Reverend Linda Newman studies the alignment of the stars each week to bring you in depth astrological predictions. She is a third generation astrologer, holistic wellness practitioner and mystic student. You can catch up with her on her weekly radio show Answers on

 Horoscopes For the Week Of December 18, 2011
aries Horoscopes For The Week Of April 8, 2012Aries: Now that you have accepted the fact that your life is changing on a daily basis, you have adapted to your ability to use those changes to your best advantage. There’s a great sense of excitement in the knowledge that you have now become your very own agent of change. Since this is a long-term transit of Uranus in your Sun Sign, you are aware that you don’t need to make massive sweeping changes. Instead, you will channel your time into small changes that nibble at the edges of the situations and conditions of your life that need adjustment. Consider that a plane flying from Chicago to Los Angeles is actually off course part of the time. It is due to the fact that the Pilot makes adjustments for the duration of the journey, that you and your luggage arrive at your destination on time. The greatest aspect of these many many small adjustments
is that should you overcompensate in one direction, it is very simple to correct. Don’t forget to take pictures or video of the events in this cycle. In just a few years, you will see that this is the tipping point of a turning point. Yeah, your life will never be the same, but it will never be dull, from here on in it can only get better. This is all about you transforming, sure it’s baby steps, but you will still cover a whole lot of territory. Bonne Voyage !

taurus Horoscopes For The Week Of April 8, 2012Taurus: You can expect a week of great accomplishments. Now that Mercury is no longer mucking with your systems, your interpersonal communications and your life in general, you will make up for those 3 frustrating weeks in the next 10 days. Even in the worst of days, back when Mercury was temporarily insane, most things worked out to your advantage, that’s the power of Jupiter in your Sun Sign. Recently ( yeah during Retro Irk) I had a meeting with a very very important Agent from a powerful firm in New York. Of course, my schedule was a mess. Since the arrival of my perfect Granddaughter, I get to spend 10 hours a day with her while her Mommy is at work. Generally we juggle our days enough so that I can still attend to personal business. On this particular day, we had lined up and interim babysitter to cover half of the day for me. She was due to show up at Noon. Noon came and went, so did 12:30 and my meeting was at 1:30 PM. By 12:45
I called my daughter to see if she had the number for the missing babysitter.
She didn’t, since this was her hubby’s cousin, yeah retro you know who. I got busy speed dialing the Agency and they connected me with the Agent. Knowing the I would have to eat crow instead of lunch I apologized, and told him that we had a family crisis, and asked when he might be in the area again. He was lovely about it and promised that we would reschedule for next month. Phew. The errant babysitter showed up 2 hours late, so I went home to take off my fancy business suit and move on with my day. As I looked in the mirror, I discovered that even though I had changed at the last minute, and had avoided sitting down, somehow my daughter’s white dog had deposited a ton of white fur on my derriere area. Hmmm, what an impression my furry butt would have made eh ?
Funny how things just work themselves out. Divine Light does balance all.

gemini Horoscopes For The Week Of April 8, 2012Gemini: You might as well dress for success every day since your life has become a never-ending meet and greet. For every message that was previously missed and every call that didn’t get returned, you will have 3 great new opportunities find you. Heck Jupiter hasn’t even officially moved into your Sun Sign and yet the spotlight is tracking you. Your greatest openings will be in the area of brand new businesses. That’s more than a plus, since your greatest energies are all about beginnings. Yep, many start up companies need your advice and guidance, and while you are at it, forget taking a pay check and settle for stock in the company. Yet another plus that is working for you for the next 20 months, is that you are finding ways to make your money make money. Since there’s only one of your and so many hours in the day, it’s great that you are putting your money to work. Something as little as saving 10% of your paycheck per week can make you a nice big pile of money in no time. Granted, you will use it eventually for travel, but when you do, there will be no bills due at the end of the journey. Yep it’s all about an enjoyable journey and you my dear have the E ticket ride .

cancer Horoscopes For The Week Of April 8, 2012Cancer: There’s a healthy distance in even your closest relationships during this cycle. While you will always be a natural at nurturing, you are making a concerted effort not to be a “smother Mother.” It takes a lot of love for you to back away like this. You are aware that a great number of people want you to make their decisions for them and that would be sooo easy. Sure you could do it, you have done it in the Past, but what did they really learn ? Nothing, that’s what. Soooo, you are becoming an Honorary Gemini. Certainly you will still offer sage advice that comes directly from your heart, but you will offer many many options. And in that variety of options, there will be vastly different ways to move forward. Then, once you have sincerely stated your ideas, you will divorce yourself from their choices. In fact, it would be prudent to adopt my favourite phrase, ” I celebrate your choice.” That simply means that you will be supportive and available, but the final decision is not up to you. Sure, your inner voices may give you agida as you back away, but you know that this is something that you Must do. You have given your beloveds enough good direction in the past, now is the time to let them make their own decisions. Now is the time for you to take care of You. Different, eh ?

