Reverend Linda Newman studies the alignment of the stars each week to bring you in depth astrological predictions. She is a third generation astrologer, wholistic wellness practitioner and mystic student. You can catch up with her on her weekly radio show The Wake Up Call on

aries Horoscopes For The Week Of October 23, 2011Aries: As Uranus the planet of windmills, wackos and genius backs up to the very first degree of your Sun Sign, you will discover that you are more than ready to reinvent yourself. Recent events and your reactions to them have you examining your core beliefs and goals. In every student’s life there comes a time when he/she seems to outgrow his/her teachers. No it isn’t that your heroes have developed feet of clay, you are simply not the same person you were when you were initially attracted to those folks and their attributes. Plus, any teacher who is a true teacher wants you to think for yourself. So now is the time to put your thinker to work. If this cycle of self-discovery finds that you are presently associated with folks who aren’t working in harmony with your ideals, you will allow them their freedom of expression, and most likely let their messages dump into Voice Mail. This isn’t a study of right or wrong, it’s just you needing to live your truth and walk it in your everyday life. First you need to walk your thoughts, that’s how you find your truth ya know. Then when you find yourself enrobed in real inner peace, you may proceed to merge with the heavy traffic of life. Easy peasy.

taurus Horoscopes For The Week Of October 23, 2011Taurus: The present opposition of the Scorpio stellium has you looking at life from a different perspective. So many new and exciting opportunities are entering your life at such a hectic pace that you do need to take a breather from it all. Even on your bestest of days, you can not accept every invitation that finds you. It’s like having 5,000 Facebook friends. There’s no way you can keep up with them all. Sure you can post your latest stories and share the wisdom of Foamy, but beyond that it becomes impractical at best. You have always been a rather planted person, not one to rush into anything. However, once Venus entered Scorpio, just a few weeks ago, your personal magnetism cranked into high gear. Now that Mercury and the Sun have joined that Scorpio line up, your well-paced life feels more like a Speed Date than a comfy stroll.  By now you are feeling the need to hand out nametags just so you can keep it all clear in your head. In the best of worlds you need downtime to stay in touch with your priorities. In these crazy days, you may have to duck and cover for a while. Eventually you will accept one out of three invitations. Now is the time to sort through them all.

gemini Horoscopes For The Week Of October 23, 2011Gemini: You aren’t here much this week, you may be somewhere between the Moon and New York City, or simply just lost in your thoughts. The locale isn’t all that important, but the musing truly is. The amazing growth in your career has had you swimming upstream for quite a while now. The momentum that you have created fro yourself will allow you a little time to free float. All the other fishes who have been following in your wake are still there supporting you and cheering you on. In fact a small school of similarly enthusiastic fishies are about to catch up to you (only because you have slowed down enough to let them mindja) and as soon as they get to you, they will actually pace you a wee bit. Truth be told this is a prime people watching time for you. Your mind keeps being drawn to examples of what inspires people and what gives them real incentive when times get rugged. Now is the perfect cycle during which to read about folks who have found their heartsongs and followed them to their successes. Then you need to find your journey song that will help you set your life to music. Life is truly a dance, and you get to choreograph it according to your personal bliss. As for your supportive fellow fishies, you are all heading in the same direction, so why not consider it synchronized swimming? The only question left is, who is schooling who/whom…well you know what I mean.

