Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse May 20, 2012

A solar eclipse fit for Johnny Cash!

This Sunday, May 20,2012, marks the date an annular or “Ring of Fire” solar eclipse which will be visible from the West Coast of North America. It’s called a “Ring of Fire” eclipse because the moon only partially blocks the sun leaving a wide ring of the fiery sun visible from earth.

While the west coast will get the best view, the central U.S. and Canada will see a partial eclipse and certain areas in Asia will see a glimpse of the “Ring of Fire” eclipse in the early morning hours. Expect some beautiful photography coming from that sunrise!

The last annular solar eclipse was visible on May 10, 1994. Another annular solar eclipse will be visible in May of 2013.

Remember never to view the sun directly and never look at the sun with binoculars or a telescope or a camera lens because it can damage your eyes permanently or cause permanent blindness.

Instead wear special solar-safe viewing glasses or build a pinhole projector.

View the NASA Annular Solar Eclipse Map for May 20, 2012

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