Reverend Linda Newman studies the alignment of the stars each week to bring you in depth astrological predictions. She is a third generation astrologer, holistic wellness practitioner and mystic student. You can catch up with her on her weekly radio show Answers on

 Horoscopes For the Week Of December 18, 2011
aries Horoscopes For The Week Of May 6, 2012Aries: Now that Mercury is moving away from Uranus in your Sun Sign,
you can feel your central nervous system gradually settling down, a day at a time.
How nice that your mind is no longer a quivering gelatinous mess, reverberating with every new thought. Granted, you are not quite rock steady yet, but with every breath of Spring, you find more quiet moments than you have had in a good 6 weeds. Heck, your overworked mind will even let you get some sleep, which is new and refreshing as compared to recently when you were thinking yourself awake. Is there anything worse than laying there in the dark with the hamster in your brain squeaking and spinning ? I think not. Certainly, you are still on a bit of an information overload, but, at least you can slow your mind enough to sort it all out now. Rest assured, that Uranus in Aries will continue to bring you many last minute surprises, but in time you will roll along with them. Luckily, you are not built to run from a challenge, so you will be more than able to keep up the pace. Change is the only constant in life. Now that you know that your life situations will continue to shapeshift on you, the only smart thing to do is to become your own agent of change. Look at it this way, you can rid yourself of dusty life lessons, get a great cardio workout and you sure won’t be bored !

taurus Horoscopes For The Week Of May 6, 2012Taurus: Once a month, during every Lunar Month, ( that’s 28 days, which is why we have a Blue Moon every year) you will find yourself journeying your Lunar Low. The Lunar Low occurs whenever the Moon is transiting the sign that opposes your Sun Sign. That’s why this Full Moon arrived like a thumb in your eye. Now that we are in the disseminating phase, your eye is still blinking, but
your vision is clearing about many of the conditions of your life. Generally people mean well, but you must admit that you make it easy for them to take advantage of you. Since your skill set is replete with the abilities of nuturing and caretaking, you may have spoiled some folks by continually attending to their needs. All the while that you are making certain that you have creamy and not chunky peanut butter, and that your freezer has the right kind of pizza rolls, many of your needs have been ignored. That’s exactly why your Lunar Low arrived with a vengeance to force you to take care of yourself. All Earth Signs are far too practical to get sick, which doesn’t mean that they are bulletproof. As long as there are lists of chores to do, they keep on working. Then along comes a Vacation or a Lunar Low and “Bob’s yer uncle,” they are chewing Tylenol as if they were M&M’s. This is your first alert; take care of yourself immediately, if not sooner. The alternative is not pretty…just sayin’.

gemini Horoscopes For The Week Of May 6, 2012Gemini: No doubt about, it you are on a roll. This week when you show up for a meeting better dressed than your Boss or your Banker, it won’t be on purpose, okay, maybe just a little. For all of your jokes and lightening quick humour, you are taking your career veddy seriously. It’s true that if you look like you need a job, or a loan, you probably won’t get them, so you are going out of your way to be a vision of sartorial elegance. Just as your self image is getting a well deserved
nip/tuck, your dreams are taking on new colours. With the powerful assist that Jupiter is offering you, those dreams will become tangible realities. And because you know that you have two years with which to fulfill your great big goals, you will build a practical system to get from here to there. This is a period of time during which life is a Pop Quiz and you will cram for it on a daily basis. Even if you feel unprepared for the surprises that appear, somehow, some way you will dig into your cerebral bag of tricks and come up with a resolution or two to the problems at hand. There’s no such thing as luck, it more about timing and for the next 18 months your timing will display pinpoint accuracy. Every thing that you have done, and everything that you have studied up until Now, has been building to this success cycle. It’s so great that you are a perennial student, that’s why you have a stack of books in your bathroom and a few more in the car, and now that accelerates into a never-ending learning curve. Add to that the fact that you are looking good while your performance amazes people and you have become a real force with whom to be reckoned. Kudos kiddo !

cancer Horoscopes For The Week Of May 6, 2012Cancer: This is a cycle where you will find yourself surrounded by exciting new faces. Yeah, the old familiar faces will be there as well, but they will all bring great new friends into your life. The real blessing of these new relationships is that they will fit so easily into your life, that in no time you will feel as though you have known them forever. While your social circle is definitely getting larger, you are wise enough not to make so many promises that you spread yourself thin. When in doubt, you can always meet the gang at a restaurant, and still keep your home the sacred space in which you tune out the world. There’s a very valid reason that that symbol for Cancer looks like the shell of a happy little crab, that’s because you need your home in order, even when you aren’t there. I have been known to stop in my tracks on the way out the door, due to the fact that there was a dirty dish in the sink. After all who wants to come home to a mess, eh ? Sooo, you will meet and mingle and party like a Prom Queen. You’ll find yourself sharing funny and touching experiences from your Past and in time your new social circle will blend seamlessly with the friends whom you have known for year. Somewhere in the process of combining new friends with the old ones, you will discover that you have made peace with the Past, and that’s what creates a beautiful Future !

