Reverend Linda Newman studies the alignment of the stars each week to bring you in depth astrological predictions. She is a third generation astrologer, holistic wellness practitioner and mystic student. You can catch up with her on her weekly radio show The Wake Up Call on

 Horoscopes For the Week Of December 18, 2011
aries Horoscopes For The Week Of January 8, 2012Aries: How nice that for once you aren’t running headlong into anything.
Sure you may still drive with a bit of a lead foot, but we both know that’s an everyday event. It’s the challenges and sticky situations that are visiting you that are impeding your progress. Truthfully this cycle isn’t about challenges, as much as, it is all a Ch ch ch changes. Life is self-correcting, and that’s what’s happening Now, just as quickly as your schedule is shape shifting, And your goals, well you lost that list during the holidays. So here’s the good news, whatever needs the most attention this week will make itself painfully evident via a Full Moon crisis. Even as you are responding to the experience, you will be prioritizing other things in your head. This is your brain on a Lunar journey. Even as you are putting out fires and being generally a genius, you will have no doubt as to what it is that needs to be taken care of. You might as well consider this a triage cycle, and that way you can hang onto your Zen while fixing things at the speed of light. Granted you are much more comfortable being an initiator then a responder, but when there’s so much that needs your attention, responding is the flavor of the week. Remember the Moon represents your past lifetime and all of the traits and talents that you brought into this life. The skills that you need to access this week, are already in place. Whatever it is that needs to be accomplished is certain to happen on autopilot. Easy peasy..

taurus Horoscopes For The Week Of January 8, 2012Taurus: By now your holidaze are as packed up as the leftover wrapping paper. As a true Earth Sign, you probably used whatever downtime you had to work on little projects in your environment. Even if you worked through the holidays like Some of us did, the absence of others has kept you tapping your toe and cleaning out the supply closet. There are so many improvements and system changes that you have been wanting to implement, that you have taken to doodling on your paper napkin when you are waiting for a meal to be served.
Enter Jupiter and a side order of the Full Moon, and things will screech to a halt, while others debate the best way to fix things, you will smile and get to work. Before there is time to message everyone in the building and call a dreary meeting, you will have rolled up your sleeves and taken care of business. So my dear you get to implement all of your great ideas, as a body in motion.  Your system improvements will never need to be voted upon, since they will be up and working before anyone can get a quorum. Even events that appear to be problematic will work well for you, since it’s all brought to you by Jupiter in your Sin Sign. This is a cycle where you will showcase your talents and others will recognize that. Who knew that getting ahead could be soooo simple. Just be yourself !

gemini Horoscopes For The Week Of January 8, 2012Gemini: Your life is a blur, albeit a beautiful one. The career advancement for which you have worked so hard is near at hand. You are finally getting closer to the reward cycle that you so richly deserve. Now here’s the cool part. You are not waiting for everything to align, before you let yourself feel that good about It all.
It has been your positive outlook and sense of humor that got you through the darkest of moments. Positive thought patterns burn happy little neuropath ways in your brain and the more you journey them, the more you hard wire yourself for a happy, healthy, productive life. The world is getting smaller and you can Skype your business from wherever you wish to go. The downside is that you really aren’t all that certain where you want to go. That works for you as well, since all you need to be for now is a perpetual motion machine.. This is truly a perfect time in which to celebrate your life, since you are not making your happiness conditional upon anything outside of yourself. Your sacred space is powerful and when others are stressed and grumpy, you will beam up to your mental Zen garden and smell the flowers. Granted your new best friend may be your GPS Unit, but you have a great time think talking along the way. Though you may start out with a small clue as to what you were getting into at the beginning of the journey, but by the time you get there it will all be organized in your mind.

cancer Horoscopes For The Week Of January 8, 2012Cancer: Since this week begins with The Full Moon which is also your Lunar High, You have no choice other than to be gentle with yourself.  Okay you do have the tendency to take care of everyone else first and yourself whenever there’s a moment, but that just won’t cut it for you this week. The beauty of oppositions in Astrology, is that they always offer a way out. By finding the Signs that square the two planets in opposition you find a natural point of egress. In this case your easy Exit doors are Libra and Aries. Since Libra is also guilty of forgetting their own needs in favor of those of others, let’s take the door stage left and Exit at Aries. Basically what is called for in the disseminating phase of your Lunar High is for you to look at your needs with a fresh perspective. Even though it may initially make you cough up a fur ball, you need a dose of the I/Me/My awareness that is the soul of Aries. Nobody knows your needs as well as you do, and since you aren’t all that verbal with others, try talking to yourself for a while. Then sit down and make a list of all those things you want to do. Read that list everyday, edit when you feel the need, and by the end of the week Do Something on the list that makes you feel good. Consider bodywork, a nice massage or a trip to the Chiropractor. Life is much more enjoyable when your whole body is no longer making a fist. Be as good to yourself as you are to your beloveds. Sure it’s a challenge, but one worth facing!

