likeable fella that folks would just stop by and forget that he had work to do. Eventually he would point to the sign and walk away from this office. The sign read, “Thank you for your business. My mechanics fees are $30 @ hour. If you tried to fix it first, $45 @ hour. If you hang around to help me $65 @ hour.” Sometimes help isn’t helpful, ya know ?

aquarius Horoscopes For The Week Of June 3, 2012Aquarius: While you are a pro a communication, and you are always up for a lively conversation and/or a great debate, this week finds you too pensive for chit chat. In fact, for this brief moment in time you have become an honorary Capricorn, and that always means serious business. One of the skills that you Must hone before Jupiter camps out in Gemini, is that of delegating authority. Yes I understand “if you want something done right you have to do it yourself” buuut, you have many huge dreams and there’s only one of you. Networking is the only way to get all of your grand plans accomplished. Add to the mix that there are some very well intentioned people who nuke your plans. Okay, they are your friends but, they are painfully devoid of business sense. They must go into the social circle pile, and when you have time to play, you Will get back to them.
Now is not playtime, so they will just have to miss you for a while. You are far too hard working and dedicated to allow them to slow down your progress. Now is the time to sort things out and delegate projects to those whom you know will do the job efficiently. By taking this week to line up the troops and give them their marching orders, you will build enough momentum to get you through the wacky 18 month visit of Jupiter in Gemini. Yeah the Gemini stellium has you busy busy busy, but this is only an introduction into how wonderful and fulfilling your life will be once you jump on the Bullet train known as Jupiter in Gemini.

pisces Horoscopes For The Week Of June 3, 2012Pisces: With Mars still poking atcha, you are doing a great job of maintaining your focus. Okay, he may knock you off track for a day or two, but once you have dusted yourself off, and found your equilibrium, you leap right back into action.
This indicates just how determined you truly are. You may be gentle, but you are certainly not weak. As your self-image changes and your sense of self esteem gets more powerful, you will find that it’s time for a few small rewards. Back in the day before Mars moved into Virgo, (November of 2011) and maintained his frontal attack on you, a stress transit like this one could have crumpled you like an old shopping list. Before you got this connection to your personal power, you would have spent waaay too much time, sitting in the dark in your bathrobe, rocking and talking to yourself. Well those days of duck and cover are a totally done deal. Now is the time for teensy little rewards that fit the empowered person whom you have become. It could be a new briefcase, or a nice new power pinstripe suit or some newly designed business cards, but whatever it is, you will see a tangible
representation of your new improved self. Sure, Mars may still bully you until this July, but you have the sense to ignore him. You will bob and weave and get twice as much accomplished in half the time. The new empowered You, doesn’t have time for bullies. As a celestial bonus, Neptune in Pisces has your angels working overtime, so no matter how unsettling things may seem, everything works out for you. Ah, this is the good life !


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