Reverend Linda Newman studies the alignment of the stars each week to bring you in depth astrological predictions. She is a third generation astrologer, holistic wellness practitioner and mystic student. You can catch up with her on her weekly radio show The Wake Up Call on

 Horoscopes For the Week Of December 18, 2011
aries Horoscopes For The Week Of January 15, 2012Aries: Uranus will be staying in your Guest room for a long time and while he is, everything in your life is up for adjustment.  Uranus prefers large revolutionary changes, but he will settle for subtle ones, since his long-term goal is to access every area of your life and move the furniture just a wee bit. Remember that, the next time you come home in the dark and smack your shin on the coffee table. In truth, he intends to jar your perspective just enough so that you can see your options, opportunities and life lessons in a new way. In the process, life will touch you in ways that it never did before. It’s kinda like when the local strawberries come into season and you plop one in your moth and a long slumbering taste bud awakens and does a happy dance. While things may seem so vastly different to you, this is the exact same life, as seen by a new improved You. Rest assured that Uranus, the planet of both genius and wacko will be your constant companion for quite some time. So when you discover that situations that used to make you furious aren’t all that important, and that you have no response to some levels of stupid, don’t be dismayed. You’re on a Uranian journey, and it offers many big fun surprises, and a few Charlie Sheen mood swings. Eventually you will arrive intact and better for the mileage !

taurus Horoscopes For The Week Of January 15, 2012Taurus:
The beauty of being a true Earth baby, is that you can feel the rhythms all around you. Everything has a hum to it, a lifesong of sorts. It’s very much like when you are gardening and you get close to each pretty plant and spend time weeding, even as you are doing the most mundane things, you have some of the most powerful realizations. The Medicine Wheel teaches us that all of life is interconnected, and that’s the kind of energy that you will sense all this week. When you live a life in harmony, the laws of synchronicity guide your way. Things that you need will simply find you. It may seem a bit of a Cosmic freebie, but all of the good that finds you, does so, because you are open to it. Jupiter wants you to have the good life, and you have learned to be open to assistance, so whatever you need, not only will it appear, but you will find the best professionals to help you find it or make it happen. Just as you discover that the Dry Cleaners have ruined your favourite business suit, you also find that the man in line behind you is an Attorney. In no time he negotiates an agreeable deal with the Dry Cleaners, and another symbiotic relationship is born. Even when you take him for a Thank You cup of coffee, he confesses that he is a cupcake junkie and you Have been looking for investors for your cupcake shop…yeah it’s all good. It has been said that coincidences are actually miracles for which God doesn’t want to take credit.  I always say thanks anyway. Stay in your attitude of gratitude and watch the happy happenings.

gemini Horoscopes For The Week Of January 15, 2012Gemini: No doubt about it, its time for bouncy workout sneakers. Sure you have been in training for almost a year, but your busy just got busier. The present transit of Jupiter in Taurus, has had you indentifying the many ways that you get in your own way. It’s it amazing that when you no longer have the luxury of overthinking your choices, you actually make better ones ? Score one for the Psychic Gizzard. In the past you may have accessed your intuition when you were up against too many options, but you Do have more mental aerobics than the average bear. Now that you barely get a breath before leaping into yet another project, it is only by trusting your felt sense that you can stay out of harm’s way. So here’s your path, busy, crazy, hectic and fun. Yes you will find yourself heading into many situations with less than a clue of how you will get things accomplished, but it will never occur to you that you can’t do it, so your success is assured. Think Stress tabs, the occasional Red Bull ( they cease to be effective after the first 5 or 6 anyway )and a pair of bouncy exercise shoes and of course, for those spontaneous Kodak moments, a change of clothing and your pretty, albeit cruel shoes in the car.

