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You've Got To Love Thai Food - Hot, Sweet, Spicy And Delicious!

We’ve got some very good Thai restaurants in Metro Detroit. In fact my mouth is watering as I put together my list of the Top 10 Thai Restaurants in Metro Detroit. Tag along and see if you agree with my selections.

I was first exposed to Thai cuisine in Boston in the early 80s. The places there seemed to specialize more in red and green curries than noodle dishes, which I love the most.

Having lived from coast to coast to coast (Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific) in this country it’s interesting to sample local Thai cuisine. The kind of Thai you find in Jacksonville, Florida, for instance, is very different than what we have here in the Detroit area. And I honestly like our type of Thai food better than any other. Lucky me!

And here’s something you may find interesting. We’ve been to Thailand and guess what? It’s very difficult to get your food with any heat over there! Why? Because the locals see Westerners come into the restaurant and figure they must tame down the food to please our palates! I will say one thing about food at restaurants in Bangkok. It’s good and it’s cheap. At one of our favorites there, Kaloang Home Kitchen, we sampled four main courses and I blew through a couple of big bottles of Thai beer and the whole tab came to 700 baht or about $13.50 U.S.! This restaurant holds an unusual distinction, too. All the servers are transvestites. Really! Although we couldn’t agree if they were women dressed as men or men dressed as women! Who cares, the food was great!

While died in the wool Thai fans usually order Pad Thai, my wife and I nearly always order the same thing at Thai joints. I go with my all time favorite Pad Gai although not many restaurants offer it. If it’s not on the menu I default to Pad Seew or Pad Se-ew.  Restaurants spell it many different ways. My wife, on the other hand, loves “cashew nut” chicken. I order mine medium plus. My wife orders it mild plus.

My all time favorite Thai restaurant anywhere in the U.S. is Thai Peppers in a hard to find spot kind of behind the 7-11 near Orchard Lake and 13 Mile Road in Farmington Hills. They have my favorite there, Pad Gai, and they do it up sensationally.

Bangkok Sala Cafe at 12 Mile and Orchard Lake in Farmington Hills serves up very tasty Thai. And while most Thai joints are closed on Sundays on this side of town, Bangkok Sala is open.

Siam Spicy on Woodward in Royal Oak is another great one and their spring rolls are some of the best around. Bangkok Cuisine has several locations but I prefer the one on 15 Mile Road in Sterling Heights. I really think it’s a lot better than its sister, Bangkok Cuisine Express on Garfield in Clinton Township. While still good, I’ve noticed a wide swing in the quality and preparation of food lately at Bangkok Cuisine Express.

Ban Thai shows great promise on Romeo Plank Road in Macomb Township but with an asterisk. We’ve only ordered take away food there once but here’s the rub. I ordered Pad Seew and my wife went with, yup, cashew nut chicken. A pleasant Thai woman was womaning the kitchen and gave us a warm “hello” as we entered. Just as she started cooking our orders a young Thai woman entered the restaurant and made a beeline to the kitchen. The two women started cackling like sorority sisters and I wondered how our food would turn out. When we got home and I opened my Pad Seew it wasn’t Pad Seew. It was Pad Thai. My wife’s cashew nut chicken seemed to be a mixture of various Thai dishes. The funny part is that both tasted quite good. So maybe next time the cook won’t be distracted and won’t take her eye off the ball!

Thai Chef near Hayes and Hall Road in Sterling Heights is a good choice. My only beef is that they add a lot of sprouts into most of the dishes which I just throw away.

Thai Taste on Livernois in Troy is a reliable spot.

Okay Thai fans. Cast your votes for your favorite your Top 10 Thai Restaurants in Metro Detroit and check back frequently to see how your tastes measure up with others!

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