leo Horoscopes For The Week Of April 8, 2012Leo: Prepare yourself for another busy week as a body in motion. Now that Mercury has straightened up enough not to mess with your business, you will make more connections than you could imagine. Between faxing and fixing you will create enough potential endeavors to fill the next 2 months. This mop up time is truly a lot of fun. We can share the silly stories of what happened during Retrograde Irk, and realize that we were probably only minutes away from each other, and yet it might as well have been the other side of the Moon. In fact during the interim, you have been given the time to tweak your plans and make them easier to follow. Now that you can actually communicate your ideas coherently, your plans will bring you fans. And who doesn’t appreciate a Fan Club ? So, your ideas get implemented, your plans get off the ground and you will have a better support crew for your future successes. Remember that Uranus is upon us, and he is bending the path of the Fire Signs first. Luckily you can finesse it, since you have spent mucho time ruminating on the overall plans.
Hard to believe it, but all of that time when the Universe had you on hold, was actually your bestest planning time. Thanks to the long term influence of Uranus, creative chaos is your friend, since you know that there are many ways to get there from here and getting There is what truly matters. Bravo!

virgo Horoscopes For The Week Of April 8, 2012
Virgo: You are in a very philosophical mode this week. With Mars still Retrograde in your Sun Sign, you are finding it easier to look back on similar cycles. Okay you are one of the bestest folks on the Earth, when it comes to patience lessons.
And you certainly are getting your share of them thanks to Mars backing up his chariot. However, you are discovering that in the hurry up and wait situations, you simply get busy with something else. For all of the time that you spend on hold listening to baaaad elevator music ( okay all elevator music is bad, n’est pas?) or even worse listening to cheesy commercials about the company who has you stuck in limbo, you will have small, but useful projects on hand. What a perfect time for a speaker phone. Now that you are free from that Mercurial resistance, the sky truly is the limit. Yeah Mars may sloooow things down a wee bit, but you have great powers of focus, so a brief detour means very little to your overall vision. The real miracle of this 9 months cycle ( Mars entered Virgo 11/11 and exits 7/12) is that of you actually having patience with Yourself. Whoda thunk it ?

libra Horoscopes For The Week Of April 8, 2012

Libra: With Saturn continuing to Moonwalk back into Libra, this is the perfect time to reflect on how many miles you have come in the last two years and change. Whether it’s a first hand experience, or one that you live vicariously, you will see shadows of the places that you have been to, and the many lessons that you have processed. Now that you have bested the beasties of a rugged Saturn cycle, you can find it easier to sort real crises from the silly little speed bumps that life will offer. Once upon a time, you avoided many situations that might become ugly, since you lived in a world of “peace at any price”. Now you know that “peace at any price” isn’t really peace. And peace, perfect peace is what your delicate equilibrium demands. Since Saturn has taught you to address issues head on, you truly can feel that sense of peace. Sure, it may shock folks who think you are a passive soul, when you get feisty, but your gentleness was never weakness. In this pensive week of people watching, you will see the person whom you used to be, as well as the person whom you have become. Talk about being world’s apart eh ? This isn’t about right or wrong, it’s about maturity. The person you were, was perfect for that point in your life. Then Saturn moved in, and ate all of your Oreos and hogged the TV and Now you know what’s worth enforcing and what’s a non issue. There’s no going back, you are the new improved Libra and that is a gift in itself.

scorpio Horoscopes For The Week Of April 8, 2012Scorpio: Since this week is birthed by a major Moon Jupiter combo, you Must be gentle with yourself. Yeah, I know that’s rather alien territory for you, but think of yourself as a pioneer, and press on. The good thing about PMS/BMS is that it encourages you to put on your airtight suit and pick up the Moon rocks of emotion that lie across the terrain of your psyche. In this kinda cycle you are totally aware of the things that bother you, or at least the things that you think are bothering  you.  The truth is that there is something behind the thing that you think is your bete noir and it’s bugging you bigtime. When you find yourself facing the heights and depths of emotion that you are now, you will also keep on digging until you find the things behind the things behind the things that you think are an issue. Ancient issues and deeply buried responses can be unearthed, and once identified, they will be schmeissed as they need to be. Consider journaling, since that will assist you in finding the patterns of your discontent. When in doubt doodle, you are examining feelings that seem to lie too deeply behind your spleen for expression. Any form of creativity will help unlock those feelings and free you. This is a perfect time to weed the flowerbeds, or work on the lawn, you’ll look busy, folks will leave you alone, and you can get the emotional clarity that you deserve.

