Reverend Linda Newman studies the alignment of the stars each week to bring you in depth astrological predictions. She is a third generation astrologer, holistic wellness practitioner and mystic student. You can catch up with her on her weekly radio show Answers on

 Horoscopes For the Week Of December 18, 2011
aries Horoscopes For The Week Of February 26, 2012Aries: Once again you find yourself in a “whistle while you workaholic” cycle.
Okay, maybe whistle and chew gum. As you receive even more new rules and regulations, do your best to keep your Poker face intact. Yeah, I know some of this stuff is so silly that milk nearly comes out of your nose, but hey these new standards have meaning for somebody, most likely the Boss. Back when I worked for the government and had a Security clearance (  that should worry you ) we had motivational signs all over the walls, or should I say demotivational signs. My personal favourite, was a sign, which extolled us in big red letters, “Don’t think. We do everything by the book here.” The only book I could find was one that told us how to open envelopes, they must have thought that we were that ignorant. As I looked around me, at all of my coworkers, all I could see was many versions of people who had gone “dead behind their eyes.” I however, couldn’t fight the urge to think and ended up leaving before my light went out as well. Rest assured that is is only a brief cycle. Short term this “non thinking” is doable, long term not so much. Even though the rules may be written for fools, suck it up and follow them. The alternative is butt ugly. There’s already enough butt ugly in the world, why contribute to it ?

taurus Horoscopes For The Week Of February 26, 2012Taurus: While you have no real desire to carve a path for others, this week will find you leading the way. It may be something as simple as, setting such a comfortable work rhythm, that others will naturally follow your cha cha feet into massive productivity. Or it may be the blend of homemade chocolate chip cookies and a no nonsense attitude about the work at hand, that keeps others as busy as you keep yourself. In fact it is probably more about pacing than prodding. By the second time that you come back from lunch just a wee bit early, a few other people will follow suit. No, you aren’t trying to push folks beyond their limits; you are simply dealing with deadly deadlines and doing your best to beat them. When the project is all wrapped up and pretty, you will call for a loooong lunch, and most likely pick up the check as well. Granted, unless they are Virgos or Capricorns, you won’t often find people who work as long and hard as you do, but on a rare occasion, when everything is on the line, you will marshal the troops. Of course, the Red Bull Happy Hour was helpful as well.

gemini Horoscopes For The Week Of February 26, 2012Gemini: In abeyance of your nascent Jupiter transit, you have already done the dress for success thing, as well as, the destress for success thing, and now the final ingredient that you need, is an archetype for your success cycle. Surely you have some heroes who are as accomplished, as they are in touch with the flow of things. While these will be highly motivated individuals, they will have a crystal clear vision of how their completed projects should be, but they are equally mindful that there are many ways to get from here to there. Rest assured, that you would never see them stuck in a micromanaging position, since they work with only like-minded people. By staying flexible in their techniques with high standards for the work itself, their commitment to excellence remains intact. It’s about not needing to control things so much, that it wrings all of the creativity out of their efforts. Control is a silly thing. The Mystic Schools teach us that in Atlantis, they actually figured out how to control the weather, and look at how badly that ended up. The only real control that we have is the ability to control how we react to life situations, beyond that control is out of our hands. Keep your eyes on the prize and know that nothing simply nothing beats perseverance.

cancer Horoscopes For The Week Of February 26, 2012Cancer: This is one of those great cycles where you simply have to be yourself and others will follow your example. Okay, you may have to slow down just a bit, so that others can watch your progress and then step in line other than that this calls for no special efforts. Imagine that you are the Lead Counselor at a Winter Camp. It’s late at night, and nature makes a call. Granted, you can find your way to the latrine with your eyes shut, but others may not know the way. Since you are mindful that they will eventually walk in your footprints, you take the most simple and direct route. There’s no stopping to look in the woods or walk by the lake, just a straight path to the Johnny on the Spot, and then a just as well marked trail, back to the cabin full of slumbering kiddies. The great thing is that once you carve that path of footprints in the snow, you won’t have to accompany anyone else on that personal journey. Face it, you have spent your life doing the right thing because, it’s your only speed. How nice that others can simply watch you and emulate your actions. Easy peasy.

