The Mickey Redmond Wink!

Mickey Redmond was a popular player during his years on the ice and in recent years, he has been a popular color announcer for the Red Wings. He always starts each broadcast with a wink. Read on to find out why!

Years ago I noticed something odd when the Red Wings were on TV. At the start of each broadcast color analyst Mickey Redmond winked right into the camera. A few years later I found out what was behind that wink.

I was interviewing Mickey and asked him what was behind the wink. He seemed surprised that anybody had really noticed but explained that it was his way of saying hello to his family. I think he started it on road games and then decided to do it on every game.

Redmond used to appear during every game but now he’s pulling back a bit and for the most part only does home games.

A few weeks ago Redmond was enshrined in the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. And by the way if you’ve never seen that place, you out to check it out the next time you’re heading up the 401. It is a fascinating place and one of my favorite parts are stadium seats from all old stadiums and arenas including some seats from the old Olympia in Detroit. I’m so glad I got to see a game at Olympia back in 1974.

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