cancer Horoscopes For The Week Of January 15, 2012Cancer: It isn’t that you want to be center stage, since you are much more comfortable behind the scenes or maybe in the kitchen, but it’s only fair to warn you that the spotlight is following you. Luckily, it will all unfold spontaneously, since you will find yourself on your soapbox more than a few times this week. The fact that you will change speeds and go from soft spoken to outspoken will guarantee that you get everyone’s attention. You have always taken your responsibility as a role model very seriously. And generally when something gets on your last good nerve, your first choice is to withdraw and journey your thoughts and feelings for quite a while. However this week, it’s that “snapped” thing where you hear an untruth being repeated one too many times. Not only do you know the truth, but it’s first hand knowledge for you. So when differing versions of “who did what to whom” enter the conversation, you will have no problem making your statement. You will look each person in the eye, and make certain that each of them gets the point before you make your dignified exit. Ya know, when a very private person makes a very public statement, people, even the more thick headed ones, get the point. You are not about to wait for a retraction or an apology, you just need to air out the issues, and set the record straight. In this week of teach or be schooled, you will do the teaching. Perhaps you could get one of those eyeglass holders that your 2nd grade teacher had, it stood as a badge of authority, as well as fashion sense, that way you can remind everyone that life is a great educator, and you never know when a Pop Quiz might come along.

leo Horoscopes For The Week Of January 15, 2012Leo: Let’s hear it for all of the voices in your head.  Too bad they have yet to learn to sing in harmony. There’s just so much that you want to do and so many new folks in your life, that it feels as though your feet are in two different worlds. On one hand you have a great new social life, it seems at if last year was soooo very long ago. And these new relationships are sucha great fit, that it is hard to believe that these folks weren’t always an integral part of your life. These are healthy people with minimal nasty habits, so that part of your life is pretty much on autopilot. Sure you may bump into your old friends as well, but they seem kinda dull by comparison. They haven’t changed, You have. Of course you will still care for them, but now that you have moved into a life style of healthier choices your paths are simply different, well have you ever seen someone do body shots at the Yogurt bar ?..just saying. On the other hand, you are no longer know what you want to be when/if you grow up. No biggy. That’s pretty much a non issue as well. Give yourself a little time to reexperience what real joy is all about. You know that great feeling that you have when you wake up on a beautiful day, and that presence of untapped potential seems to dapple the trees with sunlight ? That’s just how great you should feel about your future. When you find a career that gives you that same sense of joy, you Will make your move. For now it’s easy. Celebrate your life. Why shuffle when you can dance ?

virgo Horoscopes For The Week Of January 15, 2012
Virgo: Your job description has changed vastly in the last few months. No more idiot whisperer, a great time saver, eh? No more first one in and the last one out the door, unless of course your deadline are deadly. “Yours”..whatta concept. Now that you are painfully aware of all the folks who prefer to dump their work on you, it’s amazing how easy it is to resist carrying everyone on your back.  Not only is it great to be rid of the foolishness, there’s actually more of You to go around, now that you keep your nose firmly fixed on your own Stuff. So here’s the scenario. Somewhere on the periphery you hear some craziness. It appears that the jars have stopped rolling down the assembly line at the Peanut Butter factory. You are Billing, not a mechanic. Just then you feel a presence at your elbow, it’s the biggest biggest Bosses Boss. He asks you your opinion of the mess. You inform him in crystal clear detail who and/or what is responsible for it. You smile and look him in the eye, but you never stop counting beans, counting beans is your Job. You offer him a few options that could work and tell him that if he needs anything at all, you are right there….attending to Your responsibilities. He takes your advice and things flow correctly once again. And You never picked up a mop or a bucket….that my dear is progress..take a bow.

