I was motoring around on Mound Road on the east side of town yesterday. I was stopped at a red light when a car turned in front of me and it caught my attention. It looked a lot like a Chevy Volt as it pulled away but then I really noticed the difference. There was no person in the driver’s seat. Well there was a person in the driver’s seat only the driver was sitting on the right side and not the left.

Living in the Metro Detroit area has been interesting over the years. You often times see things on the road here that you never see anywhere else. I’ve seen a number of concept cars before they were mass produced, for instance, and yesterday I saw something pretty cool.

I was on Mound heading northbound through Warren and stopped at a traffic signal when a white car pulled onto the road in front of me and kept on going. The car caught my attention because it looked a lot like a Chevy Volt but it definitely was not a Volt. I only got a quick glimpse at that point but enough of a view to determine that there was no driver in the left seat. The driver was on the right side of the car, European style.

As we hit the next light I pulled right up behind this mystery car and saw the name plate. Then it all made sense. What I was sitting behind was GM’s European version of the Chevy Volt called the Opel Ampera. As we continued the Ampera dude transitioned into the right lane and turned into the GM Tech Center. It had a manufacturer’s plate license plate on it.

The car looked very much like a Volt from the rear but the front was a lot different as you can clearly see in the picture above.

GM got good news on the Ampera not long ago. It was named Europe’s Car of the Year at the Auto Show in Geneva.

One more side note. Unlike most other Volts I’ve seen driving way over the speed limit, this Opel Ampera was doing the speed limit and the driver was very courteous!

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