Reverend Linda Newman studies the alignment of the stars each week to bring you in depth astrological predictions. She is a third generation astrologer, holistic wellness practitioner and mystic student. You can catch up with her on her weekly radio show Answers on

 Horoscopes For the Week Of December 18, 2011
aries Horoscopes For The Week Of May 27, 2012Aries: Before you step out into the world today, do yourself a favour. Please run straight to the bathroom, look in the mirror and stick out your tongue. Do you see what I see? A big old pile of words, yep pointed gnarly words. Recently you have been able to chew them up and swallow them, but with impending Lunar Eclipse, they may still manage to jump out of your face at the least expected moment. In order to avoid just that, Now is the time to journal or write some scathingly nasty letters. Now these nasty letters are never meant to be delivered to anyone, since their sole purpose is to get all of that yuck out of your system. Once you have expressed it all, the good, the bad and the ugly, you can burn those letters and lovingly place the ashes in the garden. Ashes make great plant food ya know ? This is all about you healing your squished feelings and discovering how and why they got bruised. Itsa purging thing. The sneaky thing about those pointed words is that they may well get dumped on the wrong person at the most inopportune moment. Most often, these pointed phrases are more about Us than they are about somebody else. Only by journaling and journeying your feelings can you truly get to the heart of the issues in question. Remember that the next Eclipse is in Sagittarius, and consider this a full scale Blurt Alert…be careful out there.

taurus Horoscopes For The Week Of May 27, 2012Taurus: There’s no doubt about it, you are in a serious nesting cycle. Regardless of how great the invitations are that you receive in this cycle, all you want to do is go home, make popcorn, pull out weeds, and water the flowerbeds. Nor are you inclined to stand in line and pay $10 for a first run movie and $50 for a coke and a box of Milk Duds, when you can watch great films from the comfort of your own couch. Rest assured that you not anti social or cheap, well frugal maybe but not cheap. It’s simply a cycle where you are so enjoying your sacred space that you have little or no desire to spend time in crowds or stand in the queue at the Pancake House waiting for breakfast for so long that it’s lunchtime before you get a table. Your best gatherings will be small ones, just a few friends and beloveds seated around the table, kinda like a bird nest full of happily chirping faces. By the week’s end your house will smell like Pledge and PineSol and your tomato plants will be humming. This is true Moon Lodge time and your home deserves and demands your attention. You’ll fluff pillows, move pictures and install only soft white eco friendly light bulbs. Recently I bought pricey bird food, since it had fruit and good stuff that would attract songbirds. Now I get to have my morning coffee while being serenaded by Cardinals, Blue Jays and Gold Finches. There’s something so promising about watching the curtains dancing in a Spring breeze. This Is the good life and you must celebrate it in simply magnificent ways.

gemini Horoscopes For The Week Of May 27, 2012Gemini: The recent Eclipse in Gemini, has increased your motivation to make your life betterer. Sure, the dreams have been there rattling around your brain for a long time, but once the Eclipse on your New Moon entered the picture, others brought you opportunities to make them happen in a big way. Heck, even the entrance of Mercury, your Ruler into Gemini has you lining things up in orderly form.  The only down side to this cycle of spontaneous genius, is that from time to time it may become increasingly difficult to turn your mind off, especially at night when you would prefer to be sleeping. Geez, even the dream journal on your nightstand may fill with lists of great ideas and things to do. This is when you Must become Amish, in attitude anyway. In the Amish community everything that is done is seen as a completed act. Setting the table, is as important as making the mean and is equally as important as eating and cleaning up when the feast is finished. Done is celebrated and that way the undone doesn’t hang over you like an ominous cloud. Yes, your goals are amping up, and while they seem to line up from here to the horizon, you do have 18 months during which Jupiter will more than assist you. And many of those goals that seem so important at the moment are guaranteed to shapeshift on a daily basis. So, tonight after you lay out your power pinstripes for tomorrow, if you Must think, think Melatonin. It does bring restful sleep, a real treasure in times like these. Heck, it’s an 18 month transit, so you might want to buy it in bulk…..just sayin…