cancer Horoscopes For The Week Of October 23, 2011Cancer: Even though Day Light Savings time is still in effect, you will find that your inner clock is resetting itself. Sure you may have some fun sounding plans for an active social life, until you kick off your shoes and sit down to shake off the work day. Then you’ll probably grab a fluffy sweater or a nice warm robe to fight off a chill, only to find yourself chilling in a whole new way. What you need right now is a good old fashioned Moon Lodge. That calls for a fluffy robe, heavy socks, a cat if possible and a cozy chair. Next you must fluff a pillow, eat some comfort food and Not answer the phone. Journaling that you begin I this cycle will be a regimen that stays with you, as well as a great form of catharsis.
Yes, you will go to work and get things done, but at the same time you will be visualizing creamy Mac and cheese, and giving thanks that the DVD is catching your favourite shows. If you absolutely positively Must entertain folks, meet them at a nice restaurant and pick up the check, then head home and grab your jammies as quickly as possible. This is a cycle where you are taking a very close look at the habits that you need to change. The cool part is that you will see them everywhere you go. Those ditsy little things that make you crazy when others do them are your inner beasties as well. With a little self discovery and a lot of hot cocoa With marshmallows you will be able to identify those bêtes noir and schmeiss them once and forever. Allow yourself time in this cocoon and when you emerge, your whole life will be healthier for it. Maybe a few chocolate chip cookies will help as well, heck it works for me. As my Zen teachers always tell me, “Everything in moderation, even moderation.”

leo Horoscopes For The Week Of October 23, 2011Leo: Okay, your stress cycle as sponsored by Mars has moved into its last few weeks. Even with a 10-degree orb, Mars will soon move on and leave you vibrating in his wake. At this point you already know that Yes you can accomplish
The impossible, since that’s what you have been doing for the last 3 weeks. Sooo the only “thumb in the eye” of this crazy time is that of you being able to hang on to your health. Your diet may have become haphazard due to your insane schedule, but meals do happen somehow. It’s your sleep that most likely needs the most attention. If you are silly enough to fall into bed listing all of the things that are yet to be done, whatever sleep you get won’t be all that restful. Hardly worth going to bed is it? Or even worse you may be falling into bed and out of your body so quickly that you wake up even more tired than you were when you first tucked yourself in. Melatonin could be a great friend to you right now. Or if you feel totally creative you could go for the bubble bath and hot milk combo.
For all of the time that you have spent on fast-forward, you need to hit your air brakes and find your center. Sure you have accomplished a lot in the last 3 weeks and change, but when you take the time to examine it all, you will really comprehend your many successes. Since you are still on your hamster wheel for the next few weeks or so, take time to grease the wheel and shred your old lists.
This is the downhill portion of your journey, and ever day it gets just a tiny bit easier. Stress reduction, it’s your new BFF.

virgo Horoscopes For The Week Of October 23, 2011
Virgo:Don’t look now, but you are about to reward yourself. Sure it will be a thrifty thing, frugal critter that you are, but even if it’s only a few more croutons
on your salad, you are treating yourself. Since this week is birthed with a Lunar High for you, your personal needs are tap dancing through your consciousness.
For instance, you have worked yourself silly and finally get home for some food and rest. Sure you planned ahead, so there is a nice chicken breast, some Vegies and a lovely green salad in your future. While you do so love to graze and are always in touch with your need for roughage, pretty much your only pressing choice is what kind of salad dressing to use. That’s when you turn on the TV and see a commercial for greasy drippy wonderful fast food. Geez, you can smell the fries and feel the huge hamburger in your hands. Buuut you are big on discipline so you eat your healthy meal and try not to let those French fries haunt you.
Sure. Well now it’s time to settle in and see what Anderson Cooper is chatting about tonight. ( Yes he is still the contact information on my “in case of emergency card, indeed me loves him.) As you gaze into his blue eyes and listen at tentatively to his every word, your inner child says, “Ya know Anderson loves garbage cookies, and if it’s good enough for Anderson, who are you to question it?” There goes the Oreos with the orange frosting that you bought for Halloween, followed by some ice cream, maybe some popcorn and possibly a glass of red pop.” Even as you fall into bed feeling fat and fluffy, there is a gnawing something in the back of your mind, mmmmmmm french fries..maybe even Coney fries. Next thing ya know, you find yourself at the 24 hour Coney Island place, eating chili cheese onions rings and washing them down with Zantac. Just think if you had only had a few tasty French fries to being with, you might still have a ham in the fridge. Small rewards, big returns, think about it. Really now, Who want to be Oprahsized ?
libra Horoscopes For The Week Of October 23, 2011