leo Horoscopes For The Week Of February 26, 2012Leo: This is a cycle in which you must completely ignore drama queens and inter office politics. Regardless of what you witness, you must walk away and refuse to get sucked into the soap opera. Feel free to reject that invitation to gossipy conversation, since that can only lead to mucho ugliness. You will also discover that you have much more energy when you don’t allow it to be wasted on the he said/she said/whomever said nonsense. Within just a day or two of being Switzerland, those gossip mongers will stop offering you their toxic stories.
The minute somebody begins with, “Did you hear about…” you will stop him/her  by “about.” Even if it begins to hit close to home, you will turn the other cheek. Then you will turn the other two and walk away with your integrity. The truth doesn’t need you to defend it, due to the fact that in time it always proves itself. And by staying out of the loop you avoid icky sticky Karma.  Why not view it like surreality TV, entertaining on occasion, but so not the real world, not even close.

virgo Horoscopes For The Week Of February 26, 2012
Virgo: Retrograde Mars in your Sun Sign has you poking at yourself to get things done faster/quicker/better/ perfecter. As if that’s even possible.  I agree that patience lessons are truly caca, but they teach us a lot about ourselves. Mars has no desire to leave your Guest Room for quite a while and hopefully his extended stay will help you be just a teensy bit nicer to yourself. Yes, you will always hold yourself to the highest standards possible, but you just might get a little gentler with yourself, when faced with the impossible. Of course, slackers and whiners will get zero tolerance from you, but they will also get zero time from you. Your inner critic is always whispering to you, and that last thing you need is for other’s negativity to feed your mental worrywart. The mental worry wart sets down roots just like Plantars warts do and once they attach to your psyche, that’s all she wrote. With a gentle infusion of positivity and psychic self defense, you will breeze through this cycle. Should you let the uglies get to you, that well known barbed tongue may appear, so do some journaling and get those ucky phrases off of the tip of your tongue. Your acerbic wit and need for perfection are still intact but, you have now become a new version of Virgo…Virgo Light. By saving your words for where they are sure to do the most good, you are the shining essence of Virgo, less truly is more.

libra Horoscopes For The Week Of February 26, 2012

Libra: Since this week begins with a major Lunar Low for you, why not allow yourself a little time for a Moon Lodge? Even when you find yourself surrounded by others, you will find yourself observing their interactions from a respectful distance. Saturn has taught you to find a natural balance of being both straight forward and soft spoken. Should somebody ask you for advice, you will first listen attentively to their issues and then give them many options for moving forward. Every option will be based upon progress by baby steps, since you have been living carefully and cautiously for over 2 years now ( yep that’s the influence of Saturn) you know the wisdom of not pushing the river. Sure you may have tried that in the Past, but all you got was wet. While you have all of the best intentions for others, you know that ultimately they must make their own choices, so you won’t bring any expectations to them. People can only be who they are, no more, no less. BY loving them and giving them the space in which to live and learn you offer them the latitude to live and learn. This is a comfy cocoon time, where your place of peace is most contagious. If ever there were a bug worth sharing, the inner peace one is pure perfection. Why not loose yourself in a great book or a movie ? Add in some quality time with your fuzzy bathrobe and a cup of cocoa and Voila, your life is wondrous.

scorpio Horoscopes For The Week Of February 26, 2012Scorpio: Everyone had grotty habits, some are obvious, like picking at your teeth or leaving the cap off of the milk jug. This week has you seeing some of your worst habits played out by strangers. The Universe has a funny way of displaying things to us. It’s true that we can’t have issues with others once we have made peace with those issues that sit within ourselves. Perhaps it’s just that those grotty behaviors are so much grittier when they are fed to us. When we are behind them the view is somewhat obscured. This can be particularly helpful when it comes to your health. This is the cycle where you can find the triggers to your unwanted behaviors. For instance if you are on a diet, you should only eat at the table. You will see that if you eat in front of the TV, you can mindlessly munch your way through a whole bag of cheesy poofs, while you wait for Dinner to get done cooking. Smokers actually smoke more when they hang out with other smokers. Sure it may take a while to reprogram your behavior, but once you do you’ll never go back. You are after all the sign of magickal transformation and your morphing process is in high gear my dear. Jupiter is helping you speed up necessary changes, and you are at a perfect tipping point !

