Horoscopes For the Week Of December 25, 2011

Reverend Linda Newman studies the alignment of the stars each week to bring you in depth astrological predictions. She is a third generation astrologer, holistic wellness practitioner and mystic student. You can catch up with her on her weekly radio show The Wake Up Call on NewSkyRadio.com

Aries: Sure it has been said that it is easier to get forgiveness than permission, but not for you my dear. With a firmly footed Capricorn stellium trining  you it probably feels like you need to take and number and wait for authorization for things that you have been doing forever. And you are correct in that assumption. Power plays are always a loose loose situation, so let the person with the nameplate make the choices and remember to thank them for it. Why not consider yourself a foot soldier and do whatever you are instructed to do. Yes I know it’s counter intuitive when you find yourself being told to do something that doesn’t need to be done, but do it anyway? Heck, it may even be easier when you know that you are just going through the paces. Someone in authority has it on their list and in their lizard brain, so make an effort, and maybe even tweak it as you go along……….stupid rules amd reg


Taurus: At 5:09PM EST on Christmas Day, Jupiter will go Direct in your Sun Sign. Just in case you missed him when he made is last pass, he is guaranteed to get your attention this time. Now the Big Guy as I call him, wants you to take
Advantage of his presence.  That’s why he will offer you opportunities right out of the blue, and he will also take previously sticky situations and iron them out for you until they are wrinkle free. At the same time as the turkey is tanning in the oven the aforementioned Jupiter will be visiting a powerful Capricorn trine. It stands to reason that your mind will move in the direction of the good old days, the folks whom you are missing and those times when life seemed simpler, seemed is the operative word. Consider that it wasn’t all that long ago that you opened the door and a long line of penguins waddled into your life. At the moment, you didn’t get all that concerned about how you would care for all of those little cuties, you simply looked into their shiny eyes and fell in love. Now that you have worked out a deal with the local fish market and they are even delivering, it seems as though your little friends have always been a part of your life.

Gemini: Since you are a bit of a chameleon you can mix and mingle with just about any bunch of people. You’ll nosh with the kosher crowd, sip punch with the cheese ball crowd, and not even bat an eye when your best friends Mum does a keg stand at their family gathering. The reason for your almost malleable comfort zone is that you respect all belief systems and have created one for yourself from your favourite bits of them all.


Cancer: My my the house is filled with piles of sugar cookies, the egg nog is chillin’ in the refrigerator, and you even have a few extra gifties under the tree in case unexpected company shows up. You have prepared for the holidays better than some Generals plan to invade a small country. In truth you were finding cute little things last summer when nobody except the Drug Store was even thinking about the holidays. All of that prep time will serve you well, and yes unexpected company will show up. However the greatest surprises will not be gifties but the way other folks pitch in to help you with everything. At Motherpeace Drum we have a great core group. They are the smiling faces who show up every month and generally help schlep drums, move chairs and do whatever is necessary to build the circle. Then there are some great people who show up whenever they can, and every month we meet a few new faces aw well. So last month, we had a pretty large group. They all brough food for the Pot Luck, so we had a might good feast and the drumming was of course Excellent…

Leo: Your social circle is changing and your inner circle is as well. Now please don’t think that you are being judgmental when you discover that there are just some folks with whom you no longer wish to share your time or sacred space.
It has taken you a while and more than a little discomfort to arrive at this realization and you know in your heart that there is truly no going back.



Virgo: Now that Mars has decided to stay your House Guest until next fall,
You must accept that every little once in a while you simply need a Moon Lodge, like now for instance.




Libra: Now that you are more than comfortable with the pas de deux that you have been dancing with Saturn, you are truly a very different person. At times you will even find it difficult to remember why you used to get so upset about some things that folks do and say. Keeping your center is so important to you that you are unlikely to loose it over things that you cannot control. Gone is that wobbly Libra who spent so many hours being overly concerned about what others people thought or said. Enter Saturn, the planet who has dedicated himself to helping folks learn how Not to waste their time and talents. Sure tacky behavior still gets on your very last good nerve but, you no longer let it wound you so much. Most likely you will smile and shake your head at the incredulity of it all and just walk away. Your self image is morphing, your values are deeper and stronger and your goals no matter how lofty as getting closer and closer to being a fait au compli. Since you may even have some downtime, you will discover that you are not much inclined to spend your time at noisy parties, or trying to fake happiness in smoke filled rooms. Why not allow yourself a little time to muse upon your personal growth in the quietude. Sure you may turn on the TV and pop your favourite movie in the DVD player, but truthfully you will be even happier if you turn off the lights, and spend your time looking at the pretty colours on the Christmas tree.

Scorpio:Now is a perfect time to top off the tank in your car since you will be spending a lot of time as the Designated Driver for all of the holiday travels.
People watching will offer you a much better buzz than adult beverages anyway.




Sagittarius: Imagine that you are stuck at a booooring holiday gathering, it could be a family thing or a work related event, in any case is a compulsory thing. Sure you have donned your pretty party clothes and done your best to get psyched up for all of the frivolity. Just when you are thinking that you’d rather be having a root canal, the Hostess says, ” Oh my goodness, we need more mixer and a few bags of ice.” All you can think is, “Amen.” So you volunteer to save the party, you grab your keys and head to the 24 hour party store. That’s where the real party happens anyway. Just as you walk in, you find a friend whom you have been missing for far too long. Within moments you chat, you laugh, and you generally entertain everyone there. Before you leave you swap phone numbers with your long lost friend, who follows you into the parking lot where you talk for another half hour or so. You point to the Coney Island across the street and arrange to meet there in a few hours. Cheered by the great company, you return to the
“enforced” event and apologize to the Hostess for your delay, after all the store was just crammed with people. After just a wee bit more schmooze and mingle, you leave the party…..

Capricorn: You will discover that there is an ease to this holiday season that makes it feel more like a vacation, that a social swirl. What you most desire at this time is the good life, plain and simple. Comfort jones call you in and your ratty jeans appeal to you much more than fancy clothes and cruel shoes. If you Must attend formal events, it will be almost too brief for you to park the car. Yeah, you’ll say howdy to the right people, and you may even invite a few back to your home, but through it all home is where you want to be. Jupiter at Zero point of Taurus has you going back over the plans that you made during the last year.



Aquarius: Coming soon! Check back!




Pisces: Coming soon! Check back!




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