Libra:Now that the Libra stellium has marched off to Scorpio, you can sit back and rewrite your lists. It’s a though you had a party for a month and finally your company has gone home. Sure you can party with the best of them, but you are so very ready to be productive that you are kinda happy not to have another party to attend. Saturn has moved from being your backseat driver to being your co pilot and he has the MapQuest highlighted, indeed he has your journey down to the last minute. Nor will he let you play with the radio, you are to stay focused on your destination while he enjoys the scenery. Now you discover that you have another passenger. There’s Mars in your back seat, kicking it and saying over and over, ” Are we there yet? Are we there yet? I’m hungry, I want to go potty.”
Mars is impatient like that. That sense of urgency is contagious and because of that you are kicking all of your career goals up a notch or two. Sure, you will still be gracious to others, you’ll listen even if they blather on, but as you do, you’ll be posting your Resume’ and cleaning your desk. Okay, your birthday was a pleasant respite, but it also had you taking your yearly inventory. You are a person of grand plans and you will not stop until each and every one of them has been implemented. Okay so Mars is giving you a not so gentle nudge or two, but you were already pressing forward. Just throw him a cracker and tell him, ” Hey kid we are almost there.”

scorpio Horoscopes For The Week Of October 23, 2011Scorpio: Even as you get ready to blow out the candles on your Birthday Cake, you know that you won’t want most of the gifts that you receive. Hopefully your beloveds kept the receipts. Jupiter in Taurus has you drawn to the unexplored territory in your life. If you hit a “been there, done that” moment, you will back up the bus and hit a new road. Part of it has to do with the truth that you are incredibly inquisitive, so anything that has the slightest hint of mystery just calls you in. You are also very multi talented, and if you have been stuck working on the same old stuff for too long, you will Run not walk to the next genuine challenge. With both Venus and Mercury newly entering your Guest Room, you will find that it us easier than ever before to draw new people and opportunities into your life, itsa laws of magnetism in action thing. However, you still need to weed out those folks who just can’t understand your need to change and grow. Sooo, even special relationships with folks who used to be the “fruit to your loom” may have to take on a healthy distance while you sort things out. Yes, you have been known to send out mixed signals, but for now it’s more like white noise.
Really there’s no much point attempting to communicate with others when the voices in your head are so loud. Walk your thoughts until your head clears. Only then will you be able to share with others the person you are, as well as, the person whom you plan to become. Change is inevitable, resistance is futile.

sagittarius Horoscopes For The Week Of October 23, 2011Sagittarius: Oh geez, you are keeping score and we aren’t talking about a Bowling game. Okay, so you always want to see the best in people, and because of that, it takes you a beat or two to accept that maybe they aren’t being nice. Sure, some people only know you as the “life of the party” and that Is one of
your hats. But lately, you are more in a taking care of business mode, than a table dancing one. Now is the time to take an honest look at the people who are the life of Your party. Sometimes good company doesn’t even need to chat with you, all they need to be is there for you. While you will always be up for a good time, the last thing you want to be is Chuckles the clown. Let’s get real about this.
In some instances your sunny radiance and pleasant disposition are genuinely appreciated. In other situations you are being taken for granted. Those are the times that leave you feeling like a trained monkey, or worse yet a Musician in a fancy restaurant where people gobble their meals and talk over you. This isn’t being judgmental, just realistic. No, you don’t have to be responsible for making the masses happy. In fact that is impossible, since people will be whatever they choose to be. Sure, you can help them smile and get through the moment, but essentially how happy or not an individual elects to be is solely up to Them. In the Prophet by Kahlil Gibran he tells us, “For what is your friend that you should seek him with hours to kill? Seek him only with hours to live” Be selective about the company you keep my dear, maintain the living in your living.