leo Horoscopes For The Week Of January 8, 2012Leo: Yes I know your new social circle has your head spinning a bit; so many new avenues are opening for you that it may seem like a joyous overload. The joy is most sincere, but the relationships are brand new, so now is not the time to push things. Time truly is one your side, but hey you are a Fire baby and you want what you want yesterday, if not sooner.  This is a whole crowd of new people, and it will take time to get to know them individually. This is a group grope kinda cycle, and one on one relationships will surely spring from it, but not until Spring had sprung. With foggy Neptune and lovely Venus opposing you, it is most likely that you are in love with love and not a real person. Acknowledging that will save you a lot of agida. Sure it’s fun to be in love with love, sorta like having your birthday every week. But in fairness to others, you must avoid collateral damage. Serious moonlight isn’t working for you just now. You still need to be certain where you end and where others begin. Uranus has your self-image flipping like a pancake.
First you get to know yourself, the new improved You that will ride the winds of change. Then as you progress, you will see your goals and aspirations change faster than Charlie Sheen’s mood swings. Only when you have processed all of that, please feel free to move past flirting. Now is the time to live experientially and accept that fact that your “type” is not your “type anymore, in fact you no longer have a” type.” Hmmmm.

virgo Horoscopes For The Week Of January 8, 2012
Virgo: Why not consider this whole week a journey into Plan D? Plan A didn’t show up for work, Plan B sprained his thumb playing Video games for the last two weeks. Plan C could work, but it’s still a little iffy… So you might as well move right into Plan D. Now most folks are lucky to have a Plan B, but you are not most folks. Just as the Full Moon kicks in, you will find yourself drawing from a well of knowledge that has no bottom. The good thing about Mars poke poke poking you, is that you no longer have time to do anything other than to trust your psychic gizzard. Once your intuition kicks in, you will move ahead sans doubt. It’s most fortuitous that you don’t have the spare time to think/over think things. You have spent ages going over every possible variable, so you are more than prepared to leap into the fine mess and correct things permanently. As you move instantaneously from obsessive to progressive, other folks will just get the heck out of your way. That’s a plus as well, since you can spin miracles once people leave you alone with your determination. Actually you are very much alone with your thoughts, so leaving you alone is a Bonus. Yes, I know that you prefer to work behind the scenes, but Jupiter is pushing you into the spotlight. Now is the time to finish the job at hand, take a moment, take a bow and then get right back to work. Accept the praise, you know that you have earned it !

libra Horoscopes For The Week Of January 8, 2012

Libra: This week’s aspects seem to have switched your polarity. In truth, it’s a heavenly combo pack of the recent Full Moon, and good old Saturn trailing along right at your elbow.  No doubt about it, empowerment has changed you, and after a couple years of rugged Life Lessons, there simply is no going back. Sure you can try and fight it, but now that you are aware of what you deserve as a person, chances of you backsliding are zero. You have moved from taking things personally, to taking care of things personally. Not only are you no longer waiting for someone else to validate your ideas, your follow through is unstoppable.
Sure you will get things accomplished well before their deadlines, but that’s because you are living in harmony with your own time line. Saturn is a much more exacting Boss than any corporate big shot could ever be. While he will allow you time for lunch and a trip to the gym, that’s only when all of your responsibilities are fulfilled. Those little lists and deadly deadlines are no big deal in your world of much accomplishment.  You are happily living on your own timetable, well and Saturn’s as well, but now that the two of you have worked together for so long, it’d kinda tricky sorting out whose idea is whose. In essence it matters not, since you heading for a great horizon. Saturn has done a fine job with you and viceversa. By next Fall when he is no longer hogging the TV and wearing your bathrobe, you just might miss him, good thing his lessons will hang around.

scorpio Horoscopes For The Week Of January 8, 2012Scorpio: Due to the fact that your Ruling Planet, Pluto is a heat-seeking missile for the truth, it’s only natural that you tend to ferret out information that eludes others. Some of it is just in the timing; you have a gift for being in the place where secrets dwell. With your great memory and your mind made for sleuthing, you do get the juiciest tidbits of insider info, before most people even have a clue. Also, because you are on of the world’s bestest listeners, folks just love to share their experiences with you. Even when you don’t want to listen, you find yourself pouring coffee and leaning into the dialogue. Recently you have received a bit of an information overload. Now that you have heard too many sides of the same drama, all you want to do is screen dump it all. That would be wise, even though you may have to fake it.  Okay you will die before you will share something that you were told in confidence, so Now is the time to turn on your inner lalala voice. While you will always be the leader of the truth patrol, these insights have very little to do with you. Since you didn’t create the situation, there’s not much point in you resolving it. Trying to learn someone else’s Life Lesson, is a complete waste of your time and energy. Rest assured that the truth will hit the fan at the best moment. Even truths buried in the deepst darkest places will find their way to the Light. In the interim, dummy up and be supportive of everyone. Sunlight truly is the best disinfectant. Just give it all a few weeks, and everyone will know the rest of the story.

