Horoscopes For The Week Of April 22, 2012

Reverend Linda Newman studies the alignment of the stars each week to bring you in depth astrological predictions. She is a third generation astrologer, holistic wellness practitioner and mystic student. You can catch up with her on her weekly radio show Answers on NewSkyRadio.com.

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aries Horoscopes For The Week Of April 22, 2012Aries: How are you doing so far ? Have you switched to DeCaf yet, it might be a good idea. With the ever so powerful Mercury Uranus conjunction in your Sun Sign, no doubt your mind is moving so quickly, that your mouth can barely keep up. Their intent is to challenge and change the way that you are thinking. Granted
you will experience moments of real genius, followed by times when you loose the car keys that were right there in your hand. Yeah you had them a moment ago and now….geez where did they go to ? This is a cool kinda cerebral autopilot, during which you will do things, and totally forget that you had done them. Once you get a break, you will realize that, heck you are the only one there, and this important thing is done, so it must have been You. Taking copious notes would be helpful, but chances are that you can’t even find your good pen, so maybe a voice activated tape recorder might be helpful. When you see yourself breaking free from presupposed belief systems and concepts you will know that the Mercury Uranus duo is hard at work. When Mercury moves on in a month or so, your head will be clearer and your concepts will be well defined. This is a Pop Quiz of sorts, and with a little bit of common sense and faith in your Psychic Gizzard, you are sure to get an easy A.

taurus Horoscopes For The Week Of April 22, 2012Taurus: Happy Birthday sweetie! Even though your birthday may not actually be for a few weeks, you can feel the sense of celebration in the air. As transits go, this one is a super dooper triple scooper ice cream cone with sprinkles on top. With Jupiter still urging you on to new horizons and the Sun moving into your Sign reminding you that it’s okay to reward yourself, that alone could make it party time. Add to that a lovely New Moon in Taurus and it’s better than hitting the lotto. Actually your lotta lotto winnings will be in the area of healthy solid relationships. It may be the flowers and balloons that appear on your desk that remind you of how many great individuals there are in your life, it’s always nice to be appreciated. But the real magickal giftie of this cycle is that of you honestly appreciating yourself. Self worth is a sexy thing. Once you have that your self-esteem will draw in many great opportunities and dedicated friends. While you will never be a spendthrift, you are now ready to reward yourself. Jupiter won’t make this transit for another 12 years, you may as well relax and enjoy it !

gemini Horoscopes For The Week Of April 22, 2012Gemini: Your success cycle is amping up so much that you may feel as though you are chasing your tail. In truth it’s opportunity that is nipping at your backside.
Your work is hectic, crazy, busy and basically fun. Sure, the deadlines are still quite deadly, but that won’t phase you, that’s the beauty of staying a body in motion. The real bonus is that you are meeting people in mid project. When you look back at the situation ( albeit briefly, since you don’t have a lot of mind fudge time) you will see that every time you were called in to handle a crisis, you made a great connection. Once people get to see you in action, they just can’t get enough of you. So, the excellent quality of your work speaks for itself. That’s the real secret of your imminent Jupiter cycle, all you have to do to progress is to be yourself and never stray from your commitment to excellence. The fact that you are handily cleaning up jobs that we done in a “half fast” measure, only affirms your ability to think on your feet and use whatever tools you have on hand. Granted, the fact that you can offer up a joke or two to calm worried people is helpful as well. This momentum that you are building will be necessary once Jupiter actually enters your Sun Sign. Sure, there will be a few moments of celebration, when the new client insists in taking you to lunch as a thanks for your work well done, but you will probably end up eating a doggy bag in the car as you blaze off into the horizon to yet another big fun challenge. You love it and you know it!

cancer Horoscopes For The Week Of April 22, 2012Cancer: This cycle finds you working on two levels. On a personal level, you are time traveling back to similar cycles and comparing actions and reactions that happened way back when. Even in the face of last minute crisis, you will find the time to analyze the experience. Granted, you will take care of business, but only after you have done a mental comparison of how your teachers would have approached it all. What would your Father have done in this instance ? Where was you Mum when she was your age ? While this may seem a bit like 20/20 hindsight, it is actually you living and learning. At the same time that you are working out some heavy duty life lessons, you will also find yourself in some great new social circles. While you will always be a bit of a homebody, your comfort zone is widening a bit. This cycle will find you meeting friends of friends and they will surely drag you off the couch and into the world. How long has it been since you went dancing ? Been that long, eh? Well dig up those dancing shoes since your lifesong has become a hot Latin beat. Honestly now, who can fight a hot Latin
beat ? Hang up the bathrobe; you are about to become a social butterfly.