libra Horoscopes For The Week Of January 15, 2012

Libra: Now that you are finishing up your degree in Saturn lessons, you must admit that he isn’t always sucha bad dude. Granted, back when the challenges hit the fan, it did take the wind out of you, that’s to be expected. However, once you let go of control ( ah control issues, always ugly…) and came to the realization that the only thing that you can control is how you respond to life, the path evened out a bit.  Things that use to hit you like a Michigan Pothole, are pretty much a speed bump. It takes you so much less energy to get things accomplished now that you don’t waste yourself on anything that you can’t effect. Situations that might have wounded you in the past, are now just moments in time.
Saturn has been relentless in his desire to Not have you live looking over your shoulder. Nor will he let you dwell in the future, which has yet to unfold. He brings you small daily challenges and a big fat one about once a month. If your journal it you will get the theme of it all. By now that the path has evened out a bit, you can feel it change to a downgrade. This is Saturn on the downhill journey. You are going to miss him when he moves on next Autumn. But you won’t miss the person whom you used to be, he/she left Dodge a while ago.  Consider that all of those things and dreams and goals that vaporized over the last 2 years, you haven’t had time to miss. Hmmmm, how important could they have been ? Just when you looked away life self corrected, itsa blink and ya miss it thing.

scorpio Horoscopes For The Week Of January 15, 2012Scorpio: Even though, Neptune has yet to officially enter Pisces, you can feel the effects already. It’s like one of those days when you just want a little something to eat. So you head to the fridge and take inventory….however, after the Cheese Cake, the cold pizza and a wee bit of Ben & Jerry’s that Still wasn’t it. So you make popcorn and ponder about it. Ponder is good. Your values and self worth are shape shifting in you. Goals that once were integral to you, or so you thought, are now after thoughts. If they happen..fine…if not….fine. The 3 planet stellium in Capricorn has you taking a veddy serious personal inventory. Since this is an experiential cycle, there may be a few attempts at projects that feel abortive. That is certainly not the case, life is never pass or fail, it’s a grand experiment in learning, there is no need to stick to something that is obviously not working. For once you can walk away with no cerebral “what ifs.” That is a gift in itself.  This cycle will help you indentify boundaries and show you where they may have blurred in the past. Your identity may be morphing, but the firm moral code by which you must live will never change. This isn’t about what you do but, rather about how you do it. Your systems and changing, your goals a moving a few degrees every day, and that’s what makes it so much fun. How you seek personal fulfillment and why you want it are the core of your new directions. Rest assured that you are still on track, this is just a gentle path that requires you to examine your motivation. Now is the time to observe and accept the things that you haven’t looked at in far too long. This is the downhill part and gravity is working with you. All you have to do is stay on your feet.

sagittarius Horoscopes For The Week Of January 15, 2012Sagittarius: Okay so itsa New Year and you are determined to be a new You, especially since all of your old toys are boring and your goals that are still hanging around since last year seem somehow off. For instance you finally get the time to have a great meal at your favourite Thai food restaurant only to discover that it’s now a now taco stand, Then you see that your favourite actor is releasing a new film and you hop on line to get ticket for the first showing. With your prepurchased ticket you head to the Theatre, where you buy a popcorn, some candy and a bottle of water….$50 into the evening you accept that the movie sucks. And to make things worse Hershey Bars don’t taste like they used to….hmmm. Truth be told this thumb in the eye of your reality didn’t happen overnight. Uranus is upon us and Fire babies are feeling the wobble. Change is the only constant in life. Even external changes exist to help you transform yourself. If you can locate them, now would be the time to find pictures of yourself that were taken from 7 to 10 years ago. Next, line them up on your coffee table and have a dialogue with the person whom you used to be. Ask him/her about their dreams and goals and find yourself absolutely gobsmacked at the changes that seemed to have snuck in, when you were busy having a life. Yeah it is hard to move forward when things feel so iffy, but that’s just because you need to redefine things. Once you do, you’ll feel the solidity in your choices. Give yourself a firm base of understanding and no matter how harshly the winds may blow, the structure of your life will remain intact. Think mental Legos….and build your future, one firm thought at a time.