sagittarius Horoscopes For The Week Of April 8, 2012Sagittarius: This week feels as though the School Bus stopped in front of your home, and when the door opened everybody hopped off and followed you in the door. Granted most of the friends that you make in this cycle will be totally new, that’s the Uranian influence in your life. Now here’s the weird part, while you are always ready for a good time, you have a new dedication to duty that keeps you connected to your responsibilities. Back in the day, you would have partied all night and somehow managed with enough eye drops and Red Bull to make it to work on time. Now, things are vastly different, and you will find that you have to make sure that you get enough sleep to still be focused and attentive on your job. Fear not, you will never be dull, this is simply your time to work as hard as you play, and vicey versey. Chances are good that this is a discipline that will remain a major part of your life. Surely your party animal is still in place, but you have him/her on a short leash. Great opportunities are finding you, and you know that you must be sharp enough at all times, to leap into action. Sure you can still mix work and play and once you follow your heartsong into your career, it will feel like play for pay. Now that’s a perfect combo.

capricorn Horoscopes For The Week Of April 8, 2012Capricorn: This is a week of Cosmic freebies for you. Freebies are always good.
Okay maybe it’s not totally Free, since these are rewards that you have earned many times over. Since you have always done more than whatever is expected of you, no doubt you have forgotten all of the favours that have yet to be repaid to you. In any case, the powerful Earth trine of Pluto, Mars and Jupiter is truly
determined to reward you bigtime. It’s a bit of a sneaky Lotto, since everything you need will appear and then some. Your Rental Car will get an unexpected upgrade, as well as your flight and Hotel room. So,, you end up getting twice as much as you had expected for half of the price. Relationships will bloom in the same exact way. You will find yourself taking on small jobs to help people out and those teensy jobs will get you more and bigger ones, in the near future. Jupiter really is a nice fella, although he has a tendency to take whatever you have and multiply it. Luckily you are wise about stress reduction, since success cycles such as this one, can also become stress cycles. Really who needs more stress ? As an Earth Sign, you have the practical nature to avoid the pitfalls of excess, so I am not concerned about your welfare, while Jupiter is shining his Light upon you.
And as for those small thankless jobs, in just a few weeks you will discover that you completed them for the Bosses Bosses Boss, and the rewards just keep on blooming.

aquarius Horoscopes For The Week Of April 8, 2012Aquarius: Venus has barely entered Gemini and you can feel her lovely caress already. Even formerly boooring business meetings will turn into enjoyable social occasions. With 50 minutes of chatter and 10 minutes of serious business, you will still keep your goals on track, and even the heaviest of business decisions will take on a lightness that everyone will appreciate. While you do have your moments of creative genius, it is your powerful people skills that will accomplish the most while Venus is guiding your way. It’s a though you are a social butterfly with a steel trap mind. You will discover that you can get sooo much more done, since you will first get everyone united in your vision. Of course, positivity will help as well, since you will see the project in it’s completed form, and that will speed things up exponentially. There’s an ease to this cycle this is really quite deceptive, even when it appears that you are not assiduously applying yourself to the tasks at hand, you are still very much on the job. Certainly, you have worked mighty hard to make things look easy peasy, but this is about all of the preplanning that you did before you even mentioned these ideas to anyone else. It’s like the old saying, ” Failing to plan is planning to fail” and failure is not acceptable to you. You’ll schmooze, you’ll mingle and when that perfect connection comes along, you will be making notes on a cocktail napkin.Sure you make it all look tres’ simple, but there’s a wisdom to everything that you do.

pisces Horoscopes For The Week Of April 8, 2012Pisces: Mercury is about to leave your Sun Sign and you can feel your mental
Hamster wheel slowing down to a comfortable pace, no more is there that squeak squeak that kept you awake when you shouldn’t have been. After nearly a month of lying in bed at night, mentally calculating how much sleep you’ll get if you fall asleep in the next half hour, you can actually ease out of the day. In truth it wasn’t Mercury that caused most of the trouble all by himself, it was the fact that he was mooshing you between himself and Neptune. Granted that self same Mercury was backing up his dump truck in Pisces, which could only lead to muddled thinking. The real power pack is Neptune in Pisces, which loves fog and soft lights and a life with no pain, and no harsh realities. That Neptunian energy is why some Pisces can loose themselves in great works of art and create amazing things out of mist and moonlight. On the other hand some Pisces will attempt to drink themselves into a stupor or gobble everything in the medicine cabinet, in hopes of blissing out. With Neptune hanging out for quite a long time, eventually most Pisces will find healthy forms of escapism and discover gifts that they never imagined that they had. The last time Neptune made this transit, a century and a half ago we got to experience the genius of Arthur Conan Doyle, the music of Bach, and the amazing art of Monet, Cezanne, Renoir and Van Gogh. It seems you are keeping good company, and Neptune will bring out the real artiste in you. Beam up dear Pisces, cocoon yourself in beauty, and create from your heart !

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