Kennel Club Names ‘Dog Of The Year’

Time does a ‘Person Of The Year’ issue. Now, find out which breed The American Kennel Club named ‘Dog of the Year’!

Just in time for the Detroit Kennel Club Dog Show this weekend at Cobo, the votes are in! Will the Labrador Retriever be ousted as America’s ‘Top Dog’ for the first time in 21 years? Will another favorite of mine, the Boxer, crack the top 10? The American Kennel Club’s annual list of our top pooches have a few upsets for 2012!

I’ve had all breeds, from Great Danes to Shih Tzu’s; I love them all.  Who’s got top bragging (or barking) rights in the U.S.A.? Find out from Time here.

What is your favorite breed?
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