cancer Horoscopes For The Week Of May 27, 2012Cancer: How do you spell Succe$$? Sure it’s great to be able to pay the  bills when they are due and have a few pesos left over, itsa good feeling. However, true success is about finding and fulfilling your own sense of purpose. Recently we had a Giveaway blanket at MotherPeace Drum. This was our benefit for local animal shelters. Many loving people came in with cat, dog and critter chow, as well as cleaning supplies to donate to the cause. One woman was a bit embarrassed that all she could afford was a bottle of bleach and some paper towels. I called her a silly goose, and informed that her heartfelt donations could actually save a life and she perked up. Yep, it’s often the small gestures that you offer to others that can really be life changing for them. If your present career doesn’t give you a larger sense of purpose, there are many needs and groups in your community that could use your help.  Even though you are in a cycle of work, eat, sleep, rinse and repeat, it’s amazing how you can squeeze enough time into your already crammed schedule to make a contribution that will truly be appreciated. The great feeling that it plants in your heart will nurture you so much, that you will wonder why you hadn’t done that before. Tithing is the basis of prosperity, and you are prospering on a spiritual level. Now that dear Moon child is success !

leo Horoscopes For The Week Of May 27, 2012Leo: Since this week is birthed by a Lunar High for you, life has taken on new colours. Events and experiences that didn’t have a profound effect on you previously, will know find you near to blubbering. Yes my dear, this is your life on PMS/BMS. Heck, you can feel the  Fiery Lunar Eclipse in every new breeze. That particular Sagittarius Eclipse is what’s opening you to a new level of emotional awareness. Mood swings can be very helpful, when you take the time to follow them back to the point of their inception. And not all of those moods will be the dark kind. As you watch them blaze by, you must be wise enough not to act upon them, until you reach a place of self-realization. Very often, we think that we know what’s bothering us, since it is directly in our faces, at the time. The issue with mixed emotions is that they have the ability to mask deeper levels of feelings. As
a wise woman once said, “The farthest journey that you will ever take in your lifetime is that 18 inches between your head and your heart.” Now is the time for that soulful journey. Okay, maybe your gwumpies are due to a lack of sleep or questionable dietary choices, but most likely they just add impetus to your quest for understanding. When the lovely feelings move in, embrace them and cocoon yourself in what a gift it is to be in the Here and Now. As for the yucky ones, it’s time to dig deeply and discover what it was that actually triggered them. How nice that you can dump unresolved stuff and un heap your heart. As for the PMS/BMS, it just wants you to be gentle with yourself. Remember to hydrate often, avoid salt and cruel shoes. This short term cycle can offer long lasting healing !

virgo Horoscopes For The Week Of May 27, 2012
Virgo: As a person who has always lived by the rules and regulations (even if they were kinda stupid, as in my Guvmint job) you truly despise it when others try to scoot around the rules. With Pluto the Cosmic Roto Rooter in a powerful trine to Mars who is still stuck in Virgo, this is a great cycle where the Universe will fight your battles for you. There you will be, sitting at your workstation, minding your own business and cranking out your work, when you feel a distinct cool breeze rush past you. Heck, you might even look up only to confirm that the windows are all closed and you are all alone. Well darlin’ you are not alone, since you felt the entrance of the Goddess Karma. As we have established the Goddess Karma is a mean Queen and she’s wearing  5 inch Loubitouns, the pointy ones that squish your toes together, so her feet hurt. Never mess with a Goddess with sore feet.
She is there to conduct business with those folks who think that they are above the law. Now there are the laws of humankind, like the petty ones that can get you out of a speeding ticket thanks to an Advisement plea. And then there are the laws of the Universe, those are the ones that have no loopholes. Yeah, sure sometimes it seems to take a lifetime or two to unfold, but not so this week. In the end, power will change hands, desks will be moved, and a flurry of emails and meetings will occur. Rest assured that you will remain untouched. Just keep your head down and continue with the bean counting on hand. Okay, you can smirk a little bit…hee hee.

