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 Horoscopes For the Week Of December 18, 2011
aries Horoscopes For The Week Of January 21, 2012Aries: Most likely you are feeling a wee bit restless and bored this week. Sure you are aware that your life is undergoing a lot of changes, but the Uranian process will take quite some time, as in “years,” and as a Fire baby you just want to be done with it. The best way to get ready for your new exciting future is the truly get rid of the clutter that keeps you connected to the past. An easy way to start is to thin out your collections. I once had a nice collection of Mickey Mouse things, and then my well-intentioned friends buried me in Mouse stuff. The same thing happened with my flamingo collection. Once I had a bunch of flamingo feathers I was happy, but yet again my beloveds swamped me with flamingo things. Eventually the chachkis took over and I went from dusting them, to cleaning them with a blow dryer, since there were so many. Then we moved 7 times in 9 months ( that’s Uranus for ya) and I lovingly bubble wrapped each one and schlepped and stored them. That was two years ago and I haven’t seen them since. That’s what happens when Uranus does a happy dance in your life. Your values shift, your goals rearrange and your life takes on some very exciting directions. You have only just begun this journey of transformation. Eventually your nervous energy will find all the right outlets. For now, all you need to do is stay busy and clear a space in your home and your head for a whole new life.

taurus Horoscopes For The Week Of January 21, 2012Taurus: You appear to be sitting at the table with everybody else, but you aren’t really there. You are off to the side, mentally taking inventory, as you do some creative people watching. You are really done with folks who make empty promises, and because of that you aren’t asking anyone for help. Jupiter has given you a new sense of self worth, that has you not only empowered, but feisty as well. You now know that your real support crew won’t wait for you to ask for assistance, they will just show up dressed for the job at hand. The people with the flowery and totally empty promises don’t bother you anymore; you simply find it all mildly entertaining. The sad truth is that folks who lie like that are also lying to themselves. While you do not tolerate lying of any kind, you also know that all you need to do is make a nice healthy space between yourself and the
obfuscating fools. You cannot learn for them, you aren’t their parental unit, so you probably can’t teach them. So it’s live and let live, well actually live Well and let live. Nice balance point, eh ?

gemini Horoscopes For The Week Of January 21, 2012Gemini: You are still perfecting your Virgo skills. Mars is taking his time visiting in Chez Virgo and you are pretty much reorganizing everything that you touch. New systems are always good, and these are especially needed since you cannot afford to waste any more time. This is your cycle to be rid of nasty habits and
outdated mindsets. Recently you have embraced the realization that even when you are doing your best, there is a teeny small voice in the back of your mind whispering just how to do it better the next time, that’s Virgo. So when you find yourself in the middle of doing something, only to stop in your tracks and retool the whole system, don’t be surprised. After all Virgo is ruled by whom ? Oh yeah, Mercury, the busy dude who is also your Ruler. Talk about a symbiotic relationship. And lucky You gets to play with this powerful pal until next autumn. Geez, when you add in Jupiter dancing into your Sun Sign this year, you can see why you Must reorganize everything, and fill your world with sticky notes. Whatever did we do before sticky notes ?  This week’s New Moon is just a teeny meatball on the buffet of your imminent successes. So, it’s time to surrender to that Virgo dementia. Others may wonder why you are counting your vitamins and lining your dental floss in a pretty row, but when life gets even busier, you will be able to keep things in order. Yeah, organize now, or agonize later….choices !

cancer Horoscopes For The Week Of January 21, 2012Cancer: With Mercury and Pluto in a powerful opposition to your Sun, you are choosing your words carefully. Now this isn’t about being corrected, but rather about you self correcting. The very minute that somebody misunderstands or misquotes you, everything will come to a halt while you make yourself abundantly clear. No matter how time intensive the project, you will plant yourself until you know you have expressed yourself succinctly and precisely. You might even threaten a Pop Quiz, if your sense tells you that somebody isn’t listening. Folks are beginning to realize that your gentleness isn’t the same as weakness. When something builds as it has to this point, you are none too shy about letting others know what is acceptable behavior and what is over and done. You also have the added bonus that once you have stated your objectives and opinions, you won’t let folks get away with that “you never told me” excuse. Certainly some people are resistant to listening and you will factor that in as well. But overall, you are determined to inform folks what you plan to do and how you plan to do it. If they can actually help you, that’s okay too, but you aren’t about to wait for that.
Once you have gone out of your way to share your views with others, it’s pretty much up to them what they do with the insight. Pluto, the Cosmic Roto Rooter has dedicated himself to helping you live without guilt trips and manipulation. Sure that may cost you a relationship or two, but the healthy ones will be in your life forever. And even better you get to have a great relationship with You, once you dig deeply and get rid of the emotional muck. How freeing, eh ?

