Horoscopes For The Week Of April 15, 2012

Reverend Linda Newman studies the alignment of the stars each week to bring you in depth astrological predictions. She is a third generation astrologer, holistic wellness practitioner and mystic student. You can catch up with her on her weekly radio show Answers on NewSkyRadio.com.

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aries Horoscopes For The Week Of April 15, 2012Aries: While you will make it all look fun, you are certainly earning your stripes this week. It’s quite true that you really don’t know your capabilities until you actually take the firewalk. It’s Uranus who is putting your feet to the fire and he has many tricks up his sleeve.  First of all he just loves to test your reflexes. This week his focus will be to offer you a nightblind driver making a right hand turn from the left hand lane of your career. Fear not, whatever pops up, you will perform perfectly. As the Master says, ” Your best Karate is still inside of you Wee Hopper.” Granted once you manifest your miracle, you may have no idea of just quite how you did it, but you got things accomplished and that is all that matters.
It’s due to your common sense and your Psychic Gizzard working together in harmony, that you can put out fires, save the day and still update your Facebook page. It’s all on a day. In fact, in no time you won’t even see these moments of spontaneous genius as all that special. Just another day in paradise, a Uranian one, but still a wonderful form of shape shifting paradise.

taurus Horoscopes For The Week Of April 15, 2012Taurus: Didja hear a noise in the attic ? No problem, that’s just Jupiter dusting off memories for you, he’ll probably unearth some in your basement as well. Sure it begins innocently enough for you. You think that you are looking for an old photo, but in truth you are cleaning out the corners of any emotional hoarding.  Just then as you are journeying a box of childhood stuff, you discover your beloved Slinky, it’s even in the original box….ah the memories. So you grab your newfound giftie and drop it down the basement steps, at first you are delighted to watch it take the steps one at a time and you recall all of the great times you and Slinky shared. Then in a matter of minutes, you get bored with it and you begin to and wonder just how dull your childhood actually was. Hmmm.
Sure, it was great fun back in the day, but those days are far behind you. That’s when you get crafty. You run to the computer and go online. It seems an original Slinky ( yeah the metal one,  not the tacky plastic kind ) is worth quite a pretty penny. Can you say Ebay ?  Now you have even more reason to get rid of those crates of clutter. You get to revisit some great memories and make some money honey, now thatsa great twofer

gemini Horoscopes For The Week Of April 15, 2012Gemini: This is a cycle that I prefer to call “Day to Night Barbie.” It would be prudent to set aside 3 out fits a day. First of all you need grungy clothes so that when the yeast bread maker at the donut factory blows up you can climb right into the thick of it and clean things up correctly. Then, you need your power pinstripes at the ready, since you may be called upon to visit with the Bosses, Boss’s Boss on a moments notice. You will also need to have your pretty party clothes available, since this is a very social cycle, where business and pleasure will easily blend together. Actually your business is a pleasure, due to the fact that you are a pleasure on and off the job. There’s a sincere joi de vivre’ that truly precedes you into the room, and that enthusiasm can smooth out any of the speedbumps that you are sure to find along the way. Take a moment and give thanks for all of the great new opportunities and people that are entering your life right now. It’s your attitude of gratitude that keeps the prosperity flowing.
Then, give thanks for the even better stuff that isn’t even here yet. This is just a small hint of how wonderful your life will be once Jupiter enters your Sun Sign.
Yes, this is just a soupcon of the feast that is on the way, an amouse bouche at best.  Okay, so you have to be combat ready 24/7, but that’s not new. I have had a Go Bag packed since 1990, it’s a Gemini thing.

cancer Horoscopes For The Week Of April 15, 2012Cancer: Pluto is plodding along trining your Sun Sign and in his footfalls you will discover a need for mental/emotional weed and feed. We all have volumes of memories, both lovely and good as well as Not so much. Once you burp up the ulgy ones, you know it’s time to purge yourself of the toxins. Purging is one of Pluto’s favourite things. Eventually you will humour him, soon is better. Now is the time to banish the old beasties that live in misty memory. Given time, you will discover that the “not so pretty” lessons have made you the empowered individual whom you are now. It’s the image of the Three of Swords in the Tarot deck, this is your cycle where peace cancels out pain. Once you have completely processed the lesson, there’s no need to go over it. It has had enough of your time. Now there’s a great shadow to this particular life lesson.  Pluto will give you a Pssst whenever you meet a lesson that you have already processed. Why not consider it a Karmic heads-up, and then pat yourself on the back just a little bit as you calmly walk away from potentially nasty stuff. You are perfecting the craft of perfectly balancing hanging on and letting go. You are hanging on to your sacred space, and taking it with you into your everyday situations. And you are letting go of the negative aspects of old moldy nasty experiences. Life in perfect balance, how nice for you !