sagittarius Horoscopes For The Week Of January 8, 2012Sagittarius: So the New Year is official and you are revved up to get things going.
Remember that many of your present plans are just a bit too much to accomplish in the next few months. In a perfect world, you could address every item on your list, but this world continues to rearrange itself on you. Uranus, the planet of Wizards. Wackos and moments of genius, is taking his time moving through Aries.
Since you are a Fire baby, he is having his way with you to the extent that, between the time it takes to order Dinner and the time it takes to get your meal to the table, you want something else.  If you are in College, this is the cycle where you change your major. In your career area this ADD will be there too, so now would be a great time to take on new projects to go along with your new interests. If you are over-educated for your job, you will probably tweak your Resume and look for a headhunter.  No this isn’t like the time your Mum sent you to your room to play and although your closet was full of toys, there was Nothing to do. This is more of a paradigm shift time. Just as surely as the situations and conditions around you are changing, you are changing on a visceral level. Luckily you are a Pro at living experientially. This is a Uranian journey, and the more you expect the unexpected, the happier you will be !

capricorn Horoscopes For The Week Of January 8, 2012Capricorn: Even though your are very happy that the bidness world is once again humming along, there’s a little niggling  something that’s a bit out of sorts. That my dear would be your Lunar Low. Your Lunar Low occurs when the Moon is in the Sign that opposes your Sun Sign. It’s not the end of the world, it’s more like getting a new haircut that parts your hair on the wrong side. Generally people experiencing this transit, would simply ease up on themselves. But Nooooo not you, since you are always” nose to the grindstone,” you will keep plugging away until everything is done. So here’s a thought, it’s the simple things in life that keep you going, things like, well food and rest. Somewhere in your days there needs to be an aspect of nesting all this week. What you need is a nice airy room with white curtains fluttering in the breeze and sunlight dappled though the fabric. What you have is a cubicle and a lukewarm cup of coffee. Just a few creature comforts can make a world of difference for you. Granted you can do a lot with a little, but there is a new kind of minimalism in your life now. You are aware that even the smallest sneaky treat can reset your energy level. Maybe it’s a quick Medicine Walk after lunch, or the perfect music playing in the background as you workaholic your day away. This is PMS gender non specific, and resistance is futile. Okay you may want to limit your salt intake and wear comfy shoes, but for this week it’s all about taking better care of yourself. Who knows it could feel so good that it starts a trend ? Just sayin…

aquarius Horoscopes For The Week Of January 8, 2012Aquarius: You are the very last person to judge others, in fact you can be really good friends with others who share completely different beliefs. You actually enjoy those great individuals who live to challenge conventional wisdom. However, the behavior that you see this week might just have your moral compass spinning.
It won’t be based upon heinous acts, but rather people who say one thing and do just the opposite. This is a witty cerebral cycle where you will find yourself doing a search sort of the people who walk their talk and those who only make pretty chin music. While others may mean well, you are done accepting empty promises.
Somewhere in your pyramid of paperwork, there is a very long list of things that people promised you last year….yeah last year. Granted you could send out a flurry of emails and leave them a ton of messages, but you would rather get things moving. So, you will seek help from other areas, and gosh you Will find it.
Now when the perpetual non-promise keepers finally show up, you won’t even have to say a word. They will know that they owe ya, and you could really care less. Even if they give you a “kiss your sister” apology, you will graciously accept it and keep on track.  Okay your friends will always be your friends, but folks who forget what they promise to do, go on a short list. When so many people share your vision, finding real help won’t be hard to do, and many great working relationships will be born.  It’s nice to start out your New Year with this clear vision.

pisces Horoscopes For The Week Of January 8, 2012Pisces: No you’re not bipolar, but you may be coming down from the sugar blues of the Holiday season. Even though Neptune, your Ruler, won’t officially enter Pisces for a few more months, you are already feeling the effects. For one, you need more time alone, far away from the white noise of the world, cocooned in your sacred space.  You ready for a new Muse, a new craft and many, many hours spent creating something beautiful. Now if you were beaming up before, get ready for even more trips. Yeah you butt may be in the office but, your mind is somewhere between the Moon and Paris in the springtime.  What you need is a Do Not Disturb sign for your bedroom. Just tell folks that you are meditating, and they will learn not to talk through the door.  A dream journal could be one of your most helpful tools in this foggy cycle. There is a world of thought and a world of form, and you are dancing on a fine line between the two. You may as well accept the fact that every little once in a while, you will hear a buzzing noise kinda like a mosquito in the night, only to realize that somebody is talking to you.
I have a little sign that I post when I am on a creative curve and people ask me stupid stuff like, ” Do we have any more paperclips ?”  Although with my Virgo nadir, I would know that…Sorry I missed you, it Appears that I have lost my mind. I have gone out to look for it. If it returns before I get back, please ask it to wait for me !”  It works every time

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