libra Horoscopes For The Week Of May 27, 2012

Libra: Every little once in a while we are gifted with Mentors. You never really know when they will appear, but it is generally when you are wresting with the larger questions of life. It is important to remember that as the journey continues, there may be a point at which you don’t seem to need their teachings any more. That’s okay, since a true teacher truly wants you to think for yourself. In the years that I have been teaching Astrology, I have been blessed to see students that not only embrace the information, but take it and run with it. My métier is Evolutionary Astrology, since it charts the development of the individual and their life lessons from life to life, I just love that Karmic stuff. When one of my students finds a different type of study like Geo Cosmic research, or Cosmobiology, I cheer at their enthusiasm. It’s nice to know that I gave them their first baby steps into Astrology and that they have found a level of expertise within the hundreds of systems available. And you can betcha that I will be there to pick their brains when necessity demands it. Just like parents can become their children’s children the student and the teacher can change hats and share the knowledge from a different perspective. During this philosophical cycle, please don’t be surprised when you find yourself giving sage advice to someone whom you thought was older and wiser than you. Saturn’s visit in your Sun Sign has given a depth and breadth to your knowledge that you never knew existed.
Look who’s older and wiser Now, eh ???

scorpio Horoscopes For The Week Of May 27, 2012Scorpio: Oh geez, what ever is that sound ? Don’t look Now, but ancient promises that you made back in the day are beating their wings and heading your way. Granted, you have great recall (which is sometimes your undoing) so yes, there will be that hint of recognition when promises made are promises returned. Some of these promises are so very old; that you might be certain that the needy individual had most certainly forgotten them by now. Well, they didn’t and now you will do the honorable thing and live up to your word. Honour offers no wiggle room. The sticky part is that you are as busy as a donut maker at 7 in the morning and you have zero ideas as to how you will handle it all. Then comes the blur of activity, quarts of red bull and daily trips to gas up the car. When the dust settles you will have that comfortable feeling that you get, when things are no longer hanging over your head. That sure makes it worth loosing a little sleep, eh???
Remember that Eclipses occur to shake things up, your schedule included.
After all, you are the true kind of friend who will show up in the middle of the night when a friend has a flat tire on the expressway and AAA dumps them into voicemail. Even if these kindnesses are performed for total strangers, you know it all adds up on your Karmic scoreboard.  The more selfless the acts are that you perform, the greater the reward, and some day, some way this will return to compensate you. You know what that means ???? Big winnings and no whammies !

sagittarius Horoscopes For The Week Of May 27, 2012Sagittarius: This impending Eclipse is dedicated to You, granted it will station in a house of everyone else’s chart, but it is at  14 degrees of Sagittarius. That means that you will feel it first and journey it the longest. The last Eclipse was Solar, so it was more physical by nature, The next one is a Lunar Eclipse, and by the time the Full Moon arrives, you will be carefully examining your belief systems. This extremely emotional transit may find you uncomfortable with wiggly emotions. Granted, as a Fire baby you are great with issues of ambition and passion; it’s pretty much your path. It’s the whole “being fragile” thing that you are none too good at. Okay, your are ruled by Jupiter, a big tough guy who loves to party, table dance and pick up the check for your friends. Only you don’t really feel like partying too much right now. Just getting the hot dogs on the grill and finding the catsup can be tricky, when your mind/heart/self is elsewhere. The best company for you this week, is the low to no maintenance kind. Next week, while you are still mulling over the life lessons that you received courtesy of the Eclipse, you can return to being the life of the party, this week you need a hammock and a gentle breeze. Sure, others may think that you are only power napping, so just let them think it. Just pop on your Raybans and look for faces in the clouds. Walk your thoughts my dear, honour your soft pink underbelly. Being fragile is part of being human. And this week finds you a human being, Not a human doing…enjoy !