leo Horoscopes For The Week Of April 15, 2012Leo: When you find yourself knee deep in fixing something with only duct tape and 2 AA batteries, trust your instinct. This is your brain on Uranus. No doubt you will get mucho OJT during this cycle. And you are a perennial student on a massive learning curve. Well not a curve, as much as a rotary, in Boston, at 5PM. It begins with you merging with heavy traffic. There are so many people trying to occupy the same space, and nobody has an operational turn signal.  You will probably miss your turn off a few times as you scoot toward the exit lane. Then, once you are free of the circle, you roll down your window and turn up the radio and ease up to your destination…only to go a few miles and end up on another rotary. I do believe that some folks just enter those rotaries and disappear. Anyway, no matter how many detours you experience, you will get from Here to There and make it look good. This is a powerful Mentor phase for you, but you may not realize it at the moment. My beloved Mr Bill used to always give me meaty bits of information just about 6 months before I would need it. Then 6 months later I would access that information and realize that he had slid it into an everyday conversation. Wisdom is like that. It’s right there at your elbow. Think Medicine walks, since you need to walk your thoughts, preferably barefoot.

virgo Horoscopes For The Week Of April 15, 2012
Virgo: You are in a very philosophical mode this week. Even in small moments you can see greater teachings. Snippets of conversation can give you great confirmation. Actually while it is always great to get confirmation, you don’t need it as much as you used to. That was before Mars moved into your Guest Room, and left Twinkie wrappers all over the floor. Since he blazed his way into Virgo, in November of 2011, he has been poke poke poking atcha to trust your instinct and stop overthinking things. You have always lived up to your inner spiritual tuning fork. You have also spent much of your life tailoring a belief system that is dedicated to the greater good. That’s why you can look around and see yourself surrounded by such amazing and spiritual people. Like consciousness seeks the same source, just like water. You are blessed with a support crew, who knows how to hug but not press. When you find yourself in the company of people who don’t/can’t/won’t walk their talk, you’ll feel a cocoon that keeps you in the caress of inner peace that accepts what you see and moves you on. This is a cycle of understanding and acceptance that never would have happened unless Mars had barged into your life and stolen the TV remote. Yes he seems a thankless teacher, but he’s just a tad eager to make a point, when this cycle is done, yall might could thank him. Just sayin’.

libra Horoscopes For The Week Of April 15, 2012

Libra: Even though your workload is about as heavy as it has ever been, you simply view it all as just a normal day. Saturn has strengthened your sense of self respect to a really healthy level.  It’s really not about anybody else’s standards anyway, since you have set the bar high for yourself and have no desire to be a slacker. What may have seemed a waterfall of work, is now a smooth flow for you, since you have your rhythm well established. While you will still be a bit of a social butterfly, you have great new boundaries that accompany your self worth. Maybe boundaries would be the wrong word…let’s make it an electrified fence, and on the other side of it, there’s a series of Romeo Hooks, like the pretty ones that decorate the French Quarter in my beloved New Orleans. In fact the Crescent City is a great empowerment image for you, since its people have an absolutely indomitable spirit. For all of the storms and horror that they have experienced, the streets still hum with happy sounds of humanity. Many of those folks found themselves post Katrina with not much more than a housecat and a dream, and yet they know that they will thrive, and thrive they shall. For all of the storms that you have experienced while Saturn rained lessons upon you, there is a new awareness of what an accomplished person you have become. Saturn is moving on, while he may bring you a few more storms, they will blow away quickly. And since you are better prepared than an average Girl Scout, you have an industrial strength umbrella.

scorpio Horoscopes For The Week Of April 15, 2012Scorpio: Your supposedly long lost dreams are beginning to recycle. The first hint that you will get, is that light of enthusiasm that fills the eyes of the people who people your life. Jupiter in Taurus has been pushing you out of your previous comfort zones, and now you create them pretty much everywhere you go. The folks in your inner circle may not have the same exact goals as you, but they are similar in their sincere desire to accomplish them. Granted, your best ideas may revisit you as someone’s else’s original thought ( as if there were sucha thing as an original thought…) but that will phase you none at all. It’s about the perfect timing that lets you know these are blessings. Your dreamy visions are about to find their way into the world of form, and you get to be the cosmic mid wife, it’s all good. This is all about maintaining a healthy work environment and great associates. Symbiotic relationships will help you accelerate your options.
And they’ll give you so many options, that eventually you may as well flip a coin.
For a few years now, I haven’t had the luxury of time that I used to have back when I taught College classes. I must admit that I miss the students, since they always are my bestest teachers. What I truly miss is their incentive, ambition and untapped potential; I guess you could call it Campus energy. It’s that kinda energy that moves you now. How cool is that ?