leo Horoscopes For The Week Of January 21, 2012Leo: This New Moon may seem especially dark for you since it is also your Lunar Low. For all of your sunny radiance and great people skills, there are still cycles, like now for instance, when you just don’t feel like doing the group grope thing.
Obviously, this is a cycle that finds you doing good for others and returning favours, since that’s what a Lunar Low inspires. But even as you leave from your shift at the animal rescue center, and your friends invite you for dinner and drinks, you will hear the couch calling out your name, and request a rain check.
Rest assured this isn’t a solitary confinement kinda thing, but rather a mini Moon Lodge. And being alone with your thoughts is far better than being alone in a crowd. Once you get into your sacred space, the quietude will offer you a healthy distance from your life lessons, and you will be able to see how to schmeiss nasty repeat patterns and make peace with the supposed mistakes of the past. Life is never pass or fail, win or loose, itsa wonderful journey into enlightenment. That’s why 20/20 hindsight is so blinding. Uranus may be at early degrees of Aries, but he is already playing musical chairs with all of the Fire Signs, and you betcha you are Fire. Granted your goals are shape shifting, but so is your motivation, mucho soul searching is called for. Next week you can smile and work the room, this week not so much. Now is the time to grab your fluffy robe and get to know your shadow better. Sure you can turn on the TV, but we both know that in very little time, you will be lost in your thoughts, feel free to get lost, it’s the best way to find yourself !

virgo Horoscopes For The Week Of January 21, 2012
Virgo: You are one of the most courteous drivers in the world. Yes you have your seat belt on, even if you are just moving the car out of the driveway. And, you will pay close attention to the posted speed limits, and make allowances for bad driving conditions, icy patches and such. Rules are not a problem for you, since it gives every one a standard of sorts, and you are big on setting standards. So you have no doubt, spent a lot of time in the right lane following a Lincoln Town car that appears to be driven by a hat. Yeah, there’s probably a Senior citizen under that hat, but all you can see is a hat floating at the level of the dashboard. You have always has reserves of patience and perseverance, and that has made it easy for others to work with you. Sure few folks will work as hard as you do, unless they too are Earth Signs, but as long as people make an effort, you are quite accommodating. Then Mars moved into your Sun Sign and parked himself in your favourite chair. Since November, when he showed up on your porch with his baggage in hand, he has burned holes in your carpet, ground a trail of food from the kitchen to the TV and bought himself cage-fighting events on your Pay Per View. Sure you can clean up after him every day, but as soon as you turn your back, he’s making more messes for you. Is it any wonder that you have become more forceful than ever before ?  By the time he moves on, months from now, you will have a sense of empowerment and self awareness that will serve you well. While you will never be an antsy driver, you are more inclined now to pass those cars that are driving 20 miles under the speed limit. Prepare yourself for many fun surprises. Heck you never even knew that your Yugo had a passing gear until Mars turned up and now you kinda like that surge of speed. Yep your new creed is “Speed up, or step aside, I am in a hurry.”

libra Horoscopes For The Week Of January 21, 2012

Libra: Regardless of what you do for a living, you are an artiste. Your Venus Rulership has graced you with a sense of line and form and design that flows with beauty. As Saturn in your Sun Sign, makes an exact trine to Neptune, you will find it easier than ever before to loose yourself in each and every project that you touch. Now, the real magick is that the more you loose yourself in creativity the more you will be able to make decisions in the mundane world. Once upon a time, before Saturn became your personal trainer, these self same aspects might have found you a bit depressed, but that was before you had a few years of “grow up” lessons. Now that you know how silly it is to tie your innards in knots over situations that you can’t change, your equilibrium is much stronger. Actually it’s as if you can feel that inner peace pendulum begin to quiver and you will immediately talk yourself down. Now that you understand your sensitivity better, you can feed and express it via creativity of any kind. It’s as though your super dooper feelings can run down your fingers and into your project, freeing you from a potentially heaped up heart. Sure you will still have more sensitivity than the average bear, but it will not longer have it’s way with you. It’s all about catharsis, and the clarity that it begets.

scorpio Horoscopes For The Week Of January 21, 2012Scorpio: Venus’s recent transit of Pisces, is a bit of an “amouse bouche,” and small taste of what you can expect from the imminent journey of Neptune in Pisces. Not only are you meeting some great new people, but they are vastly different from the folks whom you normally work/play/associate with…with whom, anyway it feels as though you have changed schools in mid semester. Sure the curriculum is about the same, the challenges are similar, but you have this fun new bunch of people who will accompany and pace you. You have known for quite some time now that there was just a little “something” missing. In fact, the more that you attempted to define it, the more elusive it seemed to be. This is not to say you don’t still care for the established relationships in your life, it’s just that they seem to have settled into a slightly dull rhythm. Or maybe the boredom was really with yourself, but now that your visions are more lively, it really doesn’t matter what it was that slowed you down. There’s no denying that you are merging with heavy traffic and loving every minute of it. Even your language is more focused now. While you are always wise enough not to make promises you can’t keep, this cycle finds you making statements that are anything but vague. Now that you have drawn in equally motivated people, you will get twice as much done in half of the time and still have the energy left with which to celebrate your life !