capricorn Horoscopes For The Week Of May 27, 2012Capricorn: You have always helped others, it’s your nature. Plus you have a great gift for discerning an individual’s capabilities, not in a judgmental Simon Cowell kinda way, but rather, in a loving parental way. Once you know that somebody is treading water in the deep end of the pool, you find a way to simplify things for them, so that they can have a sense of accomplishment, and the job gets done. Thatsa Win/Win for everyone involved, n’est pas ? Your dedication to professionalism is a trait with which you were born, That has everything to do with your Ruling planet Saturn, since he never accepts sloppy work or half fast measures. So basically, you do what you do because if you don’t you really can’t live with yourself. This is a cycle where your” behind the scenes” efforts will lead you to the spotlight. It’s not like you avoid recognition, it is a great conformation of your good work, but you are generally far too busy working to have the time to take a bow. This week your acclaim will find you, probably toiling away at one chore or another but even if it’s only for a moment, please pause and feel good about yourself. Even though you may have forgotten the good deeds for which you are being celebrated, just fake it and say, ‘Thanks.” Enjoy the Kodak moment, accept the award and then you’ll get right back to taking care of business, but you will have a cupcake or two on your desk…yumm.

aquarius Horoscopes For The Week Of May 27, 2012Aquarius: Issues that find you in this cycle will be all about your self-esteem and self-image, You will probably find it yucky. it’s okay to personalize things even though you are an intrapersonal sign of the Zodiac. The Zodiac is a combo platter of behaviors and needs. The first four Signs, Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer have no problem taking things personally. If you don’t return their calls or forget their birthday, you end up on their mental/emotional poo list. The next four Signs, Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio will look at events in their life through the filter of how things will affect their beloveds and Then themselves. Once you get to the intrapersonal Signs, which are Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces, these are folks who will loose their jobs and worry about everyone else and last on the list will be themselves, that’s intrapersonal. As just such a sign, your needs get blended into the greater good, and while that is very spiritual and commendable, it’s silly when your needs aren’t being met. Sure, you may look fine and take care of all of your responsibilities, but nobody else can gauge your wellness, and as of late that gauge has been running towards empty. From the smallest things like thinking that you aren’t really being appreciated, to the larger issues like folks being blithely unaware that you need assistance, these feelings are stuck there like a popcorn husk in your tooth. The next Eclipse is all about emotional honesty, and now is the perfect time to let folks know how you feel about things. Yeah I know you are much more comfortable in your head, but your feelings are piling up and it’s your center center that needs attention.

pisces Horoscopes For The Week Of May 27, 2012Pisces: This Eclipse pattern finds your values shapeshifting bigtime. As we always say on Answers “shift happens.” Consider the fact that many things that you used to think were integral to your life are now just kinda ho hum. Not to worry, there’s nothing wrong with you, the simple truth is that you have outgrown some of your dreams and goals. Back in the bad old days, when I knew I would be loosing my family home in the bonus round on my divorce, I spent months sorting through stuff, giving away the most precious bits and doing the bubble wrap and pack thing with the items that I felt the need to keep. Subsequent to all that, I spent tons of money storing all of the aforementioned items, in hopes that I might some day have a place in which to use them. 2 years and 86 house viewings later, God found me the perfect home, not too big, not too small, just perfect for my needs. Guess where all of my precious bits are Now, well they are in the garage where I can visit them from time to time. I keep pretending that I’ll have a Garage Sale, but I know that most of those boxes will get a quick glance and a trip to the porch for the Viet Nam Veterans who are nice enough to send a truck for them.
Decluttering has a real physiological effect. Now that I have clean open spaces, all I want to do, is to keep them that way. You too are ready to clear the decks. Granted, going through decades of stuff can find you awash in a flood of memories, but so can this impending Eclipse. In order to keep it easy peasy, why not make it your goal to fill just one paper grocery bag a day? You can get a lotta things in a grocery bag. Just a thought, why not start with those “who am I kidding” clothes and then move on to the big stuff….Empty and be filled dear Pisces !


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