Reverend Linda Newman studies the alignment of the stars each week to bring you in depth astrological predictions. She is a third generation astrologer, holistic wellness practitioner and mystic student. You can catch up with her on her weekly radio show Answers on

 Horoscopes For the Week Of December 18, 2011
aries Horoscopes For The Week Of March 4, 2012Aries: With Mercury conjunct Uranus in your Sun Sign this is a cycle during which your reflexes, and your attention span are certain to be tested.  You might as well pretend that you are an ADD kid, like me. The changes and rearranges that are entering your life, courtesy of Uranus transiting your Sun Sign, guarantee that you’ll never be bored. The only issue that may occur is that of you being just a tad rigid. Okay, you may have no conscious memory of asking for this cycle of metamorphosis, but it’s here, so the best option is to roll with it. As a bonus, many of these changes will be the best way for your life to self-correct. So No kicking and screaming allowed, just an acceptance that change is the only constant on life. If you look at tremendously successful individuals, you will see that somehow they manage to reinvent themselves every 18 months or so. With this amazing wind in your sails, you can channel this energy and make smart choices for your future, as well as, your future self. Yep, you are about to become new and improved, and that’s always a great thing. Sure, Uranus does have a propensity for chaos, but truth be told this is a creative chaos. Granted, your favourite Taco Palace may go out of business and your Gas Station may become a flower shop, but you can take all of that as confirmation that you are part of this amazing flow. And while you are at it, buy yourself some flowers ? Now is the time for small sweet rewards and non cruel shoes.

taurus Horoscopes For The Week Of March 4, 2012Taurus: When people are self critical, even constructive criticism is taken as criticism, yeah they tend to forget the constructive part. As a dedicated caretaker, it is difficult for you to step aside and let your friends and beloveds head for a pothole. It is important however, to recall that you can’t be on call 24/7. Sure you can throw yourself into the pothole to smooth out their journey, but that’s a quick fix at best, eventually they will choose a bumpy route and have to figure it out for themselves. Even if others should request advice from you, it is imperative that you tred softly. I know it’s very tempting to dump a load of the truth on foolish people, but they are by nature foolish, so why not offer them
Information that they aren’t ready to process ? Mars trining Jupiter in your Sun Sign has you running in place at best. Even though you are one of the mostest patient people on the planet, you still have a sense of being somewhat driven to get things accomplished. Mars isn’t leaving Virgo until late this summer, you can’t afford to allow yourself to feel squished by your lists. Remember that sheep, cattle and swine are also driven, and they truly don’t enjoy the end of the journey. Now is the time to pace yourself. Just sayin’….

gemini Horoscopes For The Week Of March 4, 2012Gemini: As your success cycle amps up, things are changing so quickly that there really isn’t time to do anything, other than react to them. That’s for the good, since your skill sets and ability to remain flexible, will get you through the surprises. It’s a wee bit vexing, since even though you are very intuitive, you simply can’t see it all coming. One minute, you are warming in to glow of great
new opportunities and then next moment, you best friend decides to move to Madagascar. Hmmm. Rest assured that this is an important aspect of your transformation cycle. Just as surely as new and exciting options appear at the speed of Light, old dreams and possibly relationships will drift away. Consider the Ace of Cups in the Tarot deck, it symbolizes the good life, where all of your needs are met and your abundance is limitless. The thing about cups is that you can only fill them so much, and then you must empty them before you can add any more liquid. See your life as the vessel, and know that the rule of “empty and be filled” is in action. Jupiter is heading toward your Sun Sign and once he moves into your Guest Room, things will become even more hectic. Remember that he won’t make a return visit for 12 years. The choice is yours embrace the New now, or just wait for 2024…..yeah choices .

cancer Horoscopes For The Week Of March 4, 2012Cancer: Since this week is birthed with the Sun in Pisces trining your Sun Sign, a Moon Lodge is mandatory. Okay, that doesn’t mean that you will be in “duck and cover” mode all week, you will simply need to find the time every day to nurture yourself. While you are primarily a people pleaser, you must allow minimal time for fluffing pillows and dishing out astral chicken soup. Once you fight the urge to rush to the phone whenever somebody calls, it will get easier to address your needs. It’s good to have all that Water hit you where you live. For the first time in a very long time, you Must accept your limitations. Sure, you will still pull an all nighter and bake 200 cupcakes for the school bake sale ( funny how kids forget to mention things like that until you are tucking them in, eh ?) Buuut, you will drop off those cupcakes and let someone else run that Bake Sale table. That’s when you grab a quick cup of tea and take a nice power nap. Since your intuition is up there with bat radar, you will awaken before the alarm has a chance to buzz you awake. The world of Spirit walks with us all of the time, and now that you are so in tune with other worlds and other awarenesses, you will find that you have good company all of the time. Why not begin simply by working with your Confirmation symbols?  Every new teacher will bring you an accompanying symbol and in no time you will see answers everywhere that you look. Yes, you Must spend this time on your personal development, if you don’t who the heck will ???