sagittarius Horoscopes For The Week Of January 21, 2012Sagittarius: This cycle is chock fulla confirmation symbols for you. In fact, Spirit is so determined to get through to you that you will hear some phrases repeated just everywhere you turn. It may be a snippet of a conversation, followed by a quote on the radio and then as you sit down in front of the TV to release all thoughts of the day, you hear that same darn phrase all over again. Most likely those messages have been circling you for quite a while, but you missed their simpler forms, so now you get the TA DA version. The Medicine Wheel teaches us that our Spirit teachers walk with us all of the time. In dreams and meditation we can ask questions and keep those lines of communication open. However,  because we frail humans get so stuck in the mundane world, those messages often get dumped into a mental Voice Mail. You may even get your insights as simple impressions, and find yourself doing something out of character, that somehow feels so right. Hey, direction is always a good thing. So whether it whispers in your subconscious or screams via the VCR, there’s no ignoring the information that heads your way. This is synchronicity at it’s best and you will get the knowledge that you need just a few days before you need it. Sure you can let to world think that you are a smarty pants, and you are, because you know when to listen!

capricorn Horoscopes For The Week Of January 21, 2012Capricorn: Jupiter has you taking a small step back in every way. Granted you will still meet folks half way, but not until they begin the process. This new sense of self worth as brought to you by Jupiter, brings with it an understanding of how much of an impact you have on projects and situations. Since you are normally too self-effacing to let it in, it’s different for you to examine how much of an impact you make on the situations and conditions all around you. The present Mercury transit on your Sun Sign is nearly done, but as he prepare s to move on, you will discover that you are listening more to what people don’t say than to what they do. Okay, maybe it’s also your psychic gizzard kicking in, but for the next few weeks you will find yourself mentally filling in the blanks and saving yourself a heck of a lot of time. It’s a bit of a mystery just what it is that motivates some folks, but you will know in a moment, if somebody is doing some wishful thinking, and who truly plans to follow up their words with actions. Face it darlin’, it took you years to realize that sometimes folks don’t live up to their word. Since your word is your bond, your first impression was that people meant what they said. But now that you have lived and learned, you simply accept that some folks just burn up on the reentry of their good intentions. Okay if you are too real world to call it intuition, just say….”my sense is” and then trust what you feel. This is aggravation compensation of the finest kind. And those folks with the empty promises can take their pretty stories elsewhere. You are far too busy for foolishness.

aquarius Horoscopes For The Week Of January 21, 2012Aquarius: This New Moon is yours all yours. Sure it may bring you a wee bit of PMS, but that’s just to make you take care of yourself. If not for human frailty you probably wouldn’t take a break for food, rest or the other necessities of life.
I know it’s hard to deal with those piddly details when you have so many great ideas and want to explore them all. And Yes you will most likely miss a few meals while you create works of art out of mist and moonlight. Actually this dark moon has a bright light of it’s own. This is the Moon of dreams, and possibilities. Because it is the essence of the best of humankind, the Aquarius Moon always works toward the greater good. There are so many voices in your head that you will need some solitude in which to hear them all. Once you sit back and listen you may well discover that all of them have plans for you. Take notes, some of this stuff will be brilliant. Then take yourself out for coffee and do some people watching. Once you have a nice coffee buzz, you will be back in action, planning and preparing for many wonderful projects. Then, it’s time to reach out to your very varied support crew. Have you ever noticed that it is hard to socialize with all of your friends at the same time? That’s because they don’t like each other, the only constant is that they all like You. Go figya. Once you find the folks who understand your goals, you can press on to the exciting business of making it all happen. And when you stop for another coffee break, all of those voices in your head will be singing in harmony. Nice that!

pisces Horoscopes For The Week Of January 21, 2012Pisces: Yes I know you have spent a lot of your life with people looking at you
as if the porch light were dim. That’s kinda cool actually. Now that you have embraced your individuality it’s a bit of a non issue. Even though you will always be a bit of a cosmic social worker, you are discovering that, Yes you can keep your nose out of others people’s business. If they ask for help, you will drop everything and rush to their aid. Buuut if they don’t seek your assistance, you will maintain your distance and stay busy elsewhere. All of this is due to the fact, that you have learned to be sympathetic, and not empathetic. Back in the day, you actually could feel someone else’s pain. Now here’s the sticky part, energy follows thought. By internalizing their pain and carrying it along as if it were yours, you double the energy. That means that your beloved gets a double dose of hurtin’ and you save a chunk for yourself. Now that you know better, you realize that life will give you enough of your own pain and that volunteering to incubate it for somebody else is just plain foolish, a Karmic lose/lose if you will. With Uranus heading into your Sun Sign, you are already feeling the need to change the way that you respond to your life lessons. Rest assured that they will do the same for you. Sure your family may have put the fun in dysfunction, but that was Then and this is Now. Now is where you live and Now is the most amazing cycle that you have seen in a very very long time. While it may feel like a bullet train ride, the journey is a long one. You may as well take a window seat, sit back and relax, only good can come from this self-awareness. Bravo !

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