Horoscopes For the Week Of December 18, 2011

Reverend Linda Newman studies the alignment of the stars each week to bring you in depth astrological predictions. She is a third generation astrologer, holistic wellness practitioner and mystic student. You can catch up with her on her weekly radio show The Wake Up Call on NewSkyRadio.com


Aries: Yep, you are still living under a Blurt alert but it has been lowered to yellow, since you are learning to fight the urge to gouge folks with the truth and generally schmeiss stupid people. You will continue to think before you say anything, and then speak very slooowly or maybe not at all. You have heard only one part of one side of the story, so it’s prudent not to respond at present. Granted you may have to chew gum and put Rescue Remedy drops under your tongue, but it sure beats going off on a tangent over something that has yet to be made clear to you. The jury is still out and only by playing the waiting game will you get to hear the rest of the story. Right now you are operating on part of the information, that’s what we Astrologers call dirty data. Sure it’s better than no information, but not by much. As we say on Answers sometimes the truth gets misconscrewed and even when it doesn’t you need to walk your thoughts. There’s a reason why folks are getting on your last good nerve. Mercury in Sagittarius, has people talking before they stop and think and Uranus is changing the base of relationships. Eventually the real truth will hit the rotary oscillator. Yours is but to wait and watch it all unfold. I know you Hate waiting, but hey you can get busy in other areas, and you and your mouth stay out of harms way.

Taurus: Jupiter has managed to moonwalk back to Zero Taurus….and that offers you a Celestial reset button. Consider all of the opportunities that you have been chewing on this year. Sometimes being such an Earth Sign can get in your way, well actually, You get in your way. Who knows, maybe you think that you are not quite deserving enough for such good stuff. Or maybe it all seems waaay to good to be true. Thatsa negatory kiddo. Jupiter is one great buddy to have. Sure he will bring you things like a bolt out of the blue, and he won’t give you a whole heck of a lot of time to make your choices, but you must admit that many of these opportunities have been on your Bucket List for years. That’s why it is so veddy important to get out of your head and into your intuition. Trust what your felt sense has to tell you, and move on with all of the goodness that is heading your way. You will discover that even some of those great things that you decided to pass on have recycled and drifted right back into your flight path. Don’t get me wrong, I love that you are hard working, practical and focused, but you really need to allow a little wiggle room for the good luck that is all around you. Jupiter won’t be back in your Guest Room for 12 years, do you really want to wait that long to accept your rewards. So I’m thinking that the best gift you can give yourself is a chance…open up and let the good on. Or I could just nag ya until 2023…choices, eh ???

Gemini: You may as well accept that fact that your holidays will be a bit of a blur.
Since it is your career enhancement that is the real gift this season, anything else nice that finds you is a true Bonus. Granted your holiday spirit is at a low ebb, but you’ll fake it so well that nobody will really notice your 1,000 yard stare. You are looking long past this month and well into the plans for next year. It seems as though your heart is in Paris and your butt is stuck in a cold grey cubicle. So the closest you are likely to get to France is French toast for dinner. Heck, just be appreciative that you actually get to have dinner. In truth the glow of next year should be enough to get you through this busy crazy cycle. The connections you are presently making will serve you well in the near future. And the plans that you have been ruminating are beginning unfold on their own. So what if your heart is kinda Scrooged and you could qualify as the CEO of Bah Humbug.com?  You are certain to find a way to get past the yuck of the Yuletide, and still hang onto your people skills. With a future as bright as the one you are facing, who needs twinkle lights ? Yeah you will have to spend some time in big kid clothes and cruel shoes, but it will all be worth it in a short while.

Cancer: Yes it’s your turn to don your pretty party clothes but with one notable addition, an equally pretty apron. Face it, you end up in the kitchen even if it isn’t your event, it’s your comfort zone and somehow you get drawn in like a bug and a porch light.  It will be even more enjoyable for you if these gatherings are benefits for your favourite  organizations. While you are generally a mighty private person, you can and do take a public stand when the cause speaks to your heart. Plus you have already planed to keep your at home celebrations simple, so that actually offers you more time for the social swirl kinda stuff. Ya know you love feeding your beloved causes just as much as you love feeding your beloveds, and in truth they are all your babies in one way or another. The wonderful part of you finding your comfort zone in the kitchen is that you will find yourself surrounded by other foodies, and together you can sample everything that goes to the table. Every time we have a major event and I spend days cooking, I do the same thing. After all Gordon Ramsey says always taste your food, so I do. By the time it all gets served it am truly sick of looking at it. I can’t tell you how many times company has said to me, “What a shame you did all that cooking and still you eat like a bird.” All I can think of is sure, I eat like a bird, a turkey vulture after a massive roadkill buffet, and golly am I full ! Happy nesting !