sagittarius Horoscopes For The Week Of February 26, 2012Sagittarius: Everyone matures at different rates of speed. Some kids never grow into their Band Uniform, and others tower over the rest of the Band. You too are experiencing a growth spurt. There’s a new sense of empowerment and personal responsibility that infuses your choices.  Granted, as a Fire baby you tend to get carried away with your enthusiasm, but now you are capable of cutting that back just enough so that you don’t end up frazzled in order to get things accomplished. You also have a newfound ability to say “No” to people when you feel a well intended but difficult to complete promise begin to form. This isn’t about limiting yourself, it’s about knowing that in the best of worlds you can only take on one big project at a time. The return on this is that folks don’t get upset with you, when you can’t be everything for everybody. Sure you will always be a people pleaser, but some of those folks will have to take a number and wait their turn. See that ? It’s never too late to hit yet another growth spurt.

capricorn Horoscopes For The Week Of February 26, 2012Capricorn: This week should feel like a cross between Christmas and your birthday. Just call it Bonus week. The fun part is that you will find things that you had forgotten you have ever owned, and it will be just like opening the gift box for the first time. Forget trying to recall when you bought it, just thank the Universe and take it as confirmation that you are on a roll. There’s no such thing as luck, there only timing, and your timing is spot on at present. With the tight trine between Jupiter and your Sun Sign, even old ideas will take on new life. Consider all of those projects that didn’t quite take flight in the past. Sure, you were ready, it was the rest of the world that was still a few paces behind you, back then. Well, now is the time when the need for your system appears and you can dust it off and implement it with ease. Plus, you will automatically appear just 5 minutes before your friends and coworkers realize that they need your assistance. So the phrase for this week is, “It’s all good.” Of course that fact that you know you deserve the best does tend to speed things along. Now is the perfect cycle during which to list what you want, then name it and claim it.

aquarius Horoscopes For The Week Of February 26, 2012Aquarius: Okay, so you are back to people watching. It is important to remember that every Aquarian is both a people lover and a hermit. It’s in the hermitage that you process all of the information that you cram into your brain everyday. This week finds you drawn to the subtle messages that people send forth. Kinda like the face of incredulity that appears when individuals smile and shake their heads at the same time. Often others have no clue as to how mixed their messages can be. In your quest for the truth, you will sort it out one expression at a time. Because you are an observer in this experience, you won’t really have an opinion, just a fascination at the human condition. Should you see some unhappy folks sharing awful behavior, you won’t judge them, you’ll just send a small prayer their way. Then you will gently slide out of the frame. Everyone has a story to tell and you are a perennial student. This is watch, listen and learn time. The great thing is that after you analyze all of the input, it will only confirm what your felt sense has been telling you all along. No need for a facepalm, sometimes, it takes a while for the worlds to align. And isn’t it great to know, that you knew what you knew even when you didn’t know how you knew it ?  Confirmation is always a good thing.

pisces Horoscopes For The Week Of February 26, 2012Pisces: How ya doing sugar ? This is the one and only time in your life that Neptune your Ruling planet has drifted into your Sun Sign. That means that you are drifting as well. Sure you will live up to your responsibilities, but you will need a lot of Beam Up time. Even group projects may turn into solitary pursuits, as you get lost in your head. The shadowdwellers of Neptune are quite prone to escapism, so, you might as well find healthy ways to leave the mundane world far behind. Your intuition is on such overdrive that you need better ways to express impressions that lie to deeply buried for words. Somewhere there is a craft in you just waiting for you to access it. Your Muse is hovering like a hungry alley cat.
Face it, you are a Pisces in the process of becoming Pisceser. It’s okay, those who love you understand that you are a bit of a helium balloon. One minute you are here and then Bob’s yer uncle, you disappear on a breeze. What they little realize is that part of you is always somewhere between the Moon and New York City. So here’s a thought, wear headphones everywhere possible, so that in order to get your attention, folks would have to make a concerted effort. Better yet, hang up a sign that says, “I’m lost in my thoughts right now. No need for a search party. I’ll let you know when I get back.”

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