capricorn Horoscopes For The Week Of January 15, 2012Capricorn: The rhythm is good in your thought factory. Ideas are humming by so quickly that you can cull them before they logjam. With a tasty blend of your Psychic Gizzard and an equal amount of common sense, you will cook up a ghoulash of energy that makes it possible to psychometrize a job, and know what it wants to become. With the stellium of Pluto, Mercury and the Sun in your Sun Sign, your creative genius is limitless, so once you have visualized something, it’s pretty much a fait au compli.  Plus, you will see those chosen projects in their perfected forms, before you’ll ever begin them, who knew that staying out of your own way could be this much fun ? Hopefully it starts a trend. You’ll smell something funky and immediately know whether you need to dial 911, or just pull the burned popcorn out of the microwave, and air out the break room. You, Wee Hopper have attained a Jimmy Stewart kinda Zen cool thing that makes it fun to be around you, even when the popcorn hits the fan. It’s probably the funny stories that you tell while you stand at the window and fan the black smoke out of the kitchen, that keeps folks from panicking. And if people listen, really listen to that funny story, they might could learn something. And if they don’t that’s okay too.  Itsa Zen thing.

aquarius Horoscopes For The Week Of January 15, 2012Aquarius: As Saturn and Neptune meet at an exact  trine, everything old is new again. Even in the moment of a great experience you will find your self fading back in time to a similar moment, or perhaps a replay of some shadow dweller life lesson. Beaming up is your métier, but beaming backwards not so much. You are always a forward thinking person, that’s what makes it so tricky for you to live in the moment.  These mental journeys are a mandatory phase of the last gasps of Saturn. As he prepares to walk out of Libra’s Guest Room and land right on the barcalounger at Scorpio’s home, he respectfully requests that you look at the patterns in your life. In fact pick a pattern, a behavior pattern, a relationship pattern, a pattern of career choices, a hot and cold passive/aggressive energy pattern, or any other repeat pattern in your life…This is the cycle where you have those “been there done that” realizations. How cool is that ? Just 3 minutes before your best intentions get you knee deep in caca, you will have a powerful impression, and you will steer clear of the pile. Once the fog clears and you realize how Then is Now and Now was then… those “Aha” moments occur, and you can instantaneously see how to rebuild your patterns and avoid repeating life lessons ad nauseum. There’s no reward quite as lovely as Not stepping into a steaming pile of Karma and the attendant sticky situations. Luckily a nice sextile to Jupiter will bring you back to ground on occasion, but for the next few weeks you are a bit of a helium balloon. Bonne Voyage .

pisces Horoscopes For The Week Of January 15, 2012Pisces: Regardless of your daily responsibilities, it is imperative that you create a quiet comfort zone for yourself that you can relax in every day. It doesn’t even have to be for a long period of time, this is about destressing. There’s a great healing power In celebrating your life, and you are kinda in the mood for a party. Buuuut you don’t want to be in a noisy bar, and restaurant food means more noise. Sooo this is the cycle where you find that Menu for the Chinese Restaurant nearby that delivers. And you order twice as much as usual since, you are kinda hoping that company will stop by, but you don’t feel like calling them, because you kinda want company and but maybe Not ? Just as you are thinking one more Egg Roll couldn’t hurt, the doorbell rings, the phone vibrates and you need to cook a quick batch of rice since company is coming. Heck they are even bringing dessert. In no time you will be cocooned in good company, munching on great food and not saying much. You are in more of a feeling mode than an expressing mode, and those feelings run deep. The people who love you will understand when your feelings lie to deeply rooted for words. What you need are the kind of folks with whom you can share a quiet evening. Music can help, in fact drumming would be the best therapy. Actually anything aesthetic in which you can loose yourself will really help you find yourself. Mars is still coming at you like a downtown bus at rush hour, by staying flexible on every level, jumping out of the way will be tres simple, n’est pas ?  Find your Zen zone and don’t let anyone or anything deplete that feeling of inner peace.

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