leo Horoscopes For The Week Of March 4, 2012Leo: Okay, so three planets in Aries are certainly creating havoc on your taste buds. If you can make your way through the lengthy menu at your favourite restaurant, once the food arrives at your table, you may not want it any more. So, you can expect to get frostbite while standing in front of the refrigerator trying to find something palatable. And you will most likely eat a whole bag of cheesy poofs, while you wait for your lunch to get done in the microwave oven. With fiery
Mars backing up towards you, there may be some confusion between endings and beginnings. Just when you think you are done done done with something it may well appear on your porch, like a mangy cat whom you fed a few months ago. In truth beginnings and endings are woven together. Mars wants you to be certain that you have clean, well defined endings to your projects, so that nothing can come back and haunt you at a future date. This is about resolution and not the pointless ones that people make at the first of the year. Resolve to ride the winds of change and you will use them to your best advantage ! Simple enough, eh?

virgo Horoscopes For The Week Of March 4, 2012
Virgo: Your are living your life creed of “less is more.” Even your responses to other people are somewhat abbreviated now. It isn’t that you don’t desire to inform others, it’s just that you have become so adjusted to individuals who don’t listen, that you are kinda testing people. If they offer answers that indicate that they have a clue as to what you are saying, the conversation will flow. If you can’t get past the simplest statements, you’ll just save yourself the agida. Formerly, you would have dug deeply to unearth a way to speak to folks, via the well known Encyclopaedia Moronica, but you quit that task a few months ago. This is not a judgmental stand that you are taking, you simply don’t have the time to go over and over the same information, when you see that thousand yard stare in somebody’s eyes. Retrograde Mars is parked on your loveseat and he has no intention of leaving your hospitality until late this Summer. By then you will not only have a far better sense of time management, but a large supply of 3X5 cards to hand out to people who prefer not to listen to you. Truthfully this is about you being nice to You, go figya. Certainly, you will still set the bar high, and your commitment to excellence will propel you forward, but now that you have quit your position as Idiot Whisperer, you will find no desire to take up that banner again. Bravo !

libra Horoscopes For The Week Of March 4, 2012

Libra: Though others may not realize it, you are actually more sensitive than Pisces. That’s because you process your intuitive messages on a more cerebral level. Granted it all begins in your Psychic Gizzard, but you tend to internalize it for bit, and then line your messages all in a row. Dear sweet Pisces are pretty much rocked, by what they glean on a felt sense level, add in a lousy Poker Face and they seem to be effected much more then you might be, by their intuition.
That is not the case. You have a very delicate pendulum that wobbles for a
long time before it centers itself. Certainly, Saturn has been kicking you in the pendulum for 2 years and change, so your inner wobbles aren’t quite as violent
as they used to be, but your sensitivity cannot be denied. There is a cloud of prescience that envelops you at the most unexpected times. Your gift is one that allows you to feel the wind shifting, just before it actually does. There’s a Clint Eastwood quiet that falls over you in such times. That’s generally followed by inquiries at to “What’s wrong ?” In truth nothing is wrong you just need the sacred space in which you process your intuitive input. Now is the time to hang up a “Gone Meditating ” sign. Spend some time with your shadow and you’ll see how far you have come courtesy of Saturn. See, he’s a good guy after all. Granted his lessons were rugged, but now that they are over, you are stronger than even you knew you could be ! These teachings are an integral part of you, and you’ll never go back.

scorpio Horoscopes For The Week Of March 4, 2012Scorpio: Your are still deeply ensconced in the process of reinventing yourself.
It most likely feels as though you have your feet in two different worlds. That’s because you actually do. There’s a part of you that sees how your behavior patterns used to manifest in the past, and knows that you have to change those behaviors. Then there’s also the part of you that still has those shadow dwellers of the Past whispering to you, it’s not overt, just a little Pssst that gets your attention all of the time. Itsa a challenge breaking free form old habits since, they have put down tap roots in your subconscois mind. That’s why journaling and working with your dreams will be such a great help to you in this healing time. Only by digging into past experiences and misty memories can you discover when your behavior patterns took on a less than good for you direction. Next to those memories you will find the triggers to the less than lovely behaviors. Once you discover the triggers, you will be able to erase them and replace them with new user-friendly responses. C’mon you are the Sign of magickal transformation and this one is well timed. Even vegan Scorpios may experiment with sliders in this soul searching cycle. Think Zantac, and creative forms of expression.