Leo: Since your cycle of self realization began you are more aware than ever before about just how much you are effected by the people who people your life.
And now as a great perk, you find yourself in a truly great line up. Just as you decided to back up the bus on your people pleasing Self, you have already drawn a crowd of folks who ask for very little and want to please You. Yes I know it’s so different that you may feel a tad off about it all, but this is just you parting your hair on the other side. Through it all you will still be you. Your sincere desire to make a positive contribution in other individual’s lives is still very much intact. It’s that “keep on giving till it hurts you ” thing that has left town. In every little Leo’s life there was a moment ( or perhaps moments) where a well intention parent or authority figure said, ” Make me proud of you.” The message underneath that is,” Hey bucko, you aren’t there yet.” Geez, So many many lovable Leos have spent their lives trying to be the best of the best. I recall a powerful Sensei of mine saying, ” You know when you come in second, that makes you the first looser.” Now that you have taken ample time to walk your thoughts you are aware that as long as you are doing your personal best, you cannot do better than that. I am happy with you, Santa is happy with you and even better yet, You are happy with you. That’s why you see it mirrored in your new healthy relationships. How cool is that ?

Virgo: Since this week begins with major Moon Mars aspects in your Sun Sign, you are firmly fixed in a “take no prisoners” mode. Isn’t it great to be able to turn off your phone on the weekends and not feel the urge to just buzz by the parking lot at work to check on things ? Granted there are few occasions in life where you find other people, who are willing to work as hard at things as you do,
Unless they are other Earth Signs. And now you have a very healthy boundary between your best efforts and folks who don’t make any. This perk of not being quite as driven as before to stay ahead of everything has given you enough flex time in your schedule to have what is called a life. This having a life thing not only feels great, but it looks good on you. Chances are slim that you will return to your previously driven systems. Sure, you still crave perfection in all things, you simply know that the weight of the world is no longer yours and yours alone. So your desk will be neat and well organized, and you won’t go to bed until the house is in Real Estate readiness, I don’t blame you, who wants to awaken to a mess ? And when you get to work a wee bit early ( as usual) you will take the time to sort the paperclips, brass from coloured ones. But you will no longer feel the need to know how many paperclips you’ll use in the next 6 months. And yes there will be an extra box of them in the back of your desk. You will never be a slacker, but a little fun taken for medicinal purposes every day sure works well, eh ?

Libra: Saturn my still be riding in the back seat of your car, but if you look in the rear view mirror, he seems to be sleeping. Okay he is a light sleeper, but he trusts you enough to know that you won’t get lost in traffic. Your goals are well defined and you have managed to create many paths to success for yourself. Back in the day he had you stuck in mental gridlock wondering how you were ever going to get everything accomplished, and now you know that it only made things that much worse for you. Now that you have so much mileage with affirmations and
positive thoughts, it takes a lot for you to get side tracked. Granted your sensitivity level is still up there just this side of the Van Allen belt, but you have learned to respect it and move on. For instance when you arrive at a party and there is one of those premade cheese and cold cut trays where everything tastes like the cheapest meat on the tray, you will pass on it. And when you see that lovely arrangement of fruit that looks like a flower you already know that every teensy bit will taste like melon, even if it isn’t a melon, you will avoid that as well. In fact you will most likely eat before you attend the event, just so you can stay on your program and not settle for a months old cheese ball. Your socializing will be minimal and enjoyable, followed by a quick trip to the gym and you’ll still get home in time for your curfew. Don’t worry about Saturn, he will awaken just as you pull
into the driveway. And not once did he say, ” Are we There yet ???”

Scorpio: Now is the perfect time to look at all of your important relationships from a healthy distance. Your self worth has taken a few hits lately and while it didn’t wound you, it did smart just a wee bit. At this point in time, you are more likely to sit and listen to conversations than you are to chime in. While it may seem inconceivable not everyone wants your sage advice. So you will keep it to yourself and watch the drama unfold in orderly form. Even when you know the punchline by the first line of the joke, you will simply ease back and laugh at the correct time. Folks who know you will understand that you are in people watching mode, and give you the space you need. You are in a very powerful cycle of acceptance, which is not to say you won’t give things the old college try when it serves a purpose, you are simply done running on stubborn when things have resisted your best efforts. Once you have accepted what you cannot change you will save yourself a lot of needless aggravation and more than a few TMJ headaches. It also restores your energy to focus on the situations that can be changed. By transforming the way that you respond to a situation or condition, it will surely change the way that it responds to you. You are setting a new course in your life one baby step at a time. And now that you are done poking at yourself, you also know that you will get there, when you get there. Thus begins a life of Mental/Emotional freedom, now that’s a gift that keeps on giving, eh ?