leo Horoscopes For The Week Of April 22, 2012Leo: Even with Mercury and Uranus dragging you down the tracks kinda like a bullet train, you will manage to keep your cool. Okay you will no doubt find yourself in some sticky situations where you have no idea of how to proceed.
That’s when you will remember to breath, and access the knowledge that you have. Once you do a very quick self study, you will see that while you may have never been in this particular situation before, you have been in many similar ones. Similar is good, since it offers you ways that work and ways that won’t. Even with all the education in the world, it’s personal experience that fixes the fine messes of life. Capacity is not intellect; until you can find practical ways to use that intellect, it’s pretty much mental methane. Only by tapping into that stored information, will you even have the first hint of just how accomplished you truly are. Yeah, it might be funnerer if you have more time to go over things, but Mercury has the attention span of a fruit fly and Uranus just love love loves chaos. It is important to remind yourself that the kanji for crisis is the same as the kanji for opportunity. And these crises push you into new levels of creativity.  Isn’t it amazing that you never know how much you can do until you really have to? Well, Now you have to. Go ahead, be proud of yourself !

virgo Horoscopes For The Week Of April 22, 2012
Virgo: Okay, so Mars has gone Direct in your Sun Sign and your tolerance for slackers is pretty much nil. Back in the day, you would have reached out and completed their work, without even thinking about it. Luckily for you, that was Then and this is Now. In the Now you are aware that folks can’t take advantage of you, unless you allow them to do so. Yes, it would be preferable, if everyone took their responsibilities are seriously as you do, but unless they are also Earth Signs, chances are slim that others will be able to keep up with you. Now that Mars has moved into your Guest Room, and poked you in the focus for months
on end, you have a newfound awareness of what is truly your responsibility and what never was. Indeed, the line may slow down at the Dental Floss factory, but that is probably what is needed to get the attention of the really important folks, like the Bosses/Bosses/Boss. It’s up to them to trace the foot and/or buttprints in their business and make the necessary adjustments. How nice that you are done trying to be everything for everyone. Now all you need to do is to be yourself. Amazing concept, eh ? Certainly you will still do two jobs for the price of one, but that’s your normal workload and Now you will get credit for it !

libra Horoscopes For The Week Of April 22, 2012

Libra: This week finds you forging ahead in your career. Of course, you know that with Saturn as your constant companion for the last few years, you have a new sense of determination that barely slows down at Stop signs. When others make a pit stop, you check your gauges and keep on rolling along. It’s that fierce determination that wasn’t there before your extended tutelage from good old Saturn. Others can see it when they look in your eyes, while you are still very gentle/genteel by nature, you are far from wishy washy. Once you set your mind to getting something accomplished, not even major speed bumps can stop you from making the journey successfully. The only downside to this short cycle is that your personal life may have to be on hold for a while. You are presently juggling many many short term projects and they must be birthed before you will even think about partying. With any luck you may have time to update your Facebook page and check your email, but your pretty party clothes will nap in the closet while you workaholic yourself.  Even the biggest challenges will be no big deal for you. That’s the blessing of Saturn, you are a new improved version of Libra and there’s no going back. Congratulations.

scorpio Horoscopes For The Week Of April 22, 2012Scorpio: This cycle is all about circles, itsa cycle of big circles, small circles and life lessons that have come full circle. Initially you will find yourself studying your circle of associates. If you discover that they are more talk then walk, that’s when they will go to the back of your mental Rolodex. No, you aren’t harshly judging them, just being a little more picky than previously, about the people who people your life. It isn’t that you want people to mimic what you are doing, but if others don’t have your work ethic, they just might not understand how important your goals are to you. And you must admit that you have some large goals in mind. Next, you will consider your social circle, it’s simply that you are in no mood to swap High School memories right now. You aren’t ignoring the Past, you just know that in order to move on into a beautiful future, you must leave the Past behind you. Eventually you will find yourself on the same path as these beloved friends, but only once you have the sense of fulfillment that says it’s fine to take a breather and a sentimental journey to the Past.  Last on your list of circles about which you will think/dwell/obsess will be your inner circle. These are some mighty amazing people since they can always understand what’s going on with you, even when you can’t quite express it to them. That is a beautiful blessing.
You deserve people who can hug, but not press and that is the most sacred circle of all. And that’s where you will circle back, when time permits.

