Detroit has to be home to the biggest number of major pizza chains in America. And we’ve got some great local chains, too. Today I take a look at the Top 10 Pizza Restaurants in Metro Detroit.

Okay I know there will be sharp disagreements on this. But this week I’m taking a look at the Top 10 Pizza Restaurants in Metro Detroit. I’m talking about local and national/international chains.

Number one on my list has to be Buddy’s. The Food Channel gives them credit for creating the first deep dish pizza back in 1946. But if you talk to somebody from Buddy’s they’ll clarify that statement by saying they were the first to come up with a square deep dish pizza. Either way they turn out a great product and they are always helping to give back to the community. Plus they try to accommodate everybody’s dietary needs as best they can.

Papa Romano’s is also high on my list. Great pies and a long standing tradition. Cottage Inn Pizza has been a long time family favorite, too.

PizzaPapalis makes the list because of its huge but expensive deep dish pies. I swear one slice is about all any normal person needs. These pies are massive! With only two locations in Metro Detroit, Green Lantern is favored by many!

Toarmina’s Pizza is on the list not only because they make tasty pizzas but because of size. At 24 inches, their biggest pie is so big it’s hard to fit through the car door to bring it home! Dolly’s Pizza is a reliable standard in town, too.

Rounding out the list are the big franchise companies Pizza Hut, Little Caesar’s and Jets. What can you say about Pizza Hut? Little Caesars has zeroed in on $5 pizzas and is making a killing. And by the way, in some markets they sell their pies for $5.55 instead of an even fiver. Jet’s, once a small local company, is going nationwide and serves up great pies!

Man, just putting this list together makes me want to get on the phone and order a pizza right now!

Check out my favorites and vote for your favorites. Check back to see how others are voting.

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