leo Horoscopes For The Week Of May 6, 2012Leo: Even though you may walk like a Leo and talk like a Leo, you are feeling decidedly more like a Cancer. There’s a new sensitivity that permeates all of your
choices. Generally, you can walk the thoughts that are in your head and make some pretty well considered decisions. Not so this week. Every experience that you have this week will move through your heart first. The recent Full Moon presented you with some emotional responses that you thought you had work through. Yeah, I know those ancient feelings sure can sneak up on you. Imagine that you have a deep well of emotions; it’s so deep in fact, that when you drop in coin you never really hear it plop into the water below. Only by jumping into your scuba gear and exploring those depths can you be free from cloudy memories and mixed emotions. Mixed emotions are kinda like the Awesome Blossom, that yummy greasy batter dipped French Fried creation that tastes so good when you are coyote stomach hungry. Once you get about half way through it, with grease dripping down your chin, it starts to taste not quite so good. By the time your appetizer is taken away and your Dinner is served, all you can taste is the greasy onion flavour. Only by peeling away the many layers of your emotions can you truly get to the heart of the life lesson. While all of the truths may not be palatable, they are integral to your wellness. So grab some Tums and get ready for catharsis. How nice that you can truly feed your soul and unheap your heart.
Bonne appetite!

virgo Horoscopes For The Week Of May 6, 2012
Virgo: Prepare to have your belief systems tested during this cycle. Okay, you know that you can get kinda stuck in your perspectives. When it comes to morals you are without flaw, I agree with you that you can’t be slightly pregnant or partly married. Nor can you be sorta committed to a project or an idea. The mental speedbumps that you hit in the next 7 to 10 days, are there to jog you out of your rigged ideas. Only by breaking free from ancient thought patterns, can you discover how some of them were actually holding you back. Granted, your thoughts may have seemed valid in the past, however, once you consciously step away from preconceived ideas, you can understand that your self critical tendencies have held you back. At first, you probably thought that Mars extended visit in your Sun Sign was only taking aim at your motivation, but that was only part of his intention. Whatever you do is always performed with a dedication to excellence, Virgos aren’t capable of mediocrity. The lesson Now isn’t about the overall quality of what you do, but rather Why the heck you do it. You can rest assured that the core of your belief systems will remain intact; they will simply find a better and more accepting form of application. As old ideas melt away like morning fog, your Spirits are certain to life with them. Sure, your Inner Critic will always be one of the loudest voices in your head, but once you are armed with that awareness, you will also know Not to listen to it all of the time. The real lesson here is one of acceptance. All humans have flaws, that’s what makes us unique. By forgiving your flaws, you will minimalize them and find that sense of inner peace that you have always deserved. It’s about time, eh ???

libra Horoscopes For The Week Of May 6, 2012

Libra: There’s no doubt about it, you are good at what you do, actually you are the Best, thanks to Saturn offering you hands on tutelage for the last 2 years and change. It is true that doing a great job is its own reward. However, while you are working away like a happy worker bee, others are taking notice of your fierce determination. The cool part is that you will be so focused in the moment, on the job at hand that you will be pretty much oblivious to your admirer’s attentions.
Without even knowing it, you have become the best of the best, and not because you had any desire to outshine others, but rather you have been determined to be your own personal best. While it may have felt as though you were running a marathon through the desert, you didn’t flinch; you simply keep your eyes on the horizon and headed for the finish line. Well the finish line is finally in sight and after 2 years of challenges, you have no desire to slow down now. Honestly,
Saturn may have seemed like a mighty brutal teacher, and while his lessons were mighty rugged, you have proven that you can pretty much handle anything that you come across. Even when he packs his bags and slides into Scorpio’s Guest Room this autumn, you will keep up the pace. You are the new improved version of Libra and there’s no going back !

scorpio Horoscopes For The Week Of May 6, 2012Scorpio: The Full Moon offers you a super dooper triple scooper Lunar High this week. This is when you will easily tap into that brilliant new support crew that you have received in the last few months. Whatever causes or community support groups in which you believe, will benefit from this enhanced magnetism that you have. On a normal day, you have more personal magnetism than most folks can process, but most folks are not Pluto ruled Scorpios. That’s why some folks just can’t get enough of you and others start twitching when you walk in the room. In truth the twitchy individuals are those who have deep dark secrets that they are hiding. Yeah, that’s Pluto too, since he lives to unearth people’s secrets, and while you can readily expose that dark stuff, it isn’t your primary focus. In truth, you often don’t want to know what you do about others. Your preference is that of soul searching and personal transformation. When you list the powerful people who are now in your life, you will see that they are truth seekers as well. These are people who are willing to look within, see what’s ucky and find a way to fix it. This is good karma on fast-forward, enjoy it my dear!