sagittarius Horoscopes For The Week Of April 22, 2012Sagittarius: I had a dear sweet listener write to me and inquire,  “Why does the Universe hate Sagittarians lately ?” Heck, nobody could hate a Sagittarius !
You folks are the freewheeling, fun loving kids of the Zodiac. Okay, so Mercury has you thinking that something is missing in your cognitive processes, when in truth, you are sharper than ever before. Sure, you don’t get a lot of excess time to sort things out, but that’s the beauty of it. You no longer have the luxury of second guessing your choices. In truth, that need to make decisions quickly, helps you to get to the heart of the truth. Mercury is the Guest who shows up for a visit even though you had long forgotten that you invited him. His dance partner Uranus, is the guy who just loves to bring you great opportunities like a bolt out of the blue. “Wham….do you want this or not ? Sure, no problem, make up your mind….you have until 3-2-1″….and then he’s outta Dodge only to rearrange your furniture and your personal plans. The real power of this cycle is that you will get multiple opportunities to improve your life. The choice is always yours. And even when you pass on a juicy chance to embrace change, and elect not to, that lesson will recycle and pop up again in no time. Ya know sometimes life is just so good that it works out regardless of your choices.

capricorn Horoscopes For The Week Of April 22, 2012Capricorn: With this week’s beginning offering you 5 out of 10 planets in Earth signs, you are ready for action. You don’t want promises, you don’t want to take a meeting, you want to see things done. And in most instances, you will be the person who gets those things done. Sure, you may wait for others to get you important information, but while you are waiting you will be working on yet another project. Your credo this week is “Speed up or move aside, I have many things to do.” For those folks who are long on promises and short on follow through, you won’t even have all that much to say. You will simply move on and let them be them. In this frenzy of activity, you will be working, whistling and organizing. The organizing part is what assures your future successes. Not only will you save time and money for everyone involved, but you will be building  a Fan Club of folks who are amazed at your productivity and professionalism. And because of your great work, you will get more offers than you can handle. As for the folks who make empty promises, sure they mean well when they make that offer with their fingers crossed, but that gets nothing accomplished, so they are fated to dump right into your voice mail. Certainly you are driven, driven like an 18-wheeler, but you won’t run anyone over with your sense of enthusiasm. While you may have to change lanes often, but you will use your turn signal, and never loose a moment. This blend of determination and talent gets you the best mileage ever!

aquarius Horoscopes For The Week Of April 22, 2012Aquarius: With the energy of the New Moon and a 3-planet stellium squaring you, this is a cycle where you truly need to slow down just a wee bit. Granted, nobody likes patience lessons, but the real secret to riding along with them is Not to run out of patience with yourself. Years ago I taught in Canada 5 days a week, since we are so close to the border, it was a quick jaunt to the bridge and then a true mystery as to how long it would take to get through Customs. On some days I would breeze right through, and on others I would patiently wait my turn and accept that fact that “it takes what it takes.” That’s what you will see this week, when some of your projects get bogged down, it will give you ample time to decide just how important it is to get this done. During that hurry up and wait phase, you will probably rewrite your agenda and discover better ways to get things taken care of. Other issues that appear will let you decide if it’s truly worth the effort to get them to a point of completion. Plus in your “waiting for an answer” moment, you will also find crafty ways to combine your goals and get more done with less time and effort. Add in a daily dose of Medicine walks and simple creature comforts and you will know that this truly is living the good life. Taurus lessons always bring us back to basics. In a world that can sometimes seems complicated, these times of enjoying the simple magnificence of Nature reminds us all that life is about seasons and cycles. This cycle demands that you ease up on yourself and enjoy the gentle beauty of Spring.

pisces Horoscopes For The Week Of April 22, 2012Pisces: With Mars in tight opposition to Neptune in your Sun Sign, you are ready to make some important decisions. Since Mars entered into Virgo last year and began to poke at your ability to be decisive, you have become firmer in your resolve to be done with negative situations and the people who accompany them. It isn’t that anyone gets up in the morning and says, ” Wow another day of whining and complaining about my life, whom should I call first? Yeah I know my Pisces buddy.” Sometimes others get so stuck on victim that they repeat the beat ad nauseum. That’s when they look for a kind empathetic soul like you. While you will feel for them, you no longer feel with them, since you know that your best advice has fallen on deaf ears waaay too many times. This month, when unsettled folks call you in a frenzy, you will make a cup of tea, and sincerely listen to them babble. The conversation will roll on, while you sip your tea and say deep things like “Really ?” and “What a shame.” By the time your tea is done, you will be as well. That’s when you wrap things up perfectly by saying, ” What do You plan to do about this?” Who knows, once you unplug from the never-ending story, they might actually go back over the good advice that you offered them in the Past. If not, not. You have given it your best and you can’t do better than your best, can you?

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