sagittarius Horoscopes For The Week Of March 4, 2012Sagittarius: Perhaps it’s the political climate, or possibly it’s the awful coffee pot in the break room, but whatever gets on your last good nerve this week, you will definitely have an opinion. For the most part you have made a concerted effort to keep  your opinions to yourself. Sure you will make an awful face when you taste that sour acidy coffee, but unless somebody is there at the time, you will grumble and add more sugar. However, once somebody asks your view of things, you will certainly let them have it. Now that Uranus is officially upon us, you are feeling the wobble effect. Once upon a time, you tossed out your opinions like a dried dandelion flower drifts apart in a breeze. Now that even your perceptions are changing on a daily basis, you are waiting for them to hang around for a while before you take them seriously enough to share them with others. Most likely it will be something egregiously stupid that makes milk ( or coffee) squirt out of your nose. But once the floodgates open, you will have your say. This is Uranus challenging and changing your perspective. The great new aspect of this new communication is that you will be able to say a lot with a few well chosen words. Concise is good.

capricorn Horoscopes For The Week Of March 4, 2012Capricorn: You are so accustomed to the everyday grind of life that this week may take you by surprise. Sure, you will still dot all of the Is and cross all of the Ts and cover every possible contingency, but truth be told you really won’t need to.  While Jupiter can make some people stupider, that has to do with excess, and you have way too much common sense for that, so in essence it has only added to your business acumen. Don’t allow yourself to overthink things when they happen in an easy peasy fashion. From the trickiest systems to the last minute dump jobs, you will breeze on through to achievement. You must not let this skeeve you, since your work ethic is a sharp as ever before, and you are not capable of slacking, this is simply a cycle where the wind is in your sails, and nothing can really get in your way. The dump variety of jobs will be many, but that’s also not a new phenomena. What’s phenomenal is the quality of symbiotic relationships that will bloom in your life courtesy of Jupiter. This is the planet of “eversomuchmoreso” and since you are a man/woman with a plan, your plans will unfold in orderly form. Accept it kiddo, for the next few months your success is on overdrive, and you actually get moments to breathe and maybe Not eat lunch at your desk….enjoy 

aquarius Horoscopes For The Week Of March 4, 2012Aquarius: Hopefully you have ample private time this week since the thing you need to do the most is think/talk. Think/talking is where you do your best planning. Sure, you will be open to input from others, but the real process will happen in your mind. Granted, others would be mind boggled if they only had a clue as to how much data you are sorting through, but luckily they will stay respectfully clueless. Once you have completed your mental search sort, you will chat with others in vague terms. Yep, these are decisions that you need to make on your own. I can’t really believe that folks want to be psychic vampires, but sadly enough, negative or excessively afraid and needy people can suck the joy out of your life in a heartbeat. If you know someone who is dedicated to being a victim, there’s a great chance that you could end up as their hot lunch. Sure, you can buy them a library of self help books, and do your best to help them turn their minds around, but all of the interventions in the world won’t change someone, until they seek a better path. Yeah, I know how hard that is to get into your head, that people choose to keep their lives moving at sucha miserable pace, but at this point all you can do is to love them and celebrate their choices. Your life continues to move along in a healthy direction, and it’s so much easier not to have to walk and drag a victim who is hanging onto your leg. Love them and let them go, who knows, you will probably meet on the same path, once they are out of Victim Rehab? Yep !

pisces Horoscopes For The Week Of March 4, 2012Pisces: Oh boy, it’s one of those wobbly weeks. You want to go out, but you don’t really want to leave home. You want to have company, but you don’t have the energy to clean the house, Plus you’d prefer it, if they’d go home early.
Buuut you have the gift of making people so comfortable, that they pretty much come for dinner and are still there for breakfast. So much for solitude.
The powerful Cancer Moon, which drives you into the new week, needs you to nest and ruminate. Memories are flooding your creative projects, as well as your dreams. Add to that, the fact that Retrograde Mars is in strong opposition to your Sun Sign and you can see that some mental/emotional backtracking is called for. This is a short sweet cycle of self discovery. Rest assured that you are not becoming antisocial, you’ll find the time to meet friends for a quick fun lunch, and there’s the Pizza guy who knows your address by heart. Then it’s right back to your fuzzy bathrobe and candlelit bubble baths. Mmmmm, can chocolate be far behind ? I don’t think so…

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