sagittarius Horoscopes For The Week Of May 6, 2012Sagittarius: You need a lot of downtime just now. It would probably be prudent to line up a lot of small projects for yourself this week. Keeping your projects small is important, since your mind wanders quickly, and a long drawn out project will have no chance at maintaining your attention. Letting others know that you are in crunch time on many projects will also give you the time and space that your psyche demands and deserves. Memories will beam you up and away at the strangest moments. One minute you are in your chair trying to pay close attention to something, and the next a phrase or an image will whisk you far far away. History repeats itself until we comprehend the life lessons that were offered at the time. You are right at the doorway of those unhealthy repeat patterns, and once you take a good long look at them, you will know that you have no need to go back there again. Esoteric symbolism will become a constant companion to you in this cycle. Your dreams will yell atcha until you get the point. Your Confirmation Symbols will pop up and grab your attention until you open yourself to their messages. This is a great time for your Psychic Gizzard, since it will be so overpowering, that all of the source material on the world can’t refute what you know. Between your enhanced intuition and the smell of caca, you will stay on the right track and not even be tempted to hit rewind. Nice that !

capricorn Horoscopes For The Week Of May 6, 2012Capricorn: Don’t look now, but a line of baby squirrels is queuing up behind you.
Okay, squirrels are mighty cute, especially baby ones, but you don’t particularly want to have to keep them all in line, but you Will. Leadership is one of your natural skills, since you are not capable of immature behavior, folks have always come to you for information and your wise counsel. The difference in this lesson is that you may have to help others first, and explain your actions to them later. When their tree catches fire, you will round up the squirrels, offer them food and water and put out the fire before the Fire Department has arrived. When it’s all done and mopped up, and everyone is safe, that’s when you will teach the baby squirrels Not to play with matches. Once you identify the pyromaniac squirrel, only to discover that he’s afraid of the dark, you will give him a mini Maglight and know that this is not a quick fix but, a permanent one. Granted, this will be a bot of a challenge since most squirrels have a very short attention span, but you have seen this before, and you do have the patience of a Saint. Fortunately, your patience will be well rewarded, since the squirrels will pay close attention to your instructions. It’s all good. After all, squirrels are good company, they are adorable, they nap a lot and you are getting accustomed to traveling with a bag of peanuts on hand at all times. Yep, you are a natural born leader, it’s all about applying your common sense ( which with some folks is rather uncommon) and leading by example…easy peasy.

aquarius Horoscopes For The Week Of May 6, 2012Aquarius: You are in the process of making some mighty hard decisions. While you may not like the procedure much, once you make up your mind, you will be at peace with your decisions. Certain situations in your life have been ticking for a
Quite a while now. So many times in the past, you have been in the midst of a mess, and found yourself thinking instead of acting. Well my dear, Now is the time for action.The Full Moon just loves to take crises from a boiling point to a tipping point and once you hit that moment where something has to give, that something will Not be you. The beauty of it is that you simply won’t give others the chance to say “No.” You will present your information in a basic, easy to understand manner and then you will step away. While the information will be very powerful, it’s the fact that you step away, that really proves your point. If anyone should choose to wallow in delusion, it won’t be because you didn’t make every effort to enlightenment, that’s a given. Once they get a ticket to the Clue Bus, you’ll know that you can make a positive contribution to their lives. Should anyone refuse to listen, well, let’s hope they have a book and a sandwich on hand, since life can get boring when you live at the Bus Stop. The best thing that you can do is to love folks and celebrate their choices.

pisces Horoscopes For The Week Of May 6, 2012Pisces: The disseminating phase of the Full Moon has you ready to let people know where you stand on certain very personal issues. The really great news, is that you will do so as an honorary Gemini, yep you are armed with a razor sharp wit and you are ready to use it. Once there is an opening in the conversation you will seem to toss off a joke, but it isn’t a joke. The person to whom you are speaking may even laugh at the moment. However, once the laughter dies down, the ruminating begins. That’s okay, since you made your pointed point, and you are more than prepared to wait for another occasion to pick up that conversation in mid-sentence, as soon as the opportunity arises. Actually there is no hurry, since the other person needs to let your statement sink in, so time truly is on your side. By giving others ample time to walk their thoughts, you are actually saving yourself time in the future, time that would have been spent going over things ad nauseum….oy. While Mars has been poking at you since last November, your former attitude of “peace at any price” has been replaced with true inner peace. On occasion you Do have to take a firm stand, and even though you may love everyone involved, you need to love yourself as well. It’s only fair. N’est pas ???

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