My Encounter With A Brother Gibb

As we remember the great music of Robin Gibb, who passed away yesterday at age 62, and the Bee Gees it brought to mind an encounter I had with Robin’s younger brother Andy in San Francisco back in 1980.

My radio station, KFRC, was having some sort of super walk for charity in the Bay Area. It started at the old Kezar Stadium in San Francisco. Dr. Don Rose, the legendary morning show host on the radio station, was the master of ceremonies to get the walk going. The guest star was Andy Gibb and I did the morning news for Dr. Don and walked with him in the super walk.

I was standing on the stage, which was a flatbed truck, with Andy Gibb and we were just talking prior to the beginning of the ceremonies. He was a very, very nice guy and the gals couldn’t get enough of him. He had some of the most aggressive groupies I’ve ever seen!

Out of nowhere a guy wound up on the stage with us and very pleasantly asked Gibb: “Excuse me, Sir, are you Andy Gibb?” Andy, thinking it was a fan, beamed: “Yup, you’ve got him.” At that moment the stranger whipped out a subpoena and handed it to Gibb and then fled quickly.

I thought Gibb was going to have a complete meltdown. He was cursing up a storm and a very unhappy man. I’ve always wondered what was contained in that subpoena that irked him so severely.

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