sagittarius Horoscopes For The Week Of April 15, 2012Sagittarius: I understand that you have been running a Marathon recently.
I can already fell the stitch in your side. Rest assured that just when you think you are about done in, the Lag Wagon will arrive this week. That’s right, keep pressing on, help is on the way. The first line of help will bet he obvious type, actual people who show up about 5 minutes before you need their assistance. Even in working on the worst of messes, it will feel more like a party bus, since these are people who truly adore. That’s why they don’t question you as to why you need to drain the swamp. They will just pull on their waders and get to work. The second line of help is both surprising and heart warming. That will occur when others see a storm front approaching and get you out of the way, without making a really big deal of it. This is a cycle where mysteries get untwisted, and
Every quandary finds a clear, concise answer. And even better yet, many problems will self correct. Sure life is always self correcting, we frail humans tend to forget that. Uranus will continue to test your will power and your reflexes.
Now is the time for Plans C, D and E, since Plan B is out of date. You won’t even be aware of all of the miracles in your life until well after the fact. In the interim,
Perseverance is your best friend. It’s about living free of doubt. You may not know how you will drain the swamp, but your dogged determination will get it done. As they say, ” It’s hard to know why you wanted to drain the swamp, when you are up to your tusch in alligators.” But hey you did it, now all you need to do is to find a nice new home for the gators 

capricorn Horoscopes For The Week Of April 15, 2012Capricorn: Even though Jupiter is bringing you more of everything, it is up to you to select what to embrace and what to recycle. Less is more. White space in a printed Ad brings the eye to the most important information.  Granny Gerstmann used to say, ” If you want to look well groomed, get dressed in all of your best and then look in the mirror and take off one accessory.” Editing is an art form, and that’s just what you are doing in every area of your life. Chances are good that most of your Easter decorations are already in a box to be donated to a Charity ( think the Vietnam Veteran’s they will come to your door and pick things up.) Even though Jupiter is in love with access, he is dancing through Taurus, the sign that just hates waste of any kind. So the good news is that you get more referrals, more opportunities and more people who most sincerely want to work with you. The good News is that you get to pick and choose your challenges, and that guarantees that you will select new exciting ones. The better news is that you get to share the wealth with your friends and associates. That way, you prosper, and they do as well, that’s a Win/Win fer sure. Just one caveat, you won’t have a lot of time to make your choices. Think Zen, stay Zen and trust your Psychic Gizzard. Easy peasy.

aquarius Horoscopes For The Week Of April 15, 2012Aquarius: Sometimes life plays out in common sense orderly form and other times, Life is a knock knock joke. Actually staying jovial is your best direction this week. Since this week begins with a Major Lunar High for you, your emotions tides are at an all time high, near flood stages, but not quite there yet. It is incumbent on you, to pack a few verbal sandbags at the water’s edge. Now since all of your emotions are necessary, you Will need quiet time in which to find your center. Regardless of how jam packed your days may be, you Must allow yourself downtime to process things. Back when you weren’t looking, Pluto the Cosmic Roto Rooter went Retrograde in Capricorn. Yep, another Planet with his own sense of direction. Pluto is not only the God of the Underworld, but he is the guardian of ancient fears, traumas and experiences yet to be dealt with. So along comes your Lunar High which conjuncts that self same Pluto and you find memories burping up atcha like last weekend’s Coney Dog. It won’t even take a verbatim quote to drag to you back to those strange days; just a hint of a similar life lesson and you my dear Must beam up and heal things. Every Aquarius is both a hermit and a people lover. Sure you still love people this week, but preferably from a distance. You need time in which to think/dwell/obsess and heal yourself.  Enjoy the quietude, even if your thoughts as kinda loud.

pisces Horoscopes For The Week Of April 15, 2012Pisces: Don’t look now but Mars is still there in Virgo, opposing Neptune, your Ruler in very early degrees of your Sun Sign.  It may feel as though everyday Stop Signs have transformed themselves into Traffic lights that are perpetually stuck on red. Yeah I know patience lessons are cacao, but since you have been under this transit since last November, you are getting better at hurry up and wait situations. Actually those pauses that occur in your daily activity are meant to offer you ample time to reassess your goals. You may know why you are doing some of the things that you are attending to, but you may not know exactly why you are doing them. These may be responsibilities that you inherited since no one else was taking care of them. What is called for presently is for you to reprioritize your lists. Once you triage your To Do list, you will not only find a way to nicely schemes redundancy, but you will also discover many things that no longer need your attention. Since the beginning of this stress cycle ( yeah Mars likes stress) there are some things that have simply fallen by the wayside. Yep, you didn’t have the time to make a ton of desserts for Easter Dinner, but nobody missed them. And you did get the Extension filed for your taxes. So as you can see, all of the important stuff has been address. This is just over enthusiastic Mars pushing you, now is the time for mental/emotional Tai Chi. Move at a comfortable pace. Maintain your balance and celebrate what is done, before you list all of the things that need to be done. Neptune leads your way; Mars is just a small distraction. Neptune is all about peace, and since he is your Ruler, you are leading the way for the peaceful evolution of humankind. Sure that may sound like a big job, but it’s relatively simple, just find peace within yourself and you will have much inner peace to share with the world. And the good grows exponentially !

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