Sagittarius: With the Sun finishing up his yearly visit in your Sun Sign and Mercury blazing through, it is only natural that you feel the need to be less involved in the way that others folks make important choices. Your central nervous system is hopping like Colonel Tom Parker’s chickens dancing on their foil-covered hotplate. ( Yes he really did that, as accompanied by Chicken in the Straw.) And since there is less of you to go around, it only makes sense to save a little something to keep you going when you have spent long nights thinking yourself awake instead of sleeping. I have a neighbor who has so many tacky lights on her house that is shines in the night like a gas station in a cornfield in Iowa. I keep thinking that her light meter must be throwing sparks as it whirrs….that’s what your mind will do if you don’t find the time to get and stay centered. Surely her neighbors dread the idea of her less than lovely holiday display, since it is not only an eyesore, but also it brings in lines of gridlocked traffic, cars upon cars of people most of whom gasp at the tackiness of it all. Talk about overkill. If they only came back during the daylight hours they would be further aghast at the fact that those many many lights are surrounding the meadow muffins that her dogs leave there all year long. It’s like making a train wreck worse, and your life will do the same, unless you find a system of stress reduction that keeps you in a Zen zone. As for that thinking yourself awake thing, Melatonin can be your bestest friend. Mercury will be caffeinating your mind for 4 more weeks, so you Must take care of yourself.

Capricorn: With Mars approaching Venus in a nice fat trine to Venus in your Sun Sign, it stands to reason that your energy level may wobble on you just a wee bit.
Now you will discover that it’s kinda selective at best. When there is something that you really truly want to do, you will summon up the energy to make it happen. Conversely when there is something that you honestly dread doing, it may take a while and two or three energy drinks for you to get it finished. No you haven’t lost your work ethic, that will never happen. When other people your age and younger have retired you will be driving Meals On Wheels for needy folks.
This is also about the hot and cold blend of Venus and Mars taking you for a ride. Even your closest relationships may get a time out as you read funny things on Ffacebook, reassess your motivation and power nap. While Mars will hang around in Virgo, Venus will leave Capricorn in a week or so. Given a 10 degree orb you will be back in your body during the holidays. And before the New Year is rung in, you will be running in place to get back to work and be your truly driven Self. Nice that you get a respite, however brief it may be. Once you only have Mars poking atcha, lunch will be popcorn, dinner will be something out of a vending machine and folks will think you are doing the walk of shame when they see you in the same clothes that you wore to work the day before, That’s when you can shame them by informing then that you worked all night. Yep, bidness per usual. For now, you can ease up on yourself just a wee bit. Try it, you’ll like
it !

Aquarius: You have so many deadly deadlines between now and the end of the year that your holidays will be a nice fuzzy blur. Certainly they will happen, but you will be making notes on your dinner napkin and thinking work even while you are having a great time. Plus you will make an effort to work out as much as you work. It may seem odd but a nice workout can actually be a great source of stress reduction and after a short time on the treadmill, friendly little endorphins will kick in and you will feel better about the hamster wheel of life. Sure those pricey workout machines are perfect for blocking sweaters, but Santa will probably bring you more clothes, so move that sweater and get busy, eh ? There’s a cool kind of thinking that you do when the first thought in you mind is that the timer must be dead in this thing and the second thought is just keep breathing and work through that stitch in your side. Once you hop off of your machine, you will discover that you have a clearer mind and a fresher perspective on how you will get it all done. And you Will get it all done. Heck by throwing in some funky workout music, you will find that it’s even easier to crunch up the miles. It’s all in your attitude and for now, even though you may be just a teensy bit slammed you are grateful to have so many projects and goals. Maintain that attitude of gratitude and your New Year is guaranteed to shine !

Pisces: Okay, it’s official, you have a bit of a disconnect. Mars in opposition to your Sun Sign has been dragging you down the tracks for the last 2 weeks and change. Whatever agenda you had previous to his entrance to your life has pretty much fallen by the wayside. Things have been done, but in a strange fashion, so your sense of accomplishment isn’t exactly brilliant at the moment.
Even simple things have somehow morphed on you, to the point that when you make Jello, you feel the need to read the instructions. Sheesh. Rest assured that you are fine, even though you may have found the coffee pot in the fridge this morning. Granted you don’t recall putting it there, but it was only you and the cat who were home at the time and She doesn’t drink coffee. Hmmmm. This is about life on overdrive. So many lists, so little time, and the clock tick tick ticking down to the whole holidaypalooza. Perhaps you could cut back on the feast part of it all, or suggest to your family that they make their favorite dishes. Once upon a morning drive radio job, we had 40 remote broadcasts in the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Since it was all for Toys for Tots, I didn’t hesitate to dive right in. A few days before Christmas, my daughter asked me what we were gong to have for Dinner. That’s when I opened the freezer and said, ” Broccoli honey we are having broccoli.” I was good with it but she wanted more…kids…so I ran out and bought a massive Deli Sub, a nice Antipasto and some fresh canollis.
It turned out to be a grand feast. Keep it easy peasy and be able to enjoy your downtime.

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