capricorn Horoscopes For The Week Of October 23, 2011Capricorn:Uranus has you starting over in a whole new way. No you won’t trash all of the systems that you have in place, but you will retool them as if you were back at square one. This upcoming year is one of the most exciting and invigorating cycles that you have seen in 4 years. While it may seem to others that you are set in your ways, you are only set on doing the best job that you can possibly do. If that calls for reinventing the wheel from time to time, you can do that as well. The best part of this creative cycle is that you aren’t looking for advice. Yeah, you may Goggle an idea or two but, only to tweak things. As for input from others, that needs to be limited since you have your mental wheels spinning. My auto mechanic used to have a sign above his workbench, it made things abundantly clear with three concise statements. Here’s his work philosophy. My hourly rate is $30….if you attempted to fix it first my rate is $45, if you want to hang out and help me that rate is $75…..your choice. That’s pretty much where you are right now, motivated, busy and a true body in motion. With this much enthusiasm in your wings that last thing you want is somebody trying to helpful and slowing you down. Time to lock the door and hang up a Do Not Disturb Sign, with a postscript…”If you stand here too long to read this, too late I am already disturbed. You can go Now.” Nuff said.

aquarius Horoscopes For The Week Of October 23, 2011Aquarius:
Since you live in your head so much it is only natural that people are drawn to you for good ideas. Ideas you have, time not so much. Now is truly a Thank God for email cycle. Sure it may seem odd when you text the kids who are in the backyard, but it Is effective. And while you do have the ability to begin a conversation in the middle of the sentence that was left hanging in the air months ago, right now you are not feeling the need for idle chitchat. There a cerebral clock ticking inside of you and it reminds you an a daily basis if what still has to be done. I am here to reassure you that all will be well. For the next few weeks Mars will have you driven to get things finished. He is a fella who is long on push and short on patience. Sure the last thing you want is to here me tell you to pace yourself, but for the sake of your Wellness that’s exactly what you have to do.
Granted in this hectic cycle you will find many ways to streamline your systems, and those improvements will be with long after Mars has moved on to bug Pisces and Virgo and al of the other signs in no particular order. A year ago you had this stress transit for the first 6 months of the year and you didn’t implode then, so why do it now? Yes you may take your Stress tabs with a Red Bull and wash it down with coffee. But even that will grow old. I am living proof that after the first 5 or 6 even Red Bull, heavenly nectar that it is, it ceases to be effective. What you need are creative ways to unwind. Something as simple as Salsa music can give you a better boost and keep things moving. Or better yet consider the song from Madagascar, sing along now, “We like to move it move it.” Yep you are a body in perpetual motion, but you get to choose your journey music.

pisces Horoscopes For The Week Of October 23, 2011Pisces:As much as you hate letting go or giving up, both of these are themes for this week. For one you have begun this cycle with a thumb in your eye known as a Lunar Low. Whenever the Moon is in the Sign that opposes you Sun, you are at a low ebb. Your energies may fail you and all you truly want to do is munch and power nap. As a Cosmic Social worker, many many people have you on Speed Dial. Now consider that some of these people only call upon you when they are in deep doo doo. Forget trying to figure out why some people keep stepping in the same pile of Karma, at best it’s an enigma wrapped in a cheesy beef burrito wrapped in a victim, it’s that victim core that needs healing, and only the victim can do that. Until someone identifies their victim self, your best efforts are summarily spat into the wind. Now is the time to choose your battles wisely. In this season of ghosties and ghoulies and long legged beasties, the scariest beastie is the psychic vampire. Now they don’t rob you of your life’s blood, but they sure do drain your energy level, and then it isn’t level and you loose your capacity for joy. Consider those folks who always have some kind of drama surrounding them and their choices. These are the folks who don’t deserve an Encore performance. Now is the time to ring down the curtain. Okay you can give them one last round of applause and then walk away from the crazy. To remain stuck in the insanity is a wee bit like rowing against a waterfall. You could easily use yourself up and truly get nowhere. So my dear Pisces, when the phone rings with the umpteenth crisis of the week, turn the radio up and dance around your chair. Granted your former dance partner will find another willing host, and in no time you won’t be tempted to allow yourself to be used again. Sure the drama will continue, but hey itsa rerun and you have seen it all before. Time to change the channel, geez what is Chaz Bono wearing on Dancing With the Stars ? Ya gotta admire him, zero victim there, eh ?


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